Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Can We Ever Predict The Future!!

Can We Ever Predict The Future!! This Question must have have appeared in our minds sometimes or other. Isn't it?
I always feel humans should have some indications about future. In that way many problems or at least the causes of the problems can be avoided!! It has other side also. What if there lies negative things. It might get us tensed even before they happen in reality.  Well...good that future can't be predictable. However we never stop to find what's there in store in future. Irony?? Probably.  Just tell me   How many of us have never gone to an astrologer at least for once? I think we all have gone at some point of our life irrespective of the fact that we know future can never be predictable.     

I was on my way to my doctor when I noticed this self claimed Street Side Astrologer motivating a woman saying her, "aapka sabkuchh achha hai aage,  himmat mat haro." The woman seemed to be sad & depressed. I waited for a while.  The woman left, and to my surprise,  this man asked her  to pay him Rs. 50/-(his charge probably) ONLY AFTER IF THE THINGS IMPROVE IN HER LIFE...and not that moment itself.   Utterly surprised,   I asked him "do you really see the future of others as you claim?" pointing to the placard he had kept in the side of his spread of astrology-kind things.  

He gave me a toothy smile. And replied, "No I don't see the exact future.  But yes,  I know we get what we do.  I ask people do good works so that good things will come their way.  The lady was depressed and was thinking of suicide for some personal issues.  I just motivated her not to do so as good things are awaiting in her life.  That might give the lady some hope for a while so that she refrains from doing suicide." 
And then he started saying "Aapke Upar Sani bhari hai  (The malefic Effect of Saturn is strong on you)"
Jaw-dropped, I kept staring at the man.....

Well,  the ever-critical being in me was amazed at the way this man was Counselings needy people.  If used properly with a good intent,  probably astrology can be therapeutic in mental cases and can be a good tool to counsel people.  No doubt the man had life wisdom.   It was a great encounter for me. Indeed!!! 

The photo wad taken at Sector 9, Vashi  With My Vivo Mobile 
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