Saturday, April 21, 2018


I really wonder
How Tiny My Existence is
Before The Vast World
And the Profound Universe
Can I Ever Afford To Accommodate
Miniature Things
That would invariably come to me
To reduce me further
To a elfin being
With a waiflike heart
To distract me from the purpose of my life

With The process Of Life….I have learnt
I have a DEFINITE purpose in this infinite Universe
There is cosmic SONG Which ONLY I can sing
There is a celestial SPACE Which ONLY I can fill
There is a divine CALLING which ONLY I can answer
There is a devout ROLE Which ONLY I can play
To meet the heavenly PURPOSE of my Life and its norms
The World is awaiting me with open arms
For the illimitable joy and happiness to have
Let me sing blissfully

I believe, we all are born for a distinct purpose and it’s our responsibility to fulfil that
My poetry collection, "Songs Of A Gypsy Heart"  mostly revolve around this theme and  thought reflecting through my words along with different sentiments, emotions, thoughts and feelings. In case it catches your attention somewhere…don’t forget to flip some of its pages even if you are not a poetry reader. In case you want one….contact me as its Publication house hails from Odisha and this book is mostly available at Odisha only.

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Friday, April 20, 2018


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Re-start means there has already been a start of something which either didn’t work or somehow “Paused” or couldn’t be continued in the past. Isn’t it? In case it was just a “pause” i.e.  Some reasons or factors came in between; it’s not a big deal to start it again. However, when something didn’t work and we want to restart it again then we must give it a thought completely from a new angle.  Because things that didn’t work in life and life is not not just computer that you can push a button to restart and automatically some glitches will get rectified.

Never restart a journey and use the same road that failed you before.” Dennis E. Adonis

That’s what I exactly want to say. When we restart something, we must keep certain things in mind. We must comprehensively analyse it before giving it a start again.
Let me tell how I do the whole thing. For me, it’s going by its alphabets

R – Re-Think from a New Angle
E – Evaluate once again its strength and weaknesses
S – Set a Clear Objective and Timeline Once Again
T - Trace and Erase the Errors and mistakes that was responsible for its failure
A – Adopt and accommodate new things/techniques
R – Revise Facts, Risk involved in re-set things
T – Then Take the Final Step to RESTART it Once again

This may not be exact things or steps that everyone has to follow before restart anything. However it surely gives an account of how the things can be done. Anyone can have their own set of steps but thing is it needs a meticulous analysis as well as careful execution.

I have already said that life is not a computer. Or more particularly a gadget that faces blockade at times.  We don’t have that button to restart life when certain things say relationships, marriage, business or friendships…etc don’t go well or fail. Yet what we can do is we can RESTART LIVING by of course making some thoughtful amendments.

I had read a quote of Jennifer Elisabeth, Born Ready: Unleash Your Inner Dream Girl. It says…
“Starting over can be the scariest thing in the entire world, whether it’s leaving a lover, a school, a team, a friend or anything else that feels like a core part of our identity but when your gut is telling you that something here isn’t right or feels unsafe, I really want you to listen and trust in that voice.” 

So when things don’t go well, it needs a pause and a scrupulous thought. We do have an option called clear and invalidate cache. That helps to clear up the blockade.  They are indeed there. 

“If we have checked and evaluated all the boxes on the checklist above (everone can have their own set of checklists) then we are ready to Format Life: and reinstall LifeOS!  We just have to make sure to learn from the mistakes we had made the last time around so that we hopefully won’t need to make another reinstall in this lifetime. Be sure we  defragment our life regularly (work out your problems) so that the quality of our life might stay healthy to the point that the hardware - our body - gives up"…. Source QUORA

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Q FOR QUEST: The Search Of A Wanderlust

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The Picture is of my Little Bro Gem Ashutosh Sar…a wanderlust in nature. This post is dedicated to him. 

Queue of Questions often wink in my mind
At times as if I am searching answers for something
I couldn't really find out what is it…so far
That often makes me ceaselessly hunt for
I know what matters to me most
My family and its happiness of course
My laughter is the result of their well-being
My tears roll out when they are in pain
I define myself strong and believable
My aspirations are adventurous & bold
I love the world and my existence in it
I dream and dare to chase till I get it
Nothing is really there which I don’t have
Still I feel a presence of an inner void
Sometimes that makes me often lost in thoughts
As if I am chasing an unknown but eternal QUEST……..

