Sunday, April 1, 2018

A Saga Of Courage and Valour is what My Odisha Is!!!

A Saga Of Courage and Valour is what My Odisha Is!!!
A Saga of Courage and Valour,
Odisha is Just Not a Piece of Land
In terms of Rich Culture and Tradition
It’s no less than that of a Magic Wand!!

The Mighty Bay of Bengal as its Coastline
As a Territory of Eastern Glory, it shines
Its History is dotted with vivid courage & guts
Since its establishment in 1st April 1936

A Land Of Biodiversity Is what it is...
With loads of dense forests & marsh mangroves
A Land Of Majestic Fauna it is too
With elephant Sanctuary, dolphins, sea turtles & Tiger reserve

The Marvel of Konark Temple will stun you
Odisha is Unique in terms of its Cuisine and Culture
And the captivating Patta chitras, silver filigree
And appliqué artwork will live you amazed and Statled

The blessings of Lively Lord Jagannath
Fall on it always from His Holy Shrine
The tales of love nerve, sacrifice and peace
Is what echoes in its  every grain of sand

Today is  Utkala Dibasa the foundation day of Odisha. It was founded on 1st April 1936, the 1st state to be founded on the basis of language. With its long coastline, Odisha has some lovely virgin beaches, unspoilt places, untouched cultures and cuisines. It might be tagged as a lagged behind State but modernity has yet not been able to invade in few of its places that are rich in bio-diversities and cultural assortment. A truly affluent land of flora and fauna, vibrant in terms of handicraft and handlooms and a state with divine serenity and peacefulness, I am Proud that I am born To this Magic Land. I m Proud To Be An Odia, Always!! 

This is My Post for The #AToZChallenge i\by @blogchatter in the Month of April 2018 
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  1. Really nice post, Tina ... so happy to see someone writing about Orissa :) Mu bhi jebe hai pare, Odisha bisare leke au anke.

    1. Thank You Soooo Much Seems!!! Let me know when you write on Odisha. Will love to read them!!