Sunday, September 6, 2015

Inspiration Is Within...!!

I often wonder:
What makes the floating toad to become a hopping frog?
Who paints that rainbow in the hazy and raining sky?
What makes glowworm shine in the night?
And helps the caterpillar to become a beautiful butter-fly

Who inspires the crawling child to stand?
 Even if it falls again and again?
What makes the sparrow built its razed nest?
Even if the storm destroyed it yet again

Is it the wonder of nature or just some natural phenomena?
Like Metamorphosis or dispersion of light in rain
I feel it’s the inner spark that exist in everything
Which defines that Inspiration is within!!

Lonely moment’s of desperate times
When everything goes awful and wrong
It seems as if a zilch everywhere that rhymes
No matter how we claim sturdy and strong

Failure, break up or illness of health
Bullied, broken or loss of wealth
Tumbling down… at a point just before success
Leaves us in dark, wrecked, robbed of strengths

It leaves you feel like that of a Leafless Tree
That has gone bald if not broken with a stroke of Storm
Living becomes a challenge, Let alone prosperity
That shatters all hope to follow Life and its norm

That’s the time when you must look within
To listen to the heartbeats and whispers of vein
The resonance of inhaled air that you breathe
To find that magic flash to illumine the Life again

It’s in the nature of your shadow…you know
To leave you alone in the time of dark
As its existence is due to light around you
And it’s just not aware of your inside spark

Life is often like that of a WELL
That might have swollen with the blessings of Rain
When its existence is challenged in the summer
It looks for the “Underground Water” as inspiration

Leaves come out from the balding tree
As that of Shoots come out of a seed
Life becomes a beautiful rainbow again
With the ribbons of beams of shine within

It’s not what’s before you or what’s after you matters
That defines the terms of any Life’s event
“It’s what’s within you” only matters in the verve
To define the course of the chapters of your life
Life is a gift, but Living is an art
Like any creativity pursuit and its quest
At times it needs some motivation and drive
That’s propelled by the Inspiration within us… to strive

Life is like painting a rainbow in the dark
With the collage of different happenings
The colors and shades comes from the source inside
As the glow and radiance of Inspiration is within!! 

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  1. Wonderfully written and perfect use of words. I always say - Motivation can be from Outside, but Inspiration has to be from within.
    I am sharing it via Twitter :)

    1. Thank You Alok for the great insight!!!
      And thankq for sharing as well!!
      Tina :) :)

  2. Failure, break up or illness of health
    Bullied, broken or loss of wealth
    Tumbling down… at a point just before success
    Leaves us in dark, wrecked, robbed of strengths

    Lovely use of words... and a very inspiring ... poetry at its best.

    1. Aww...Jayanthi Thank you very much for your lovely appreciations!!!
      Tina :):)

  3. tina...totally agree with alok and jayanthi....beautiful poem !!

  4. Very Beautifully written! I'm feeling motivated after reading this. Such a wonderful poem.

    1. OH!!Really!! I'm flattered!!
      Thank you so much Madhusudan!!

  5. Really awesome! Writing about a Well & metamorphosis & every thing that is possible. I am speechless :)

    1. WOW!!! Darshith...You really made me feel...that really its a love piece!!! Thank you so much!!! I feel so happy!!!
      Tina :)

  6. its us and all answers are within....beautifully penned :) the words with depth and chosen aptly :)

    1. Thank you Shweta for your lovely words!!
      :) :)

  7. I love the quote in the end Tina and also the consistency of this piece. The eternal source of inspiration is always within. Gosh, it makes me wonder and realise how powerful we all are internally and how much of a difference we can create if only we focus in that direction :)

    1. Thank you Vinay For getting connected so much with it!!
      I absolutely agree with you.
      Thanks a lot
      Tina :)

  8. Very nicely written Tina.. I love this post..

    1. Thank you Hema for your visit and response!!!
      Tina :) :)

  9. Very moving and inspiring. Life is what we make of it.

    1. Thank you very much Saru...for appreciations>
      Luv and hugs

  10. Truly Inspiring and lovely choose of words.. Congrats for WOW.. :-)