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

P for Paradise Lost & Regained: A MYSTICAL FANTASY

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 P for Paradise Lost & Regained: A Book Which is NOT JUST a Book
“Paradise Lost & Regained” is a mystical fiction written by Author Ratnadip Acharya is NOT JUST a Book. Why???…Read on!!!

I often wish, in India had we have our own animation studios like “DreamWorks Animation” that produced the world class  movie like Kung Fu Panda and the series,  we would have our own world class computer-animated movies to outdo the popularity and fame of all. Isn’t it? Haven’t Indians blessed with an extra-ordinary imaginative and creative power?
While reading the book “Paradise Lost & Regained” I was actually mulling over this. It was really a celebration to read such a profound, mature, inspiring story after ages. Even after the reading was over, the story was still rolling over my mind resonating like trance music stuck into my head. It often happens with me after watching a wonderful bollywood movie. But after reading a Book and experience the similar feelings, surely was a new thing to me.   A wonderful book I would say…
Wait!! Wait!!
Don’t misread me as a typical Book Reviewer! Before you assume me one, let me clear it that I am not.  Normally I don’t review BOOKS or MOVIES. But, since I believe in sincerity, at times I feel, some books are quite compelling to write on them.  They often make the reader have a compelling urge to share her/his reading experience so that others should have the opportunity to read and explore them.  Paradise Lost & Regained Written by Author Ratnadip Acharya is one such book for sure.
Ratnadip Acharya 
Paradise Lost & Regained: A Review
Author: Ratnadip Acharya
Genre: Mystical Fantasy (Fiction)
Pages: 252

 Well, to be honest, even though I acclaim myself to be an avid reader, yet I can’t read “ANYYYYY’ book. You got it…right! I mean, I am a very selective reader at the same time. The story/book needs to be absorbing me incessantly; else I can’t hold myself too long to it as my mind gets easily fatigued. However with “Paradise Lost & Regained written by "Mr.RatnadipAcharya”, my reading experience was quite different. That day, delightedly happy, being armed with a promising book, at least the book cover – the cerulean Star lit Sky having a full moon and a bird spreading its wings seemingly trying to approaching it and an immaculate sketch of a deer staring at you mysteriously as if asking “do you want to read my story?” – assuring enough so, I was all set to step into that world of mystery. 
But as I flipped the pages one after another, much to my dismay, initially I couldn’t connect with the story and felt like throwing it into the bucket of “Half-Read Books” #Honest. Often Original stories, unlike their familiar counterparts fail miserably to hold enthuse of a reader…I guess. Thank God, I read the next chapter before giving it up. And believe me, after that, with each word I was magically engrossed with a numinous flow splendidly lost in a fantasy land.
The Story:
Sincerely, author Ratnadip Acharya deserves a heartily applause for his audacious endeavour not only to conceive a UNIQUE storyline for this book but also interlacing it in a captivating premises, the surreal and serene habitat for living creatures other than humans. With an EGALITARIAN Female DEER as the Protagonist, it was intriguing to drool through the forests, its laws, the emotions like love, hate, fear, togetherness and unity of its inhabitants, the danger involved in their lives, the fears and challenges they face.
Never before, I have ever identified myself to a NON-HUMAN central character of a novel. Seriously!! It was not only exploring the forest through the eyes of a Deer (I must say here that the author have a very deep connection with nature) who dares to question the factors that obstruct its freedom “Both, thought and Life”, bold and curious enough to find the answers to its queries, no matter where it lands itself, somewhere unknowingly I felt like “I am the Deer” struck into a “human jungle” struggling for My Freedom, My liberation….  

If you will ask me “What I liked about The Book” the list will be a long one…because every alternate line of this book is a “QUOTABLE QUOTE”. However the Unpredictability of the story, Subtle lessons with Simple observations and finding answers to some of my never asked questions (We almost all have a bunch of them), what I liked most about this Book. Each place and character is well placed, plotted, fine tuned and detailed. The characters are though non-humans but have human attributes with many layers. You cry with them, hate them to the char, chuckle with them, respect them...You see them as if they are specially enacting for you. Moreover, it has inimitable descriptions of “forests, the way it is” which was another thing I liked most.

