Sunday, June 5, 2016

#ShareTheLoad: United in Heaven, Divided on Earth!!

Scene 1: Its lunch time, Neha went along with her with her colleagues to the Cafeteria of a private Organization.

A colleague asked looking at her as she was holding only her wallet and not the “lunch box”, “hey Neha, where is your lunch bag today? Haven’t you brought it?”
“Nahi yaar…yesterday prepared the presentations till late, so couldn’t wake up in time in the morning?”And then she had her lunch from canteen

Scene 2 : Its Lunch Time, Rohan was at his desk when his friend Ajay called out
“Hey Rohan, let’s have lunch yaar”
“Han Han…coming, coming” Rohan said while getting out of the desk
Rohan and his colleagues sat together in a table in the canteen and opened up their lunch boxes.
Arre Yaar…main bhul gaya, I have to get something from canteen…”
“Why, haven’t brought dabba, Neha se jhagada hua kya…?” one of them said blinking one eye.
“Abe sale, aisa kuchh nahin hua. Last night she slept late, so couldn’t prepare dabba today as she couldn’t wake up in time in the morning” Rohan said laughingly and went to have something from canteen.

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I think, from the scenes above, all of you must have understood what I wanted to say. at least the illustration says it all. Household chores still has a feminine tag attached to it. No matter what heights women achieve in their professional fields, at home they have to do (in most of the cases) cooking, dish washing, laundry etc.  We often wonder, why can’t Rohan make dabba for both of them in the morning some days? At least the days when Neha is really unable to do so? Many would agree with me that it’s not in the DNA of Indian households (mostly as there are always scopes for some exceptions) to teach boys household chores. At least when one is married, the lady is supposed to handle both office and home while for boys, often they marry to have someone handle home for them.  

Frankly, this one thing has really challenged the sanctity of Indian families. Divorces are happening these days in alarming rates. “Doing work/job” aren’t a choice for girls these days; rather it has become a necessity. The Lady has to share the economic load of the growing requirements of the family, unlike earlier times. But household chores still remain an exclusive work for women as men doing them still considered as prejudice.  Isn’t it unfair? I have friends and relatives whom I have seen becoming a robot muddling through the home and office quite exhaustively. I have some friends whose had to face the pain of a “broken marriage” just because they were unable to manage both work and home.

Honestly, if we will not take these established gender stereotypes seriously and work towards breaking them right now, we can’t expect our children to enjoy their family lives. It’s a question of the future of our children, their emotional needs and their legitimate rights to have a blissful family life.  It will happen if we teach our kids regarding these stereotypes

The following way, we can teach the Gen-next  about the outdated gender stereotypes in household chores. 

Now days both Rohans and Nehas (read boys and girls) get equal upbringing in terms of education, care and support from the family. The only difference is, still parents ask their girls to learn to take responsibility of the home, children and household chores while boys aren’t needed to learn.

The parents have to wake up if they want their children to be happy in future.  They should start teaching their boys to bear the responsibility at home.
Workshops at schools should be organized to depict, a family that works together, share the responsibilities, is a family that stays together.

New curriculum should be developed as home skills to instill young minds with the equality in sharing the loads at home.

All those advertisements should be ban that “glorifies” “Maa ki hath ki safai” or “Maa ki hath ki khanna”. It has a gender stereotype over tune to it.

Technology should be used to reduce human effort and time to do works. For ex. Washing machines reduces human effort to clean clothes. Also Detergents should be made so strong and efficient that it should further reduce the human effort for cleaning of clothes by making laundry an easy job.  Ariel has made itself like one. it should be applied to other chores as well. 

More and more campaigns like #ShareTheLoad should be created to spread awareness…

Lets teach our boys some chores. Like I do to my son, he readily ask for them though. At least I don't prevent him doing them for me thinking he is a boy. 

It’s not that everyone is like Rohan as people are changing these days. But we need a big part of the society to change, free itself from those outdated established norms.
It’s said that marriages are made in heaven to unite two people, then why should there be “stereotypes” to divide them/couples on Earth?’ The established gender stereotypes are real threat to the “sacred knots” of our society. 

Important Note: The Title is inspired by an article written by Anupama Kondayya in and the illustration is taken from it with permission from the author. Its an interesting article. To read Click Here. 


