Monday, August 31, 2015

The Divine Bond: Heart “Touching or Sinking??”


While their parents sweat
To have that day’s wage
To feed their stomach
With some rice or maize

Perhaps they even don’t know
The meaning of those terms
Fortune, Misfortune or Dreams
While living life the way it comes

Under the sky as roof
And the earth as floor
Two innocent souls
Are in heartily cheer

With Sun as Diya and Her adore as Tika
She tied that “Rakhi” in her little Bro’s hand
And the world witnessed the sweetest thing
They called it as “The Divine Bond”

I’m bewildered while gazing that reflection
How to illustrate “the moment christened”
Is it a Moment of touching your heart?
Or a blaze that sinks the heart emotively stirring??

Sometime words are not enough to describe the true feelings!!
One of my friends shared the above image from Laughing Color’s time line in Face Book Yesterday. It really touched me so much that I fell short of words.

Some time the lives around me make me amazed!! I mean in the above picture just see the “The reality of innocence Love”!!

I’m mesmerized!!

At the same time I’m also imagining the “life inside the flats in the distanced building in the Picture”.
There must be similar scene going on in some households…in that day...isn’t it??

Is there any differences??

Resources, Wealth or Paucity….In Love “Nothing makes a difference...I feel!!!”

Diya* - a small cup-shaped oil lamp made of baked clay.

Tika* - another term for tilak


  1. soulful... loved reading it Tina :-)

  2. Sometimes, I am speechless. Simple joy cannot be quantified. A heart to love:)

    1. You're very much right Vishal
      Love and Joy cannot be quantified
      Thanks you for your visit
      and Lovely response!!!
      :) :) Tina

  3. Beautiful take on the Prompt. You have nicely captured the essence of love. Gr8 Work.

    Here is my take on the prompt if you wish to read :)

  4. Thank you Garima :)
    Delighted with your response!

  5. Wow! Beautiful is the one word that comes to my mind as I read this Tina :). You asked if there is any difference between the two, I would say YES, maybe because the first one has a much larger impact on me than the latter.. You are right, there are no words to explain this feeling.

    1. OMG!! Vinay...really you gave a lovely prospective!! Even though there is no difference in the LOVE and Bond between the two worlds but former has more impact on mind than the later!!
      Thank you very much for this insight!!
      Tina :) :)

  6. What a soul stirring piece! Emotions never change with money, I guess. Beautiful poem yet again, Tina.

    1. Very true...Thank you Saru :):)
      loved your appreciations!!
      Tina :)