The inscription is lucid, luscious and poetic at times with a well paced consistency which is another attribute that defines Author’s hold over language and story-telling ability.
Another thing that fascinated me was, the small observations like “in one paragraph the author has described the-falling-of rain-drops-on-a-lamp-post-making-a-beautiful-pattern or water-falling-from-a-open-tap-sliding-into-pattern that often goes un-noticed”. They’re quite revealing the deep sense of connectivity of author with his surroundings.  It also fine-tuned my own connectivity.

If I’m asked to reflect on the other side of the book especially the FLOP-SIDE, I would say without any fuss, of course its “Originality and Uniqueness” of the idea. However, not every time a good book hits the Bookshelves. If it catches your eye in a book shop, it would be worth investing time and money on it. I assure you, Not only you’ll have a pleasure of sliding into a magical world but also you will have a mystical encounter with your own soul through the words of the author.
Not all writers these days come up with such an in-depth mystical fictions which have a fair chance to be proved as a misadventure. Such authors, I must say, have indomitable guts to take on such endeavours while baring the easy way to fame as a “Best Selling Author” writing “saleable stuffs” instead.   
At last I would say like I have said it at the beginning…. I wish      
I wish the book is turned into a computer-animated movie. I swear, it would surpass the popularity of many animated movies; “Kung Fu Panda series” being the first J Paradise Lost & Regained is not just a Book but “Melody Of Life” in black and white!!

To Check the Reviews Of This Book At Goodreads CLICKHERE

Ratnadip Acharya is an Engineer By Profession and writer by passion. His stories have been published in many prestigious anthologies Like “Have A Safe Journey” by Union Ministry of Transport   and Mahindra apart from Chicken Soup for India Series. His articles have been regularly published on TOI Speaking Tree. Paradise Lost & Regained is his second Novel.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

O FOR Often I Think Shouldn’t we learn Life Lessons from Them?

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Often I Think Shouldn’t we learn Life Lessons from Them?
It was a cloudy day when I decided to go down to the mini seashore at Vashi to capture a few frames of Mother Nature.  While I was trying to capture the movements of a butterfly, the sound of someone humming caught my attention. I turned around to spot this woman in a polka-dotted saree walking cheerily with a bundle on her head and a song, a happy song on her lips. I looked at her having a smile on my face. When I approached her and asked her what song was she singing and what made her singing so, I got to know that the woman had gone to the seashore to collect crabs, and as she had managed to collect quite a few, she was happy and therefore singing a happy song.  I came away too impressed by her elegance, grace and most of all, her attitude to life. I swear had modelling been about Life and Lifestyle, She would have been a showstopper for me.
This is my Photo Story Published In Mumbai Mirror!!! To Read It CLICK HERE 

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Life is living in the moment…
Probably we try to learn it
But They live that way…..

Often I Wonder...Shouldn't We Learn Life Lessons From Them ??

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Monday, April 16, 2018

N FOR NO Is Not Just A Word!!!

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N FOR NO Is Not Just A Word!!!
No…NO is not just a word
It’s a Powerful Tool
When you say NO to Drugs and Alcohol
It’s a Powerful assertion
When the woman says NO to the Man she doesn’t love
It’s a word for the Powerful beginning
When MEN say NO to eve-teasing
It brings an encouraging start
When poor say NO to begging & start Work
It initiates a good habit
When we say NO to smoke a Cigarette
It starts a world of good deeds
When we say NO to indifference & coldness
It leads human to an honest society  
When we say NO to swindle and bribe
It starts a process of cleansing
When We Say NO to Open-defecating
It’s a statement to start a process of thinking
When we say NO to  un-social and inhuman things
Its Strong Utterance
When we say NO to injustice and prejudice in our thoughts
It’s a powerful sentence
When we as a society say NO to Rapes
It’s a full stop….we must know
When WE Say NO to bad or Ugly things in this WORLD
So…NO is not just a word
It’s a potent Weapon to kill Hatred and Bring Peace and Love on the Earth!!!!!
Say NO…to everything which should Never Exist in this world!!!!

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Saturday, April 14, 2018


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Motherhood is really a divine bliss. It’s God’s own way of making heaven on earth for the blessed ones. And I’m one of those blessed ones, as I'm blessed with a cool dude Son Aaditya to experience the paradise on earth as a voucher of celestial blessing. I swear!!

