Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Gadget for Peace and Love from a Robotic Cat – Doremon

 I was sad to wake up to an unrest world
Where all hell was broke loose
The air was filled with the cacophony of Cries
Of those who Face Wars, riots, violence and hatred

It seems as if Gods have gone stony deaf
To hear the prayers of those who die unfair deaths
The hopes are lost and faiths are shaken to the core
And the Devils have their all time triumphant moments

My bleeding heart was looking for a way out
To free them from the despair of Hatred and violence
And to calm the clouds of Unrests around
And bring them a smile for a while on their face

But it was out of my Human limit to free the world
From Fear, Terror, Evil conflicts and scuffles
Then I remember The Robotic Cat Doremaon
Who has a “Gadget” for every crisis as its solution

I decided to have a day out with Him and ask for a Gadget
To help my fellow human being who suffered bloodshed
I reached the land called as “Narima ward” where
My favorite cartoon character “Doremon” lived

He greeted me with a smirk in his face
And served me some tea and Dora Cakes
Then asked about my world and the reasons
Behind my dull and gloomy face

He heard my sorrows with patience
Along with Nobita and other Friends
And then get out a piece of equipment
From his pouch of Gadget Bag

 “The silhouette of Love” He loudly said 
Would end the hell of violence in your world
As he explained the science behind it, which would convert
The (-ve) electrons of hate to (+ve) protons of Love

He put the device into action by clicking the button of Love
And there was a wavy aura of illumination and trust
They traveled so fast with an auto sensory band
Towards the World to wipe out the evil and lust

It worked like magic as within moments
There was happiness and joy around
The world looked like a paradise...I must say  
As I heard the children were laughing loud

I was happy as I saw the world from the sky
Along with my favorite Doremon
And the time past so fast and it was already dark
And it was the time for my return

I asked him…Can I take The Gadget with Me
To keep my world safe from any other violence
Yes, you can take... But it is just a device
With a momentary effect …he said in a soft voice

God has given you all... A Natural Gadget
That has abundance of Love and peace
The whole world will be calm and in harmony
As the Gadget would vanish all forms of Evil and vice

I looked at him with a query on my face
It’s your “HEART”…and he quickly said
That’s full of “Love” which would conquer hate
And bring the Peace in the human world!!!

I was amazed with the wisdom He gave
As a return gift to me…Even if he was a Robotic cat
What has gone wrong with us Humans?
Why did we forget to LOVE our own tribes and clans?

I loved the day out with him…My favorite Comic Character Doremon!!
If we use our hearts to love humans, there would be no violence, no war in the world.

Because Only Love conquers Hate!!! 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Happiness comes from #RealTogetherness

