Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Joy of Giving: You Get Much More In Return What U Actually Give

I always make it a point to give something to people around me whatever in my capacity in any time, particularly at the time of Diwali though. It’s Not exactly Giving but for sharing joy and happiness. Moreover in my grown up years I have been taught that we must share things if we do have ability to afford. My father used to say that there is nothing like Charity because; because charity is just a “Social Responsibility”. The way an elder or more resourced brother shares/helps his siblings, the same way, it’s our social deliverable. After all siblings don’t do charity while helping each other.

This year, just before few days of Diwali, I was walking down the lanes where diyas, rongolis and other decorative materials were on spread by small vendors. I buy my Diwali stuffs from them. Since  few months I have developed photography as a hobby.  So I was taking clicks also.
That day I was at a pavement where few ladies were selling Diyas. I was taking picture when I saw a little girl was posing herself again and again before my cell phone. She was really amusing. To make her happier, I brought a Cadbury celebration pack from a nearby chemist shop and gave it to her. One should have seen her ecstasy. Beautiful!!!  I wanted to take her picture but soon her curve disappeared as her brothers came and took it from her. I thought; let me take the picture of the trio. But she didn’t show me a happy face.

I understood. That’s what childhood is, isn’t it?   I brought another Cadbury Celebration Pack for her. She was apprehensive initially and didn’t pose with her brothers (Did she think, they will take it again?). Only when she was convinced that no one was going to take it from her, she was elated once again. Her mother said her “Titili, Thank U Bolo”. But she said me Bye Bye with her toothy smile. I wanted to record her smile but till then few people had started looking at us. I felt bit self conscious and took pics whatever was possible and swiftly walk away from that place.

But her Toothy smile and Totli jawan saying bye bye still rings in my ear. Every time it brings a big smile on my face as I remember it.  I love chocolates, no doubt, but had I eaten up those two Celebration packs by myself, I swear I wouldn’t have been as happy as I am now.

Truly, the Joy of Giving is beyond any comprehensible unity; because it returns us with an exponential form of what we actually give along with the abundance of happiness and a sense of being Human.
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Friday, October 28, 2016



The potter was generously soaked with sweats
While making them under the scorching heat
They (Diyas) have taken the hurt and pain
While parched in the Potter’s woven
To gather the strength to bear the heat from the Flame
Making our evening, lighten and brighten, as we illuminate them
To make our days full of delight and bliss
They have taken the pain as their wish
For, “Your Joy is Your Sorrow Unmasked”
To spread Joys, they have taken Sorrows as their task.
“Your Joy is Your Sorrow Unmasked” - KAHLIL GIBRAN

Wish u all A lighter n Brighter Diwali

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Paradise Lost & Regained: A Review

Hello Readers,
Let me clear it beforehand that normally I don’t review BOOKS or MOVIES. But, some of them at times, are compelling to write on them.  Paradise Lost & Regained Written by Ratnadip Acharya is one such book for sure.

Paradise Lost & Regained: A Review
Author: Ratnadip Acharya
Genre: Mystical Fantasy (Fiction)
Pages: 252

Well, to be honest, even though I acclaim myself to be an avid reader, yet I can’t read “anyyy’ book. You got it…right! I mean, I am a very selective reader at the same time. The story/book needs to be absorbing me incessantly; else I can’t hold myself too long as my mind gets easily fatigued. I had left many well-known authors’ book half read till date lying in my Book selves. It’s a confession. 

However with “Paradise Lost & Regained written by Mr.Ratnadip Acharya”, my reading experience was quite different. Somewhere I had read the review of this book which had fascinated my curiosity to explore it once. I was enthralled when I received an Author signed Copy of it. But much to my dismay, initially I couldn’t connect with the story and felt like throwing it into the bucket of “Half-Read Books” #Honest. Often Original stories, unlike their familiar counterparts fail miserably to hold enthuse of a reader…I guess. Thank God, I read the next chapter before giving it up. And believe me, after that, with each word I was magically engrossed with a numinous flow splendidly lost in a fantasy land.