TODAY IS 14th APRIL THE B-DAY OF MY SON and The Letter of the Day is M for #BlogchatterA2Z
Is it a co-incidence or God’s own Way of doing things? Of course it JUST About My MOTHERHOOD!!!
I didn't give him any name of Lord Krishna because I was afraid If He Would Leave me when He would grow up Like Lord krishna Left His mother Yashoda. I named Him Aaditya(Sun) so that I can always see him as the first thing in the morning of my life forever 
Motherhood invariably is one of the most beautiful journeys of life.
He is the Blessing of all my prayers. He came to my life with a surprise. As I reminiscent….it was a day of Janmastami (birth day of Lord Krishna) and I had attended a puja at a friend’s place in Malad. That time I was just married for three months and had recently shifted to Mumbai. I had joined a consultancy firm at Andheri few weeks ago. Like any other small town girl, I was finding it hard to cope-up with the atmosphere of a Metro Cityy along with the changes in my life in personal front after marriage.
During Puja an old Aunty asked me to swing the Jhhula where Ladoo Gopal (Baby Krishna) was being kept adorned with flowers,  as a ritual. As I was newly married so she also held the string with me and prayed the God…let the Girl have her own Shri Krishna…next time. I was so much embarrassed, turned red in fact, as all other ladies laughed at it looking at me and adding some more things like that.
However the Next week following a severe nausea - I felt it might have caused due to fasting on Janmasttami and let me tell it here, the journey to my workplace  in the Mumbai Locals were quite like nightmares for me and they really had a telling effect on my body – I stopped going to office for few days. However after even a week it only got worst and I had to visit a doctor. She confirmed my pregnancy. That’s how Aaditya (Pupun…as I call him) entered my life.
With the first stage of motherhood, little did know that I had entered into the eternal and everlasting spring of my life. Every day became more wonderful than the previous day.

I had severe nausea till he was born. But I must admit…I learnt the best lesson of my life that “Best treasure/pleasure of life comes through the worst pain” with his arrival on earth.
I am not writing here the treasure of my life “Being an Expecting Mother” as I have already written about it.
After he was born, the work load, the baby issues, the sleepless nights and stressful days were never been so wonderful before. Everyday there was a new treasure to be unfolded. From his turning sides to respond with glances to my gestures, from his first sounds to his first crawl, first step to walk to first time hearing “Ma” from his mouth…I can’t say how delightful the feelings were.

His first day at Play School…I don’t know how much I had cursed the person who had started this schooling tradition at all. He wasn’t leaving my hand and I was supposed to take him to home when my husband stopped me and left him with the teacher and forcefully drag me out of his sight. I cried and I cried a lot…cursing the whole world that’s cruelly wants a mother to be separated from her piece of heart.

Every time he falls sick…the world would become a hell for me.
With every titter of his laugh…the world would become heaven for me…

His breaking of dishes, scattering of toys, tearing out the papers, his random and awkward questions and out of box answers and watching his favorite TV shows…everything is so lovely memoirs to live with.

He was barely three years then...
One day He watched our wedding video and photographs and asked me…Mama…where was I? Didn’t you take me to your marriage?
Another day,
looking at his new dress I said, “Wow! It’s so beautiful, I want it”
You know what he said
“Mama, when you would become small…I would give it you.”
And You Know what he said...
Aap jab Chhoti ban Jaogi, Mein aap ko mera wala dress de dunga!!!  

At the schools we were the SPECIAL parents who were often summoned by the teacher every weekend to hear her complain that he never sits in his seat and roams around the class. In fact, we have been habituated by now, a call from teacher means, we must be ready to hear complains about him.
One day I asked what was his proble and he said class and teachers are so boring.
The list would go on and on.
Seriously, if you ask a mother to write about her journey with her Child/children, I feel the entire universe would be insufficient to accommodate her words.

Motherhood is really a divine bliss. It’s God’s own way of making heaven on earth for the blessed ones. And I’m one of those who were blessed with Aaditya to experience the paradise on earth as a token of celestial blessing.

And Today, He Turned 14. Already so many “Just-into-teen” talks accumulated in the diary of my life!!!
 To My Dil Ka Tukdda are the choicest blessing in my life..From Almighty!! 
Nothing is best other than your presence in our life Beta.
The countless blissful moments with you are my only possession of priceless treasure!!
Mo Dustapua..
Mo Dhana ...God Bless you Always
Happyyywalaaaa Bday To You!!!

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Life Is A Sweetest Melody!!!

