Sunday, November 27, 2016

Admire Your Own existence!!

I am a Flower
You may not find me everywhere
Never loved by any gardener
To be planted in the Parks for the Humans
But I bloom, I love my existence
Cocooned in the mangroves & Forests
Without any rules and protocols
Like a wild and carefree soul
I blossom, even if nobody cares to notice
For I adore my own existence in the entire Cosmos.

Be Grateful for Yourself, Your own Identity, Your own existence and admire it without getting any approval of others judgments and intellects. Sometime it’s good to be a flower in the forests where you enjoy your own existence without any protocol than beautifying the Garden as per the aesthetic sense of Gardener!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

A Tribute To #26/11 #MumbaiAttack Matyres & Victims

A Tribute To #26/11 #MumbaiAttack Matyres & Victims
That day,
They might have left their home without any thought
Not knowing that they would never come back
While devil had prepared to play the bloody game...

For some, their wait for their loved ones never did end
I agree that Life is all about Unpredictability
But #26/11 #MumbaiAttack is a blemished tattoo in the face of humanity
For, some innocent souls never deserved to become sudden casualties
My Heartily Tribute To Those Martyres and Suddenly depated souls
Thoush I know, my heart doesn't have enough to Console their dears of Victims


Image Source; Twitter #Hastag #MumbaiAttack

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Magical Touch!!

This Morning for the first time
I stepped barefoot on the Dew studded Grass,
A sudden stimulation run through my heart

And It Started tapping with delight,
Amidst the melody of laughter...
I heard Mother Earth’s whispers

An eternal yearning for my Touch,
The feelings then resonated in me too, next moment
I wondered, when on the earth

Last time had I felt its magical touch?
While drifting away from her in life process..?
The restless being in me became calm within moment,
As I rested myself in her mysterious lap!!

As if I was longing for it without my notice!!
Get in touch with mother and mother earth,
There is surely a magic in their touch, pat & lap...
Good morning!!
Have a great day!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

WOW: My Best Birthday Ever

I’m really happy With This Prompt and felt like it was actually intended to me to write on it…seriously!!


On 14th November…I have my Birth Day!!


This Year too it came with all those sweet wishes on its way

It started with a surprise Bday cake and Flower bouquet

From none other than my adorable Hubby and Cool Dude lad

At the struck of mid-night while fallen asleep was the entire world


The morning started with syrupy kisses over my forehead

As my Hubby and Son cuddled me with their lovable embraces

The phone rang that time and I picked it up

God Bless You Beta…said my adoring Mom


While I opened up the my window to see the Rising Sun

The Rays fall on me saying you are the BEST one

And the autumn breeze while caressing my curls

Made me feel like I’m the Princess of This Cosmos


As the day Proceeded, it was full with blessings and wishes

From family, relatives, friends and acquaintances

All my social media handles were abuzz with notification

Face Book, Tweeter, SMS or WhatApp with Bday celebrations


The day had brought with surprises one after one

I was awe-struck when I was wished by Nana Patekar

The Queen I felt like to be admired by the entire earth

A Mini-Celebrity I became in my small world


This Year, My Bday was really so special,
As it brought with it lovely wishes and surprises abuzz in my world!

This was The Best Ever Bday, I must Say
Make some more alike in future, To Almighty I pray !!!

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Girl in the Mirror is the JUG of my life!!

The Girl in the Mirror is the JUG of my life!!

True friendship involves 3As

Action: doing something for the friend while expecting nothing in return

Affection: Loving irrespective of flaw s, the way he/she is

Appreciation: For sharing thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or negative criticism.

By Default, We all long for a TRUE FRIENDSHIP

Where there is a mutual yearning for companionship, a common bond of some kind.

Beyond that…

A genuine friendship engrosses a shared sense of caring and concern,

An aspiration to see one another grow and prosper,

And a wish,

For each other to be successful in all facets of life…

By the grace of Almighty, I have been blessed with wonderful friends. If one thing I highly appreciate in my life, they’re my friends.  For those who know me and for those who don’t know me, I have lots of friends whom I can count on at any time, at any moment of life.  I have given them tags (which they happily know) the way I perceive them. Like someone is “Wikipedia”, someone is “Miss Google”, Someone is “Situation Analyst” while someone is “Moral booster”. Someone is “App Manager” while someone is “Recycle bin”….etc. Sounds Stupid!! Well...That’s the way it is. The best thing is I don’t need to be perfect in my look, approach or attitude while turning to them. I’m perfectly fine the way I am to them and vice-versa. However I couldn’t find that one friend, The JUG of my life with whom I can share everything!! That’s a reality!! #Honest

Nevertheless with passage of life, I realized that “The Girl in the Mirror before Me” is actually The JUG of my Life. I always had shared my happiness, my pains, and my ugly moment, my fears and my apprehension with her without my notice. My stupidity at times, my flaws which I scared to show to others, my insecurities, my weaknesses…everything, I have always turned to her to share them. And she always had that listening ear, accepting heart, pacifying soul and motivating spirit within her.   She is the JUG of My Life…The OTHER ME….