The Story:

Sincerely, author Ratnadip Acharya deserves a heartily applause for his audacious endeavor not only to conceive a UNIQUE storyline for this book but also interlacing it in a captivating premises, the surreal and serene habitat for living creatures other than humans. With an egalitarian female Deer as the Protagonist, it was intriguing to drool through the forests, its laws, the emotions like love, hate, fear, togetherness and unity of its inhabitants, the danger involved in their lives, the fears and challenges they face. Never before, I have identified myself in a non-human central character of a story.

What I like about The Book:

Unpredictability, subtle lessons with simple observations and finding answers to some of my never asked questions (We almost all have a bunch of them) what I liked most about this Book. Each place and character is well placed, plotted, detailed. The characters are though non-humans but have human attributes with many layers. You cry with them, hate them to the char, chuckle with them, respect them...You see them as if they are specially enacting for you. Moreover, it has inimitable descriptions of “forests, the way it is” which was another thing I liked most.

The inscription is lucid, luscious and poetic at times with a well paced consistency. It was a celebration to read such a profound, mature, inspiring story after ages.

The Other side of The Book:

The other side of the book is, of course its Originality of the idea. Moreover it seems it has been targeted to well-read individuals as reader. Because given to the sub-standard English knowing people in India, it would be a tough read for an average Indian. However, not every time a good book hits the Bookshelves. If it catches your eye in a book shop, it would be worth investing time and money on it. I assure you, Not only you will have a pleasure of sliding into a magical world but also you will have a mystical encounter with your own soul through the words of the author. It will resonate like trance music stuck into your head the remaining part of your life.

Wisdom and Lessons:
Here are some of the subtle wisdoms I derived from it:

Freedom comes with a Package of Danger along with it while Safety or Security costs us our freedom.
A doubt, whose favorite pastime is to confound our mind, doesn’t accept defeat to trust and love easily and fights till its last breathe. The only tool that helps us to dispel it is Time and Awareness.

Jealousy has its root with our own deformity.

My Wishes: 
At last I would say not all writers these days come up with such an in-depth mystical fictions which have a chance to be proved as a misadventure. I wish we would have our own animation studio like “DreamWorks Animation” that produced the movie Kung Fu Panda, and then we would have our own world class computer-animated movie to outdo the popularity of all. While reading Paradise Lost & Regained I actually was imagining this. I wish the book is turned into a computer-animated movie. I swear.  it would outperform the popularity of Kung Fu Panda series.

Monday, October 17, 2016




Immersed in the stillness, indiscernible, they are

Still I hear the clamor of their silence whispers

Their tantrums to brim over the edge of my heart

Like an incensed stallion in the race course

If Life is a trail of connecting dots, best and worst

Then why, my heart is rumbling with dangling thoughts?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#ChhoteKadam: Eat Right and Live Right To Help Your Heart Beat Right!!!

For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed says Khalil Gibran, the Great Prophetic Poet.

 I was listening to her mindfully while sitting calmly. She was counseling me about all possible negative consequences which may happen to me in due course of life. I knew I have an “Enemy” who of late has found a luxury abode in my body and slowly trying to destroy it, inch by inch, bit by bit. It’s my Acute Underactive thyroid gland i.e. Hypothyroidism.  Now I have no other options than to fight with it throughout the life. She was my nutritionist. My Endocrinologist had advised me to consult one so that I could adopt a healthy life style and thereby the impact of” under functioning of the thyroid gland” could be restricted as much possible as.

After an extensive lecture, she handed me a huge list of “dos and don’ts” which as weapons would help me fight against it and keep a control over the damages that are ought to crop up. At last she sighed!  And said “I’m worried about your heart. You’re vulnerable to heart ailments now. So you have to take best care of it apart from healthy eating and physical activities. Best care in the sense “Be happy to keep it (heart) happy”.

Hypothyroidism an acute thyroid irregularity that leads to serious heart problems and people having such problem should take extra care of their hearts to protect it. Both thyroid hormones (T4 and T3) are related to heart disease as they affect heart rate and the amount of blood pumped by heart. Hypothyroidism also can lead to increased levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and other fats related to heart disease.

What serious problems can happen to me if I have a heart disease?

