Thursday, February 23, 2017

#MahaShivaratri: Persona of Lord Shiva!!

As a little girl I had lots of queries on Gods, Rituals and Religious practices and I used to throw them to my Father who I felt had a fair knowledge on them as he was a voracious reader of books on mythology, scriptures…etc. Though there were photos of many Gods and Goddesses in our Puja Room, but my father was a liberal so far as religious practices are concerned. It was bit strange though, as we hail from an orthodox Odia Brahamin priest family. In fact, Generations after Generations, till now, my paternal Uncles’ depend on “Jajamana – Family priest” for their bigger part of livelihood.

Once in the occasion of Shivaratri, I was excited to keep fast fascinated by people around.  My father never believed in fasting to please Gods, especially for children. To convince me, fasting is not a need to please Gods, He described the Persona of Lord Shiva in such a manner that it’s still etched in my mind as if he said it just yesterday.

Lord Shiva, The Possessor of Power of Destruction, is actually a very simple God who believes in the “present actions” of a person. He is The One who can bless you something, which is not even scripted in your Destiny. He can make you even defy the inevitable Death. He believes in Dedication, Devotion and Determination!! He is a very Easy God to be pleased with your actions rather than following tough rituals!! He doesn’t even Differentiate while give away his blessing!! For him   everyone who performs Good Actions Deserve the fruit of it!! Your Actions can only please HIM, no matter you follow any rituals/practices or not…  

Well…that time I was too little to comprehend what he said but only understood that “Good Deeds Pleases Lord Shiva” and tried to follow that…

Let Lord Shiva Bless Us All
Happy MahaShivaratri!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

#CelebratingMomentForMyBlog: When Trust Pays!!


Dear friends, My Blog has hit 1lakh view recently. Within less than two years and less than 150 posts, it’s a biggg thing for me to get such number of hits especially when I had started this journey simply as an alien to this “Blogging World”. To celebrate the moment…I thought I should invite some Esteemed Guests to share/write on it. Here is the first story Shared by the Respected Ratnadip Acharya Sir,@RatnadipAcharya  author of the Books

Paradise Lost & Regained

Life Is Aimless…Unless You Love It
Author Ratnadip Acharya
When Trust Pays

In a long lazy afternoon a deep sense of boredom filled a bird. It looked around for some entertainment when a long line of ants, passing along a mound of foliage arrested its attention. It watched the line of ants carefully. Each tiny ant was following the ant, just ahead of it with complete trust. None of the ants seemed to have ever doubted if it was taken to a wrong place even though their destination was known by none but only the ant leading the line.

The more the bird watched the line of ants the more curious it became.

At last it flew down and sat by the line of ants.

‘Can you spare a few moments for me? I have a very important thing to ask you?’ it asked the ant closed to her.

The ant looked up at her and replied, ‘But you have to spare me soon or else they will go ahead leaving me alone, okay?’

‘Thanks,’ said the bird. ‘I just wanted to know where you are going.’

‘To get food for ourselves,’ replied the ant.

‘What food will you collect?’

‘I do not know.’

‘Where will you go to collect food?’

‘I do not know.’

‘How much time will it take to reach there?’

‘I do not know.’

‘Will you come back by this same route?’

‘I do not know.’

The ant’s natural confident and stock reply confounded the bird.

‘How come are you in this expedition of searching for food when you know nothing about it?’ asked the bird.

‘Is it important to know?’ the ant asked innocently.

‘Yeah, very much. What if your team leader deceives you all? What if it is playing with your trust? What if it is misguiding you? ’

‘What do these words, ‘deceive’, ‘playing with trust’ and ‘misguiding’ mean?’ asked the ant.

The bird thought for a while and asked, ‘Has it ever occurred to you that following the guide ant you may reach a wrong place and land in trouble?’

‘You really use very difficult language. I do not understand half the words you use. What does ‘wrong’ and ‘land in trouble’ mean?’

Hearing the ant’s reply, slowing the bird understood that in the world of ants there was no mistrust, deception & trickery and hence they were completely unaware of these words and their implication.

Then she remembered her sweet childhood days when there was nothing in her life except for love and trust. She would open her mouth with fullest trust and love once her mother wanted to put some food into her mouth. Long back she had lost her mother and with time she had become more cautious and calculative.
For the first time it occurred to her that there was a great lesson to learn from this tiny insect. For the first time she gazed at the line of ants respectfully.