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Life is a melody sweetest only when
We live it happily in the laughter lane
Life is a magic, strange one though
We believe in its miracles, every moment & so
Life is curse, when we hurt someone
Never feeling the ache, again & again
Life is tragic, when we allow ourselves to be hurt
Feeling frail & puny, which are simply we are not
Life is an adventure, if we dare to dream
Our destiny dances with glory, in the silver screen
Life is a misadventure, when we fear
Of losing those people whom we adore
Life is an institution, if we love to learn
The wisdom it offers, with its pros and cons
Life is a dream in the fantasy land
With the proverbial genie and its magic wand
Life is love, if we have a tender heart
The best thing on the Universe and on the Earth!!!

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Thursday, April 12, 2018


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Kalijai Temple in Odisha is located on the island of Kalijai – Kalijai Parvata – in the midst of the majestic Chilika Lake.  
Odisha is one of the most culturally affluent and vibrant states of India. Every year tourists visit the state to see the magnificent Jagannath Temple in Puri. But there are many other places in the state other than Puri that are unexplored. I Would not say that Kalijai is an uncharted place but definitely one of the less explored one. 
We Know Chilika is the queen of natural beauty, one of the largest brackish water lake in Asia. It covers an area of over 1,100 sq. km offering a great attraction for the tourists for fishing, bird watching and boating. In the winter season Chilika is also aflutter with thousands of indigenous and seasonal birds of many varieties from far and near - even from the faraway Siberia. There are many islands, small and big in the midst of it.  Maa Kalijai Island is one of them in the Chilika Lake,  It is a very popular tourist place in Odisha. This island is famous for Maa Kalijai Temple. Maa Kalijai Temple considered being the abode of the Goddess Kalijai (One form of Maa Kali or Goddess Kali). Kalijai Temple is highly revered by the local populace; the deity has been venerated in the local folklores and legends. The island provides an excellent destination for pilgrimage as well as tourists. Every year in January, a huge gala fair is held during the festival of Makar Shankranti 

The name of this temple became Kalijai because of Maa Kali and Maa Jaai.  We know Maa Kali, The Goddess Kali but there is a legend or folklore acclaimed in the formation of the goddess Maa Jaai . The story or folk fare is well narrated by Pandit GODABARISA MISHRA in a ballad named KALIJAI which is taught in the Odia Text Books in the school. 
The story goes on like this. There was a girl named Jaai / Jai who was already married as a child to a boy of an affluent family lived in another Island PARIKUDA in the Chilika Lake as  a custom in those days.   According to the tradition, after the marriage, the girl stays in her father's house and when she comes of her age, she goes to her in-law's house. So on the eventful day JAAI was taken by her father to PARIKUDA Island in a boat to ferry them across the lake of CHILIKA.
Like any other girl, just-into-her-teen, JAAI was crying inconsolably while parting away from her home, family and land. She was apprehensive about the uncanny things stored in her future as in-laws family were/are considered as hell for newly married girls. The poet describes how the girl was lamenting on being taken away from her playful life into a life full of sufferings.
Now as we all are experiencing now, the state of ODISHA especially the coastal areas of it, is always prone to tropical cyclones. On that day, there was a severe cyclonic storm closed in onto the, when the boat was navigating a BIG WHIRLPOOL of water in it, As The wind speed got its pace the boat got capsized into the WHIRLPOOL or GANDA. However everybody in the boat survived while the girl wasn't.  After that the boatman and JAAI's father searched for her but to no avail.
It is believed that even after her death, JAAI's voice could be heard in the island adjoining the WHIRLPOOL. People overtime believed that JAAI had attained some spirituality or MOKSHA during the whole incident and had reincarnated as a form of Goddess KALI and is hence  worshipped as Goddess KALIJAI.
Historically though, the temple was built by KING JAGANNATH MANSINGH of the kingdom of BANKUD, present day BANAPUR in the year 1717.
Whether we believe the folk-tale or not, but If you would like to visit the  island, in  steamer, they  would take a semi circular route to the island in order to avoid that infamous large WHIRLPOOL visible to the naked eye. It is believed that still that place is having an uncanny call for death a kind of haunted place. Nobody had/would survive navigating through that Whirlpool or GANDA.
 Now days, many things have been developed there. You will find yummy foods as a spread, both snacks and lunch. People seldom stay there in the night. It is always advisable to get back from that place by the evening.
Because of this legend, as the newlywed girl JAAI faced a tragic death on her first journey to her in-laws house, in Odia culture, father is not allowed to accompany the girl to take her to the in-laws house, first time. It is considered inauspicious.

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