Look at this video By Kishan…didn’t it Remind the days when we weren't surrounded by gadgets? Isn’t it quite emotional evoking the memories of those nostalgic days of family and friends? We never knew when we jailed ourselves behind the bars of illusory world of gadgets and gizmos.
My memories took me to days…that defined me the lesson that the Real happiness of Life comes from #RealTogetherness!!
The meaning of Real Togetherness is understood best by the one who lives a life of isolation or a life of loneliness!!
For me the mention of “Real Togetherness” flashes the silver screen of my mind rolling down the memories of the Time spent with “Family, near and dear ones” years back. I had been very lucky having my grown up years surrounded by all nears and dears. But my adolescent son isn’t that fortunate in this regard. 
I remember in his pre- primary school days how difficult it was for me to make him understand about a lesson in his EVS book “Your Family and Relatives”. He did simply not get connected with it…let alone understanding it. Maternal uncle, paternal uncle, cousins…etc were quite unfamiliar words for him given to our less frequent visit to our hometown and less visits of our relatives to our place. 
Togetherness Is an important Ingredient of family life!!
Yes, we are a “nuclear family” living in a metro city “Mumbai” where the “life” is synonymous with“swiftness”. While we are occupied with our “struggle for life and work” our son (who is adolescent by now) has no other option than to find his world surrounded by Gadgets and toys. That’s been the life's truth…!!
Few months back we had a trip to our Hometown (not like that of a “need kind” as mostly our trips to our hometown are need based.). The trip was perhaps destined by Universe to teach us a lesson on “Real Togetherness”.
Real Happiness Comes From #RealTogetherness
We had a visit to Kalijai Temple in Chilika Lake. Let me tell you it was my farther-In-Laws first visit into the lake and he did it even if he doesn’t like to do such trips only to spend time with his Grandson….!!  It takes an hour ride in a motorboat to reach the temple inside the lake. Destination was never so much exciting than the journey in the midst of Lake surrounded by undulating  green mountains. The small Ireland with their own story of legacy were truly enchanting. The Birds, the frequently piping fishes and dancing dolphins...truly awesome!!!
Isn't That Ice-Cream Tastes Extra Yummy...with Family surrounding You
Exploring nature together with family members is not only having the Elysian happiness but also it defines what “Real Togetherness” is. The smiles and happiness my son had were much more than anything else. We could have bought several expensive gadgets and toys for him…but they never brought that “Blissful” smile on his face.
In that trip we also visited our relatives. Mingling with cousins, uncles and aunts….really I must say, it created a sense of belongingness in him that was missing somehow with his long associations with PSPs, UFOs, remote control Toys and other gadgets.
For us also it was quite refreshing because after a long time we didn’t feel the deeply embedded longing in our psyches for our smart phones, Ipods and social networking sites. It’s like withdrawing from an illusory world to a real world.
BLISSFUL Smile Comes with #RealTogetherness 
 Let’s admit the Truth…Real happiness comes from the real Togetherness and real togetherness comes when we get together with our real mates of our life rather than gadgets and phones or landing ourselves in a virtual world!!! 

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

He drove all Night...!!

Sometime we forget to thank them thinking its their job...but sometime their job is not just their "Job"...!!!

It’s a real-life experience.

It was our first trip to Shiridi after our son was born who was that time barely one and half year old. Three friends of my husband and we three (Me, my son and my husband) along with our Mausi (the care taker of my son) booked an innova for that.

The program was scheduled to be like this. We would start in the afternoon of Saturday, would reach Shirdi by the night. We would stay in a hotel for the night halt so that we could attend “Early Morning Aarti - the first one” at Shirdi. Then we would go for Shani Shingnapur, Trimbakeshwar and then we would return to Mumbai in the Sunday Night. Everything was perfectly planned.

We started our journey with a highly decibel Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Things turned out to be completely as per our program. We reached Shirdi on time. Next day, we were in the long queue to attend the First Prayer. We had our breakfast after the Darshan. Then we headed towards Shani Shingnapur. After having performed the rituals (only for men that time) we headed towards Trimbakeswar. It was almost Afternoon by then. We finished our Darshan and returned Nashik by the evening.
All over these journeys, we had lots of fun as boys had their spontaneous cracking of “***” jokes. In between my toddler had been a perfect entertainer as well. So it was quite a “Fun Trip” by then.

We decided that we would have an early dinner and then straight Mumbai without any stop in between.
It was around 7.30 pm.

We entered into a Restaurant and ordered our dinner. In between boys had their phone calls with their friends. Suddenly one of them declared that the NH has been at halt since few hours as a terrible accident had taken place between two heavy weight trucks. Perhaps a head on collision.
We thought, as it was already more than two hours so in an hour or so the traffic will be cleared. But it never happened that way. So there was no way we can return to Mumbai that night. All the men enquired about other routes.
Someone in the restaurant said, yes there was another route, bit interior one.  But looking at us (Women and the child) he said, it wasn’t advisable to go in that road as it wasn’t only in bad shape but it also goes through jungles and not at all safe.

Even the Taxi driver (Mr.Rao) expressed his resistance especially after getting a permission of a night halt from his employer.