I loved the story. Simple yet so profound!! isn't it

Monday, February 20, 2017

Life Lessons from My Neighborhood Tailor: “To Sleep Peacefully, You Must Earn Honestly’...What I Learnt From Tailor Ahmed

They say there is a story behind every face. But most often we don’t get excited about such stories. Do we?? Sometimes, I wonder how much do we know about people who are always around us. For instance, it could be the boy with earphones plugged in his ear that drops newspaper at our doorstep at the crack of dawn, even before we wake up. It could be the milkman who early in the morning makes sure that his customers shouldn’t worry about the milk for their morning cuppa. The sabjiwala bhaiya or the Idliwala Anna, or the Kachara uthanewala bhaiya (yes that’s how we name them often) never stop doing what they do, no matter whether it’s rainy or too cold or too hot and humid outside.

We don’t even spare a thought to ask their names, let alone exploring their outlook of life. Well, I was no exception either. Even I hadn’t given a thought about it. I was one of “the so-called forward-looking modern” people who have their body language screaming, “who has time for all these. Marne ko time nahin hai yaar (Don’t even have the time to die).

It’s an honest confession. I didn’t know the names of these people, who make our lives comfortable, until one fine day I was asked to prepare a report on them as an assignment for an internship.

I decided to interview the person who has been altering my clothes perfectly for years, even on short notice. Every time I buy a new outfit, he is the first person I think about for size-alterations. But I didn’t even know his name until I thought of having a conversation with him. I was ashamed that I hadn’t even cared to ask his name in all these years. He had been the tailorwala bhaiya for me.

Here is the conversation :

Me: Bhaiya, what’s your name?

He: Ali Ahmed Shah

Me: Hello Ahmed ji, Namaste!

Ahmed ji: Hello madam, Assalam Walikum

Me: Wa Alaikum Assalam! Well, Ahmed ji, I am really sorry that I didn’t know your name even though I know you since years.

Ahmed ji (smiling): its okay, Madam. Everybody does that. In fact, I feel good about it too that people at least know me by my profession/work, not by the name. What’s in a name if my job can define me much better and gives me recognition?

Me: What’s in a name? Very profound! Well, I would like to know a bit about you. Can you tell me something about yourself?

Ahmed ji (smiling): I’m Ahmed Ali Shah. I am a tailor. I hail from a small village near Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Here in Vashi, I stay at Juhugaon. I’m an ordinary person and a family man.

Me: You said you’re from Uttar Pradesh. When did you leave your village and why?

Ahmed ji: I left my village, my home state 16 years back in search of a livelihood. The circumstances at my home had become very bad, and survival had become very difficult.

A friend suggested me to come to Mumbai. I came here all alone. I got a job in a garment shop situated in suburban Mumbai. But it didn’t work well. Later, I shifted to Navi Mumbai. I learnt to tailor and now do alterations. I feel I am settled now.

Me: You could have gone to Kanpur, a city nearer to your place, for livelihood. Why Mumbai? Any particular reason?

Ahmed ji: Initially, I had tried my fate in Kanpur. I had started a business. But it didn’t go well. I came to Mumbai because my friends were here and they advised me to. I am glad that their suggestion worked.

Me: Will you tell me more about your struggles with settling in Mumbai with your first job?

Ahmed ji: Nothing very particular. But yes, reference by someone you know was very important those days to get a job anywhere. I guess it’s same nowadays too. People are apprehensive in employing unknown people. Initially, it was difficult to get a job for me. I was a stranger here. People used to become suspicious after hearing my name. Also, there were other factors. Sab Naseeb ka khel hai Madam (Fate plays games, Madam).

Me: Tell me something about your family.

Ahmed ji: I have two sons and a daughter. All are studying. My family doesn’t stay here. They’re at my village.

Me: Ohh! Don’t you feel like bringing your family here?

Ahmed ji: Who doesn’t want to stay with family, Madam? But, there are so many compulsions in life. First, my children are studying, and I feel it is education is less costly there than it is in Mumbai. Second, my father is very old and ailing and needs to be taken care of. So, my wife stays there to take care of them while I earn here.

Me: Well, tell me something about your experience of staying here in Mumbai, particularly Navi Mumbai.

Ahmed ji: Mumbai ke bare mein ek cheez bolna chahunga. Yeh sahar kabhi kisiko nirash nahin karta (Would like to say one thing about Mumbai that this city never let anyone down). About Navi Mumbai, especially Vashi, it’s a great city to live in.

Me: Will you share your best experience here?

Ahmed ji: Staying here for so long is a great experience in itself. Isn’t it? Well, I never had any bitter experience here. Luckily, I found a good support system and the best thing is my work is appreciated here, and it has helped me to settle down.

Me: Any instance of a bad experience as an ‘outsider’?