  • Rare but serious problems can include: 
  • Heart failure (called congestive heart failure): when the heart can’t pump enough blood for your body to work properly.
  • Heart attack: when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood in your heart
  • Stroke: when the blood vessels to the brain are blocked and your brain doesn’t get enough blood
  • Peripheral artery disease: when your legs don’t get enough blood
  • Sudden cardiac arrest: when your heart suddenly stops working, you stop breathing; you pass out, and could die unless resuscitated
  • You can also have a very slow heart rate and irregular heartbeats that leads to low energy level and extra gain in weight. That means for me cardiovascular care is a must for me.

As a person I follow my heart than mind. In any critical situation I stress my heart to take a decision. It has been my silent companion without asserting anything in return. It’s not only a tiny organ that pumps blood into different parts of the body but it’s the life factor in me.

That night, I listened to its beats and try to find out what it exactly wants to remain happy.  To my surprise it whispered that it doesn’t want great things. Instead small things make it happy. Some little steps i.e. #ChhoteKadam in our attitude, life style, and approach to life makes the heart delight. Since then I did some changes in my life style and my approach to life for Staying Active, Eating Better, and Being Happy...!!


 I used to walk and gym a lot. But now I have changed it a bit. I have started cycling in open air. It’s really fun as unlike in gyms or walking, I spend a lot of happy times with my son competing with him in speed and laughing and giggling with him

I started playing my favorite game, Bad Minton (I’m happy and Active)

I got myself admitted to a Dance Class which was one of my dreams to learn. It elevates my mind and spirit. (Happy and Active)

Also, I do yoga at least five days a week.

Needless to say, I take stares than the elevator wherever it is available! I also prefer to walk a distance if I have enough time instead going by car or auto.



Green vegetables, Fruits, pulses and salads compose most part of my meal in a day.  High calories, oily or fatty foods… A BIG NO. I drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep my body hydrated.



 I stopped thinking much and apprehensive about life in future

I started reading more books, magazines and other good reading materials.

I learnt to practice “Let go” instead holding grudges or bad feelings in me.


I hang out with my friends whenever it is possible. I have started avoiding going those friends or people who make me sad.
The dew of little thing is the most beautiful part of it. And in beauty, heart loves residing there, gets nourished and grows there. Small Steps or #ChhoteKadam absolutely for heart brings maximum happiness to IT there by keeps it Healthy J

Eat Right, Live Right
Let Our Hearts Beat Right
Even the heartbeats never want to leave our hearts
As their existence is due to it

 I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Goddess Durga: The Feminine Supreme Being!!!

Durga - The goddess of power and strength, is a multi-dimensional deity, with many names, personas, and facets.
As Mahishasuramardini or Shakti, she is the destroyer of evil - with her ten mighty arms carrying lethal weapons she triumphantly slays the demon Mahishasura.
As Parvati, she is serene
She is Bhawani, symbol of life
She is Sati, the object of death.
She is Basanti, the herald of springtime.
Durga, with all her forms, encompasses the essence of salvation and sacrifice.
She is the mother of bounty and wealth, as also of beauty and knowledge,
She is the embodiment of purity, knowledge, truth and self-realization.
Goddess Durga represents the power of the “Supreme Being” that preserves moral order and righteousness in the universe.
She is the energy aspect of the Lords
Goddess Durga is the inherent dynamic energy through which supreme consciousness manifests itself.
In Short, Goddess Durga is “The Feminine Supreme Being”
The Perfect Woman Ever Created in entire COSMOS!!!

GODDESS DURGA: The Perfect Woman
Embellished with the striking BEAUTY
And adorned with the ELEGANCE, POISED and BIOYANCY,
She is the epitome of Divine INTELLIGENCE;
In every mortal being we witness her PRESENCE
She is the manifestation of VALOUR and JUSTNESS,
TRIUMP over VICE being her celestial message
For when The EVIL raises its ugly head,
Her SACRED WEAPON flings to make it behead
The subtle and sweet FEMININE GRACE of her
Falls on humans as blessings of LOVE and CARE
As she steps in, her CHARMS Brings an ILLUMINATION
For all the ATTRIBUTES of a “Perfect Woman”
Have their abodes in her inner-self
She is the One and only “The Perfect Woman”
Ever Created On The Earth and in entire Universe!!!

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