Men were worried because one of the guys had a very important HR interview next morning which he couldn’t miss. He had come to take blessings from BABA for the success in that interview only. He was prepared to hire another vehicle and go all alone in that road.

After going through lots of dilemma, some of them said, they would try that “interior route” and asked us to stay in a hotel. But as my Husband was the one who had planned that trip, so at last he decided to take up the journey along with them.

We started at 9.30 pm.

As our vehicle entered into that road, slowly it felt like we were driven to a deep forest though a narrow and occasionally bumpy rorad. Men had decided to have turns to remain awake at least one of them with the hesitant Driver.

I must say, all the fun gone. We were already in the clutch of anxiety along with unknown fear. For me it was one of the scariest journeys given to those ghost stories and “Aahat” kind of serials. 

We were quite tired and feeling sleepy. Still we decided to stay awake for few hours.
One cannot imagine the kind of fright we all had that night.

At a point, two three men appeared on the road and we had our hearts sunken into horror. We thought, we wouldn’t stop there. But one of them had already in the middle of the road.

Our vehicle stopped. One of them tapped the window. My husband was seating in the front seat. He opened glass at last.

They seemed to be surprised looking at a vehicle at “Night” in that road with family inside in it. However, Thank God they’re not bad people. They said that the road was blocked ahead due to a falling tree. So we should take the diversion before that.
A cold night in mid-December, dense fog and a “SUN SAN Rasta” in the jungle with no sign of human habitat in the sight…and we were having a journey there. The worst thing was it started drizzling as well (I would say unseasonal rain)

We were quite exhausted, drained out of fear.  After few kilometers we fall asleep thinking that men would manage.

I had to wake up as they had stopped the vehicle spotting a “Chai wala” near a village. It was almost 3.30 by then. I heard them talking that they had lost the route towards Mumbai as well. They should have taken a turn before 60 kilometers. It was after all an unknown route and we cannot expect road marker’s there.

After few moments, again we began the backward journey. I fall asleep immediately.

I woke up when my husband called me. It was almost dawn. Around 6.45 a.m. He had dropped other guys in their homes and we were the last.

OHH!! Finally home sweet home…!!

He asked the Driver to come to our house and to have that rest at our place for few hours because he was supposed to go to his employer’s place first to handover the Vehicle and then would board a local train to his home.

He was glad. We freshened up and directly fall asleep. After around three hours we all woke up. The horror of last night’s journey was still afresh. My husband said, after that “tea refreshment” all men were slumbering and nobody was wakeful for the driver’s shake. It was only He (the driver) who drove all night only to let us reach safely at our homes without a nap all the way.

He got up and freshened up, had the breakfast we had ordered from our favorite Idliwala and then before he left for his employer’s place We Thanked him saying we were really grateful to him for his last night's diligent driving.

he smiled!! his hollow and sunken eyes had a spark!!  

Mr.Rao was a frail looking man in his mid 50s. He was a taxi driver by profession. We learnt that he had sleepless nights before our trip as well. Another driver was supposed to accompany us. But as he didn’t turn up, his employer asked Mr.Rao to drive our vehicle.

Many may say that as he was a driver so habituated to sleepless nights and driving in stretch. But there is a human limit….right! He could have easily asked for a snooze by parking the vehicle somewhere in the between by the road side. Nobody would have forced him to drive…right!!

I don't know how he manged to see the roads through his reading glances in the foggy cold and dark night. I was really thankful to him as “He drove all night”  and finally let us reach our homes safely where as we had our sound slumber all the way. It was his job to drive but that journey was something more than his job….isn’t it!! 

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Fun and Fabulous moments at #FrizzFreeHair Vatika Women's IndiBlogger Meet for new Product Lunch by Dabur Vatika!!