Ahmed ji: Nothing happened as such. Inshallah! But yes, certain stereotypes are still there especially trust deficiency on us (Muslims). Initially, it bothered me but now I have got used to it.

Me: What do you like most about this city?

Ahmed ji: The cleanliness, for sure. Also, the well-organized transport system, the educational facilities and the best one is the peacefulness. I don’t remember any major violence since I came to this city. The cleanliness, greenery and peace, make Navi Mumbai one of the best cities to live.

Me: What else you like in your personal life? Any other passion or hobby?

Ahmed ji: No, I don’t have any other interests. However being a diabetic patient, I love to do morning walk and some Pranayam and Yoga. I love reading especially about health issues.

Me: Recently, there was a controversy around Yoga and Suryanamaskar. Some Islamic cleric said that its anti-Islam. What’s your say on it?

Ahmed ji (with a broad and toothy smile): Madam, I don’t want to comment on who said what. I follow things which I think is good for me. It’s about choices and my health…isn’t it? Religion has nothing to do with the lives of ordinary people like us. For those for whom it matters…let them do whatever they want to do. I don’t have any problem with it.

Me: That’s really great! Well, if you would like to change three things about your native place what would they be?

Ahmed ji: Scope for better education, availability of employment and support for farming and agriculture.

Me: What would be your words of advice for your children and the next generation?

Ahmed ji: Dekhiye madam, main ye manta huin ki jeevan mein jo sabse jaroori cheez hai, wo hain sukun. Raat ko sukun se sone ke liye, din mein roti imandari se kamana jaroori hai (I believe all we want in life is contentment at the end of the day. To have a peaceful sleep, we should earn our livelihood with hard work and integrity). There will be problems and struggles. But to deal with them if we take the wrong route, that’s not right. Whatever resources we have, we should make use of them and get ahead in life. And we should have faith in God!

Me: Thank you, Ahmed ji for such a pleasant conversation.

Ahmed ji: Thank you, madam. The pleasure is all mine.

He resumed his alteration work after our conversation.
While I was leaving that place,
I was lost in thoughts,
How much we miss to learn
From our surrounding and the people in it
Appreciating and savoring
Some beautiful moments and thoughts!!!

This Interview also Published on
To Read It   Click Here

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#BergerXp: With Berger-Express Painting, Paint Your Imagination!!!

  #BergerXp: With Berger-Express Painting, Paint Your Imagination!!!  

Being a poet

With a tender and soft heart

My soul

For eternity ramble in the realm

Of Imagination

Now, was it a co-incident?

Or a sync with nature

That let me live moments of Fascination

At a luxurious location

With Berger Express Painting

That has a Punch line

Paint Your Imagination!!

Ahwha!! What an event that day!! Still, I haven’t come out of the excitement!! It was simply Magical!  At Berger Express Painting Indiblogger Meet....

Seriously Yaar!! I jumped from the bed when I got an email notification from Indiblogger with “Special Invitation” for the “Berger Express Painting Indiblogger Meet” in the first day itself at Vivanta by Taj Presidency. It was a long time since we had an Indiblogger meet. And having a “Special Invitation” from a Brand like Berge Paints…simply superb!!

The Saturday couldn’t have been better than that on 11th February 2017. It started with my pre-dawn nature visit at my place and ended with gathering lovely moments throughout the day…Magical and Musical Moments at Berger Express Painting Indiblogger Meet At Vivanta by Taj Presidency, Mystical Sunset at Marine drives and memorable visit at Kala Ghoda Art Festival

A warm welcome by the Staff received me as I Checked in Vivanta By Taj Presidency at noon.  Soon, registering at the event venue and receiving a wonderful Tweeter Badge followed. While meeting and greeting with the fellow bloggers was the norm,   the sumptuous lunch with its enticing spread played the rogue. The Food and ambiance I must say…was fabulous!!

 Who could play a better Compeer for the event than the spontaneously witty and jocular Anoop who never fall short of innovative way to entertain and engross the audiences and to keep bloggers tuned?

We played Musical Chair Yaar…Can You Believe! It was not just musical but magical too as it made us even doing some Egyptian moves as well...

Soon, Mr Chnadranath Banerjee - The Service Head of Berger Express Painting - took the dice and explained briefly the Journey of Berger Paints founded in Year 1960…since years.

Then he introduced us the new concept of painting called “Berger Express Painting “

What is Berger Xpress Painting?
Click Here ...Express Painting!!

In one sentence, it’s the one point solution to all “Home Painting Inhibitions” that often people face while thinking to go for painting their Homes.
Berger Express Painting is a Revolutionize Concept of Home Painting with its Unique Customized Quality Service embedded with Technology and Skilled Painting Professionals. For example…few months back I had renovated my newly brought home. After the revamp work was done, we faced lots of trouble while going for painting.