While my days were filled with happiness & delights,

She asked me to dress up sexy and bright

While My Nights were teary & painful,

She warned me to stop tormenting,

Else I would develop wrinkles…

When I was surrounded with Fix and Doubts,

She instructed me; look into your heart to kick them out

When my Fears, flaws and Ugly moments,

Made it difficult for me to counter them

She came out with humor and unusual banters

To defeat and triumph over their norms.

While Hopelessness was playing a cruel game with me,

She helped me find the Cheer and Pleasure hidden within
She laughed crazily in my most embarrassing moments
While boosted my strength at toughest things at times,

When I was stuck at the weakest moment to say the World “I Quit”

She patted my back too hard,

Showed me my soul,

Which was happy & Glee

To get out of that State…

She is the JUG of my Life

The Only Person Whom I had turned up again and again

To share my happiness, weaknesses, strengths and pain
She is My Most Trusted and Tried Friend

She Is the OTHER ME …My Dear

She Is The Girl in the Mirror!!!

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda

Friday, November 18, 2016

Sunrise: The Beauty Of Life!!

I asked the Sun This Morning
Even If U are destined by the Cosmos
To Illuminate The World
Rising From The Same Place
With Same Set of Resources
How Come, in the Magnificence of Sunrise
I find “Newness” Every Day??
Is there any Secret??
Replied The Sun
It’s not about “What” you have
to deliver your obligation
It’s about “How” U want to  Perform
That’s what adds extra Beauty & Charm
To every action of Yours…
No matter what U have or haven’t
Now, is it a secret??  And it winked

Image Source: My Cell Phone
Panasonic Eluga

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Beauty of LIFE!!

I used to chase butterflies to catch them in my hands
Had few too in my grasp & felt a sense of pride at times
But later I leant
Once confined in fist, butterfly loses its worth n beauty
While my happiness & joy suffers a serious casualty...
Treasure the grandeur of butterfly while it rejoices its freedom
The Splendor of Life lies in cherishing its realities
than restlessly chasing

Friday, November 11, 2016

#DearZindagi, Wada Karo Ek Sunahara Kal Ki

#DearZindagi, Wada Karo Ek Sunahara Kal Ki

Dear Zindagi,

I know you are different from a teacher because, a teacher teaches a lesson and takes the exam but YOU take exam first and then teach a lesson. In fact you are just an Institution in Yourself and I am Student of Life. You are the Syllabus, You are the teacher, you are question and you are the answer. You are the lessons and you are the certifications. You give equal opportunity to everybody, no matter from where one has to start or one hast to end.

 Dear Zindagi,

With you I have learnt that Life takes a number of turns throughout its entire span. It may not be kind to anyone all the times. So too with me…! And that’s where I leant many things. There are tough times which really tested my courage, my abilities & capabilities of facing unfavorable situations. At times, I was done. But with your soft approach from within I learnt to be a strong nerved person.

Dear Zindagi
I admire your presence

In my breathes and beats

And those twists & turns too

I cherished your Charisma & Loved You

You have been a puzzle

Since my Childhood

Amazed me at times

Stunned, surprised and befuddled

I always loved, the lessons you taught

Being a constant companion & Friend

I treasured your escort, in the trail of my destiny

Like a shadow, in my ecstasy, delights & pains

Dear Zindagi
Walking with you so far

The journey has been miraculous & amazing

As I stumbled upon incredible things…at times

With Love, emotions and my spectacular being 

Dear Zindagi

With You I learnt

The Wisdom You Taught

With Each happenings

The numerous trials of my living

Life is a soft mantle of tender sunshine

Where shed and tints intertwine

Life is a handkerchief to wipe the tears & rue

A box to lock up all your fears, too 

Life is a car racing with full speed
Full of desire, want and need

Life is a key to open all locks

Remove all obstacles and stumbling blocks

Life is a faith swelling like an ocean

Compelling at times, you ahead towards optimism

Life is a stage where we all perform

An act of change… to fault and reform

Life is a market of Give and Take

A paradise on earth we can make

Life is a blank paper for you to fill

With hard work and strive to go up the hill

Life is a question mark that quizzes our mind

Life itself is the answer…. we live and find

Life is…“God! Present in his creation!”

Life is the “Purpose for this realization!”

Life is full of observation and retrospection!

Yesterday is gone!

Tomorrow is in imagination!

Today is the Celebration!!!

Dear Zindagi,

Having you always by my side

I learnt, It’s Me and My Life

Just Assure Me…Dear Zindagi

A better tomorrow…Sunehara Kal Ki

Is awaiting my way

In the terrain of my future

In the barter of all yesterdays

I spent with you grins and twinges

I have given you them

In the course of path of living...So far forever!!