A mail alert in a lazy afternoon last week suddenly woke me up from that much loved “power nap”. It was an invitation for “#FrizzFreeHair Vatika Women's IndiBlogger Meet” from Mumbai for a new Product lunch by Dabur Vatika for a solution to frizz hair.Dabur Vatika was all set to launch new hair care oil that would reduce the “Frizz” and the Hair would be Fantastic.
There were two reasons that made me quickly register for the same:
One…Hair has always been my weakness. Anything related to hair just grab my quick and prudent attention. Second…It was going to be my first Indiblogger event. So I checked out the links given in the mail and immediately registered myself.
Date- Saturday 10th October 2015
Venue- B J Hall, Vile Parle
Place- Mumbai
Time- 11-30 AM.
After a long time, I traveled in Mumbai Local trains to reach the above venue all the way from Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Seriously, I got nostalgic of my initial years in Mumbai when I used to be a regular Local Train traveler to reach my office. After been confused and little bullied by an auto driver…Finally I managed to reach the Venue. 
As I said it was my first ever Indiblogger meet (do I need to say…I was super excited!!!), even in blogging world also I’ve just grown a bit older from a crawling baby to one who can now manage to seat and stand. I was almost sure that I will be bit lost among strangers. But to the contrary, I was surprised as a group of beautiful girls suddenly welcomed me with cheers in their faces. Within moments we were catching “still moments” at the venue.
After few moments I found myself in a beautifully decorated hall with a stage all set to unveil the “mystery”.

Someone suddenly asked can I seat here? I turned my face to find a chirpy girl standing there. Only moments took us to become friends. Mayuri is really a bubbly girl who can win over hearts within moments.
The event started with a grooving heavy metal Indi Band “Blonder in the Code” playing the numbers of Pink Floyd- We Don’t Need No Education and Poker Face By Lady Gaga…etc. It was really breathtaking as they made bloggers going crazy with lots of head banging! (Yup…they cleverly made us our hair going messy and Frizzy!!)

Then there was a “short and sweet” introduction section for bloggers. WOW!! There was a mixed blend of us…first timers, first indi meet (like me), quite seasoned and of different genres (food, beauty, lifestyle, wellness…etc) and ages.
Then we had detailed information and explanation of the Company’s history, marketing strategy and the Dabur Vatika products by the Marketing head of the Dabur. India´s largest natural hair Care Company, Dabur has a strong existence because of their persistence efforts to understand women and their hair needs time to time.

I was quite amazed…since 1940 with their first product “Dabur  Amla hair oil…they have been consistently finding solution for the various problems of hair of Indian women. No wonder why Dabur Vatika is a house hold name now with a 1000 cr... Turnover worldwide.

The scientific aspects of such hair care products were well explained by their Scientist from their DRDO (Department of Research and Development) by a detail presentation (audio visual slides) of various factors that affect hair and their taming mantras.

Finally the time to unveil the “Mystery”.

While we were quite betrothed by the audio visuals and the talks of speakers a spew of Jasmine fragrance sprayed at the stage and scattered all over the room. With that theatrical effect of lighting and smoke clouds covering the surrounding, a Larger than life size Oil Bottle slowly made its entry in the mid of the stage.
Fabulous moment to witness a solution to #FrizzFreeHair in fact“Frizz to Fantastic hair” was finally revealed…It’s “Dabur Vatika Jasmine Non-Sticky Coconut Hair Oil

Next The turn of fun part of the event!!
It all started with a game “Rock, Paper and Scissor” (Honestly…I missed my adolescent son at that time very much who would always push me any time to play that game). We bloggers paired off to play it and the condition was “losers would get messed up their hair by the winners”.  After several draw I let my Partner Anu Goel to win the round. Thank God!! She didn’t mess up my hair lot in return.
Then the time was for some mind-blowing hair care tips from the seasoned bloggers. "Stress Free is the real key to have beautiful hair" was the best Tip.

