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Motherhood is really a divine bliss. It’s God’s own way of making heaven on earth for the blessed ones. And I’m one of those blessed ones, as I'm blessed with a cool dude Son Aaditya to experience the paradise on earth as a voucher of celestial blessing. I swear!!

TODAY IS 14th APRIL THE B-DAY OF MY SON and The Letter of the Day is M for #BlogchatterA2Z
Is it a co-incidence or God’s own Way of doing things? Of course it JUST About My MOTHERHOOD!!!
I didn't give him any name of Lord Krishna because I was afraid If He Would Leave me when He would grow up Like Lord krishna Left His mother Yashoda. I named Him Aaditya(Sun) so that I can always see him as the first thing in the morning of my life forever 
Motherhood invariably is one of the most beautiful journeys of life.
He is the Blessing of all my prayers. He came to my life with a surprise. As I reminiscent….it was a day of Janmastami (birth day of Lord Krishna) and I had attended a puja at a friend’s place in Malad. That time I was just married for three months and had recently shifted to Mumbai. I had joined a consultancy firm at Andheri few weeks ago. Like any other small town girl, I was finding it hard to cope-up with the atmosphere of a Metro Cityy along with the changes in my life in personal front after marriage.
During Puja an old Aunty asked me to swing the Jhhula where Ladoo Gopal (Baby Krishna) was being kept adorned with flowers,  as a ritual. As I was newly married so she also held the string with me and prayed the God…let the Girl have her own Shri Krishna…next time. I was so much embarrassed, turned red in fact, as all other ladies laughed at it looking at me and adding some more things like that.
However the Next week following a severe nausea - I felt it might have caused due to fasting on Janmasttami and let me tell it here, the journey to my workplace  in the Mumbai Locals were quite like nightmares for me and they really had a telling effect on my body – I stopped going to office for few days. However after even a week it only got worst and I had to visit a doctor. She confirmed my pregnancy. That’s how Aaditya (Pupun…as I call him) entered my life.
With the first stage of motherhood, little did know that I had entered into the eternal and everlasting spring of my life. Every day became more wonderful than the previous day.

I had severe nausea till he was born. But I must admit…I learnt the best lesson of my life that “Best treasure/pleasure of life comes through the worst pain” with his arrival on earth.
I am not writing here the treasure of my life “Being an Expecting Mother” as I have already written about it.
After he was born, the work load, the baby issues, the sleepless nights and stressful days were never been so wonderful before. Everyday there was a new treasure to be unfolded. From his turning sides to respond with glances to my gestures, from his first sounds to his first crawl, first step to walk to first time hearing “Ma” from his mouth…I can’t say how delightful the feelings were.

His first day at Play School…I don’t know how much I had cursed the person who had started this schooling tradition at all. He wasn’t leaving my hand and I was supposed to take him to home when my husband stopped me and left him with the teacher and forcefully drag me out of his sight. I cried and I cried a lot…cursing the whole world that’s cruelly wants a mother to be separated from her piece of heart.

Every time he falls sick…the world would become a hell for me.
With every titter of his laugh…the world would become heaven for me…

His breaking of dishes, scattering of toys, tearing out the papers, his random and awkward questions and out of box answers and watching his favorite TV shows…everything is so lovely memoirs to live with.

He was barely three years then...
One day He watched our wedding video and photographs and asked me…Mama…where was I? Didn’t you take me to your marriage?
Another day,
looking at his new dress I said, “Wow! It’s so beautiful, I want it”
You know what he said
“Mama, when you would become small…I would give it you.”
And You Know what he said...
Aap jab Chhoti ban Jaogi, Mein aap ko mera wala dress de dunga!!!  

At the schools we were the SPECIAL parents who were often summoned by the teacher every weekend to hear her complain that he never sits in his seat and roams around the class. In fact, we have been habituated by now, a call from teacher means, we must be ready to hear complains about him.
One day I asked what was his proble and he said class and teachers are so boring.
The list would go on and on.
Seriously, if you ask a mother to write about her journey with her Child/children, I feel the entire universe would be insufficient to accommodate her words.

Motherhood is really a divine bliss. It’s God’s own way of making heaven on earth for the blessed ones. And I’m one of those who were blessed with Aaditya to experience the paradise on earth as a token of celestial blessing.

And Today, He Turned 14. Already so many “Just-into-teen” talks accumulated in the diary of my life!!!
 To My Dil Ka Tukdda are the choicest blessing in my life..From Almighty!! 
Nothing is best other than your presence in our life Beta.
The countless blissful moments with you are my only possession of priceless treasure!!
Mo Dustapua..
Mo Dhana ...God Bless you Always
Happyyywalaaaa Bday To You!!!

This is my Post for DAY – 13 For the Alphabet M  In #ATozChallenge by #Blogchatter #BlogchatterA2Z 


  1. Such a heartwarming post! Beautiful pictures.
    Happy Birthday to Aaditya :)

  2. Happy birthday to Aaditya! And a glorious motherhood to you!

  3. माँ का बहुत ही सुहाना सफर वर्णित किया है आपने। बच्चे की छोटी छोटी सुहानी बाते वाव्व बहुत सुंदर।