Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hide & Seek:The Game Of Life

Dear Friends,
Let me Wish You All a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year, 2018.
Since last few months, I have been very irregular in posting on my blog. There were compulsions of life which needed my priority.  Also, I was occupied with writing a Book. Surprised???? Even I too…You know what, time and again, I feel no hesitation in accepting that I am Not a Writer at first place. Writing…that is expressing through words is an art and I believe I am not born with this talent. Well, like any other person, I have a talent to learn and that’s what I am using to write even if it’s not my forte. 

I haven’t ever thought of writing a sentence, let alone a Book.  So coming out with Books is a MIRACLE in itself for me. Now Do I need to say “I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, BECAUSE THEY DO HAPPEN!!!?”
Well…will come up with more words about my journey as writer and finally becoming an AUTHOR of Two Books. Yes, In 2017, Two of My Books Are Published. I will write more on them…however since its my first Post on 2018, Here I am just giving a Brief Introduction of One of my Books…

HIDE & SEEK: The Game of Life

It’s a Short Story Collections comprising of 11 Stories. They are more or less….resemble the characters in our surrounding only. Here is a small prologue…

In The Course Of Life, As We Grow
We Encounter Many Events and So
That makes a permanent indentation Mark
In our Heart,
Some of them make a deep and sound memory lane
Some of them make us feel and sense
That they are so unique, unusual and strange
Enriching us at times
And tormenting too
Making Us Believe
That they are worth Sharing
To make others feel, understand and relish
That may resonate with the similar feelings
They may relive those moments once again,
Moments of Happiness or Blocked pains
While the barren ache may be released with my words
While the Happiness-lived already
Once again becomes manifold
Though words may not have colours, 
But they can paint Rainbows In everyone’s life
The Characters in My book will tell you that
Hide & Seek – The Game Of Life. 

That’s enough for now…
Have a Great Day and a Wonderful Year Ahead!!!