Even after paying hefty sum on best brand of painting available in the market, we couldn’t be totally satisfied because of unskilled and untrained labor. Had we known about Berger Express Painting service, we would have a Faster, Cleaner and safer painting Experience because they provide “Home Painting Services”   with ultra modern machines and well trained Professionals. Guess…It’s ECONOMICAL also because everything is available within the same cost!! Isn’t it Fantastic!! Of Course Yes...

After refreshment we had most fun activity. To Paint Our Imagination With Berger Paint. MR, Chandranath Banerjee, The Service Head Of #BergeXp demonstrated how to mix primer and shades to get the desired color. What next…we were all with a Canvas, shades, palettes to Paint Our Imagination. Hey…did I tell you Our Team Name Was “Paint Your Imagination”??

Once bloggers given a free hand to sketch their imagination with colours and brushes…what u expect? Awesome paintings as Out Come na….Here they are….he he he.

Wait Cherry on the Top….Our Painting Was adjudged BEST…Yepeeee!!!

Last, it was wrap up time. How can one not admire the Goodies as Return gift….see, aren’t they just LOVELY!!!


It was a wonderful experience. The Lip-smacking food at Vivanta By Taj Presidency, the fabulous ambiance and the Boisterous Bloggers with their roaring excitements….Truly a magical experience altogether!!!  Thank You Indiblogger and Berger Paints India for making our day a wondeeeeeerfuuuul one ! :) :)

For Goodle Page Click  +Berger Paints India
Image Sources, My Camera, Indiblogger, Berger Paints India
For More Picture Click on #Indiblogger, Berger Paints India

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PhotoBlog: Chasing Moon at the crack of dawn


 Chasing Moon at the crack of dawn
The Day after Full-moon day
A feeling that escapes
Any Definition
Any Description
Any Explanation
Any Expression
It’s like visiting the Heave
All Alone
With those
Feelings of your own
Serene & Divine!!!  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Unconditional Blessing, Makes Life Less Frictional!!


Look at this flower and its smile,
It was sent to me from by my Teacher

From His Mobile
My Teacher Bala Sir (Bhagirathi Bal)
Standing on the terrace,

Might have thought
Looking at these beauties in the flower pot
To take the photos and send them to some
As a mark of his love, wishes and blessings
When I think...that he remembered me that moment

I was also The One among the List!!
I felt so amazing!!

Truly a feeling Devine!!

To be in his "Blessing list "as one

Made my Life truly blessed & blissful one!!!

In Life, Blessings work as lubricants making it less frictional...I feel.
I am one of those fortunate who is blessed unconditionally by my elders, teachers and people I met in the course of my life.

Gratitude Sir...
For being so unconditional and loving towards us. You are one of those teachers who students cherish throughout their live!!
A Dedicated post To My Scholl Tearch Bala Sir ...Bhagirathi Bala

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Love Yourself First!!

Love Yourself First!!
I looked at the Mirror,
I found a girl with innocent roar
With Dreams of happiness and Cheer
It Me and My Life
What is?
Most important…
And most imperative thing
In The World
A Happy ME only can make the world happy around
It’s the profound Truth!!  

You can Read some steps to love yourself….Source...Click Here
Stop caring about how you look. Yes, we live in a society obsessed with beauty. ...
Let go. If we're to redefine the love in our lives, we must first attempt to reconcile previous experiences of heartache. ...
Win yourself over. ...
Don't compare yourself. ...
Build strong friendships. ...
Get healthy. ...
Travel alone. ...
Know what you deserve

Picture Source - Google!!

#ExtraOrdinaryTale Of Ordinary People!!

That day I was in hurry to return home. Just then an auto stopped by (Sharing one) looking for boarding passengers. I dashed into it. Next moment I was surprised to find the driver of my gender i.e. a woman. I was delighted not because I wasn’t aware of the women auto drivers but it was my first encounter with one. It was ever more amusing seeing because her daughter was sitting beside her. As the auto sped off I had a brief chat with her and her daughter.  

She is Reshma and she drives auto for her livelihood. Her daughter is proud of her and dreams to be an IAS officer. She is a happy mother and happy women. Her daughter a pre-teenage girl was visibly happy but was bit shy to talk to me. She nodded her head to say Yes/No to my queries and just smiled…That’s it!! On the way two more passengers boarded it (one of them being a woman) and were amused to see the whole ambiance. My stop came just in 15 minutes.
I can’t say…how delightful and inspiring those 15 minutes were.
This is called  #Extraordinary tale of #Ordinary people. #Inspirational