Then the time to feed the rats running in the stomach. A bumper buffet with great display of food choices was waiting for us. Pizza, pastas and the dessert like yummy blueberry cheesecake, rasamalai and Ferrero Rocher Ice-Cream…was more than enough to calm the rats.
Hey...wait wait!!
A Champy section was out there to pamper us by giving a feel of the newly lunched product. The flowery aroma of "Dabur Vatika Jasmine Non-Sticky Coconut Hair Oil was quite refreshing in that sweaty afternoon….I must say.
Finally I returned with a “Beautiful Bag of Goodies containing,
Dabur Vatika Jasmine Hair Oil,
Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair oil
And a Philips Smooth & Shine Hair Straightener.”  
And lots of fantastic moments at heart.
Hey!! I also won an in-event twitter contest by Indibloggers on the previous day for posting “Frizzy hair picture” at the end of the Friday!!
There were some other thing as well. We were asked to wear something green and there was lots of green attires and accessories. Wondering my Friend Mayuri's post Click here...

Finally..At the end I would say…
An afternoon well spent with amazing bloggers in an absolutely fantastic ambiance organized by one of the Country’s best Bloggers platform Indiblogger in association with Dabur Vatika -  a house hold name of hair care products ….That’s the essence of the entire write up…!!!

A Detail review of The Dabur Vatika Non-sticky Jasmin Hair Oil will follow soon....

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Month of life’s memoir, Bittersweet October!!

Ahh!! It’s October Now!! Honestly I don’t know when this year 2015 has started and now going to end. Memories are still afresh of welcoming 2015 and its now at the verge of getting a farewell. It’s been so fast this year. Well may be Life has become bit fast.

2015 has been an astoundingly eventful year for me. Some major events happened. Most significant is “The Janeu (Thread Ceremony) of my son”. I became a part of the blogging community. I attended some grand event by blogadda like Renault #Lodgy event at Goa and #WIN15 #CelebrateBlogging at Mumbai.

I got connected with some wonderful new friends and Old friends of my school days and College days. I met some wonderful people in the way. However there were also some gloomy days in the health front and some failures in terms of achievements.

But life is all about collection of good and bad memories. October being the Month of transition as the summer finally makes its curtain down to let the winter enters through autumn in the town. It’s the time between two extremities…the Heat and Cold.  So it defines life perfectly giving a reminder of hot days, unusual storms (sometime without rain) and glimpse of coldness that is yet to come. So it’s really perfectly said “Bittersweet October”.

A Month of life’s memoir, Bittersweet October!!

The symphony of rustling autumn breeze
The sonata of tumbling down of golden yellow leaves
The rumble of sudden storm and gales
And whisper of silence of balding trees
The stillness of longer nights and noisy shorter days
Nights of Halloween and Thanksgiving days
That’s what autumn in the Month of October is

As I hear the murmur of the dead fallen leaves on the ground
The tales of their blissful times
Dancing to the tunes of wind
Sometime in the Splendor of bright Sun light
Sometime catching rain drops from the sky
Wrapped up in emerald green

 And their story continued that way
The memoirs of their changing days
Yellow, orange or golden brown
As autumn stepped in the town
Falling From the top of the tree
With a simple brush with the same gentle wind
They are now lying on the ground

The receding trees tell me their stories
The joyful memories of having those emerald green leaves
But Impermanence is the law of life they said
So change is inevitable in life to step ahead

Life is about Past, Present and Future
Time moves forward while memories backward
The season of life changes its sheds and color
And the transition is felt in Bittersweet October

October is not just a month in the Calendar of the Year
It reminds the decree of life and Law of Nature
Everything has an end and that is the beginning
The dairy of Life is collection of bittersweet memories

The seasons of life not so alike
In Every phase of growing years
Sometime summer, sometime autumn
Sometime rains and sometime winter

The Rhythm of life is not so alike
Every time and every season of the year
It changes its tune, some time sweet
Sometime sour and some time bitter

I may not be able to control the tune of my life
But I can surely change the taps of my feet
To dance to its jingle and enjoy the melody
The Sweet symphonies or bitter mourns
To live a beautifully choreographed life!!

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