Dear Zindagi
If Life Is A Game...
Teach Me Then..
To Be a Game Changer
In My Every Step...Towards Life

“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Fear, I Fear No More!!

A Fear, I Fear No More!!

Once a timid I scared of New Things
Would dreaded to handle them with natural spirit
But with time I leant “new things” are no Ghosts
As they refined my possession which I love most 

The “New Places” too terrified me often
As uncertainty and ambiguity would reign on me
But with time I learnt, the New Places often bring
A new definition of Life towards many things

The new Situations and Circumstances in life
Often frightened me as the worst nightmares
But with time they taught me about courage
That defined my soul with glittering layer

If there is a Fear in You
It means, Courage is there by default too
We must Face Our Fears with utmost faith
To bring out the audacity in us as life’s grace

While trailing life with its unusual twists & turns
I conquered my Fears and evolved as a Fearless Queen
Once the Fears which had dreaded me day and night
A Fear, I Fear No More now, as they’re scared of ME

Life is the co-existence of opposite things
And Living is dealing them with guts & wits
It’s the harmony of Laughter and Tear
And the concurrence of Courage and Fear

P.S: I had a Pathological fear of New Places, New Things, and Situation and Circumstances in life which is called Neophobia/ Xenophobia. Also I dreaded Darkness and the imagination of possible dangers associated with it though not that intense in degree. The morbid Fear of Dark is called achluophobia, nyctophobia or scotophobia. With time I learnt to handle them and found out that actually our Fears are there to bring out the Best in Us.  So For me A Fear, I Fear no More….Now as I learnt how to deal with them!!

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The Calling: A Review

I have a strong believe that in our lives we don’t meet people without a reason. Also I believe in Past life Connections too with some; else why our hearts connects with them like that of a mobile phone which instantly connects with the available wi fi in its vicinity?

Well, I could hardly believe the fact that an author would care so much for the readers of her/his book. Author Priya Kumar broke that perception of mine. I was overwhelmed when I received the author signed copy of the Book “The Calling” along with an Author’s note in my name and a Coffee Mug. It was awesome!!


I immediately passed perfunctory glances to it. While crunchy English, vivid narratives engrossed me immediately, the storyline seemed to be intriguing too. What more interesting was, each line appeared to be a quote in itself. Even if I acclaim myself as an avid reader, I am an acutely choosy one too. I mean, unless the book absorbs me crazily, I would get weary of it quite effortlessly. The Calling - is one that immediately gripped me at the beginning itself.

However, after reading few pages, series of unwanted things happened in my life which made me keep it aside in my bookshelf for months, half read. Nevertheless, now I regret why I didn’t read it during those days. It would have lubricated my upsetting mind and distressing spirit. Well, once I started again, believe me, with each word I was thrillingly immersed with a magical surge, marvelously lost in a fancy land.

The Calling: The Story

I have never travelled to Himalayas in my life. So with a classic befuddled protagonist – Arjun - who is as common as me, you or anyone from my surrounding having same set of questions, more or less similar situations and matching outlook towards life – messed up life in short - exploring Himalayas and looking for the answers and reasons for the occurrences life while travelling along serene and strange mountains of Himalayas was a virtual adventure in itself. Moreover the accompanying Character Chandu was a contradictory one to the main character giving a subtle essence of the story that while we carry our “wrecked being” suffering the muddle and chaos we create for ourselves, we also carry the “peaceful being” in ourselves lying within us who is the healer of our own wounds. Answer lies within us, healer lies within us. All we need to do is to take an inward journey. Introspect!!

What I like about The Book:

Thrill, mystery, simple observations with profound lessons and an implicit adventure are the quintessential spirit of this book “The Calling”.  Author Priya Kumar not only knitted it in an unruffled, tranquil yet entrancing premise but also composed its flow with cogent words embedded with succulence. The chapter “The Second Test” was really an eye-opener for me though I like each and every line of the entire book. The characters and places are well placed; plotted and detailed. It’s truly one of the best motivational books as it invariably made me encounter with my own spiritual self deeply slumbered within me. Indeed a great Spiritual Thriller!!

Gratitude To Author Priya Kumar for authoring such a inspirational book loaded with soul enlightening insights. And highly appreciated the effort of the Team Priya Kumar to choose me as a reader of it…nothing happens without a reason for Priya Kumar @kumarpriya  quotes in the Book The Calling that…  

“If someone occupies your space, he or she occupies it for a reason. And that reason must serve you, him or her and the world at large. If it is in your place, then it is your responsibility to know who is in your space and what role they are playing in your purpose”

How True!!

Friday, November 4, 2016

To Be Happy

To Be Happy
I choose Laughter than Silence
For stillness has its own glory
That illuminates the soul
But Laughter is infectious ...

As it illuminates the world!!

 A great Day Ahead!!