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Friday, June 3, 2016

New Datsun redi – Go: Ideal for those who look for Fun, freedom and Confidence drive and ownership experience within an affordable budget

Recently one of my friends working in a private sector bank brought his parents to Mumbai to make them stay with him and take care of them. He has been staying here since last few years and was happy with his favorite bike for any kind of mobility around the city. But now he is thinking for a four wheeler as he wants to take his parents to visit places around the city as well as for the convenience of taking them to hospitals and doctors in case it’s a need.  
One day he asked me during a friendly talk “any new car in the market that should go well with my personality, budget and look”

Similarly another friend’s son has just joined a job and they want to gift him with a “low budget Car with sporty look” for travelling.

A relative of mine staying in a different city has just been blessed with a second child recently. Till now his family was comfortable on a two wheeler. But now he is looking for upgrading himself with a four wheeler matching with his budget and expectation. He looks for a stylish look with impressive performance.

We always look for something new in the market. So also cars even if there are already countless options available. Taking the requirements (mostly urban middle class) and expectations of new car buyers with their petite budget into consideration I think the new “Datsun redi-Go” fits well into it. 

It’s a good looking car with impressive fuel efficiency and performance. The features are designed in such a way that a buyer would get more than his/her expectation.
Datsun redi-Go is a Japanese Cousin of Renault kwid - which has already set a highest selling record in India – as it shares lots of DNA with it.  I mean, both cars are based on Renault-Nissan’s CMF-A platform and, like the Kwid, 98 per cent of the redi-GO’s parts have been locally sourced.
So guys, here is a new car is all set to hit the roads. before buying a car explore Datsun redi - Go as it claims wonderful features and styles. There are some features that catches eye of a new buyer for sure in new Datsun redi - Go

The Exterior or Look

Just imagine a guy in his early twenties who has just worked out his biceps and triceps and six-packs. He would look lean, sporty with youthful fervor…right! Same goes with the Exterior of Datsun redi-Go

When it comes to looks, Datsun redi-Go is quite attractive. The smooth and sleek external surface with tilted vibrant and deeply chiseled lines gives an impression as if the car like a youth in twenties has worked out on its biceps, six packs etc.  It has a striking premium eye-appeal with a solid, silky yet a well-built stout exterior that defines strength and sportive zeal.  The high-mounted chrome grille up front with the large, upswept startling headlights and a masculine bonnet makes its profile unique, quirky and stands out.

The Interior

It seems the first impression of stepping inside the car would give a feel good and pretty impression as it has sporty and stylish interiors. It looks spacious, well-ventilated and eye soothing.  The dashboard layout is interesting. You get a single-DIN entertainment system with Radio, CD, MP3, USB, Aux-in – it’s all here in one convenient audio system. It offers the high front seats with fixed headrests with support on the sides. It means you can sit tall, and the seats aren’t adjustable. The steering wheel has a nice and sporty shape and the contours offer innate clutch. The glass area is generous with an immense overall visibility too. The rear seats are spacious and comfortable. It offers an adequate boot space – 222 ltrs – that’s enough for a monthly grocery shopping.   The textures and fabrics are classy and sporty giving the feel and comfort of a sports car.

Fuel Efficiency and Performance.

With a 25kmpl as it claims and with an i-SAT (Intelligent Spark Automated Technology) Engine that automatically adjusts spark timing in response to fuel quality and power requirement, its surely assures a peppy and zippy drive on road with some longer duration, while reducing your effort to hold the steering a knocking-free, smooth performance Moreover it has an impressive ground clearance - 185mm of ground clearance - and small turning radius - 4.7-metre turning radius –  that makes the drive easy and ideal in narrow and uneven roads of the villages and small towns and small and crowded lanes of the cities. The car has been designed to offer good fuel-efficiency and adequate city usability, rather than outright performance. It’s an Easy Car to Drive especially for new drivers like me. 

The new Datsun redi – Go has been designed keeping the highly demanding nature of the Car buyers in India. Most of the Car buyers look best features available with expensive cars within their budget. So Datsun  redi- Go has cleverly offered itself with those features in a satisfying manner while keeping the cost reasonable. It’s an ideal option to go for especially for those who want to upgrade themselves from replacing their motor bikes or first time buyers or those who look for a second car for daily use while keeping their SUVs or MPVs and expensive cars for special use. Its economic fuel efficiency, sleek and robust design and impressive interior with the general need features make it a Youthful Car. One will definitely get a better car ownership experience with an affordable budget with its peppy and zippy drive experience and economic fuel efficiency.

If I get an offer for a TEST drive of new Datsun redi – Go, as a resident of Vashi, Navi Mumbai I would love to take it in the Palm beach Road – our own Queen’s necklace- that surrounds our locality.  As it offers an easy drive with economic fuel efficiency and a small radius – I would take the drive to discover the genuineness of its claim. After all I have learnt driving recently; I would like to see “How easy the Driving experience is with it”. 
Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback