Thursday, March 30, 2017

Saga Of City Of Dreams

In The City Of Dreams
At Times...It Seems
A Dream is built
With foundations of Hopes and Optimism
Destroyed…A Dreamer
With Shattered Aspirations

In The City Of Dreams
It Often Seems…
Both Dawn and Dusk
At Both Horizons
At East And West
Invisibly They Meet
At Every moment
As The Sky Becomes
A Silent Spectator and Witness…

While A Dream is built…Somewhere Shattered a Dreamer at the Same Time

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Essence of Life of A Woman!!

#ItsMeAndMyLife:The Essence Of Living Life Of a Woman!!

Sometime It Makes Me Think...

It’s Just About Me and My Life

It’s about

My Choices That Often I make

My Reasons That often Drags Me back

My Excuses That Often I Give out

My Passions That Often I Love

My Fantasies That Often I Treasure

My Realities That Often I suffer

My Glorious Moments That Always I Cherish
My Delights That Often makes me Crazy and Wild

My Ugly feelings That Often I Veil

My Faults That Often Makes Me Fall

My Pain That Often Breaks Me inside
My Hopes That Makes Me Rise From Within 
My Dreams That Gives Me the sight of a new Sky
Where I Can Fly

And the list goes on...

Looking at the Setting Sun

Watching At Its dazzling beams

I feel as if it’s my Own Soul is at The Horizon

Reflecting an Aura of fulfillment and Satisfaction

After a daylong illumination

I lived my Day To the fullest

For the purpose of my creation

And there is an Echo I hear…

That all my tomorrows are going to be full of
Cheers and Laughter

Yes…It’s Just about Me And My Life

The Essence of Living

The Life Of A Women

It’s Me and My Life…. And The Echo Goes on



Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Green leaves, Yellow Flowers!!!

Green leaves, Yellow Flowers

Somewhere trees adorned with

Emerald foliage, Colorful flora and vibrant  

That’s how spring entered into our lives

It reminds me...

Same trees had once

In autumn, had lost their leaves

Gone through insufferable ache

Life involves Seasons
Happiness and Pain
No matter what happened in past

Always there awaits a blooming season
For us…It’s Life and its Process


Monday, March 13, 2017

#HolikaDahan:If Something We Need To Burn

If something we need to Burn
Lets Burn ourselves & the impurities within
Unnecessary Ego and Anger
Insecurities, Negative feelings & Fear
Then we will evolve from Fire
To be painted with
Colors of Purity, Positivity and Cheers


Friday, March 10, 2017

#CelebratingMomentforMyBlog: Chemotherapy could not poison

Hello Friends

As I am celebrating the moments of having crossed 1lakh hits/views on my blog, here is another guest post from a young and enthusiast engineer…Gayathri
A Story - rarest of its own kind - of an unadulterated Love…read
A #CelebratingMomentforMyBlog

Chemotherapy could not poison

Gayathri witnesses a love that stands unaltered by the passage of time, disease and death

The sparse hairs - meager remnants of ravaging chemotherapy - were brushed back neatly from her forehead. The lines of pain on her face were smoothed over with Yardley’s lilac face powder. The dull eyes showed up brighter against the kohl outlines extended outwards from the corners, in an approximation of the ‘fish-shape’ eye makeup so popular years ago. The thick gold mangalsutra weighed down the weak neck. A red scarf was wound around her face, camouflaging the papery skin stretched over the sunken cheeks. Wafts of perfume masked the ripe smell of disease permeating from her skin.
The bindi on her forehead was a scarlet dot between the thin eyebrows. Raj slowly underlined it with a small white dash of ‘udi’ – sacred ash – carefully brought back from the temple, with the hope of infusing the power of prayers into a fast ebbing life. Then he gazed at her for a long minute. “You are beautiful, you know”, he said, gently. And Kala’s face flashed into a satisfied smile.
This happened over twenty years ago. Kala died a couple of days after, slipping into a coma brought on by the metastasis of cancer. Raj died four years later, of what was suspected to be a heart attack, but in reality was probably a broken heart. And this scene has long since been forgotten, expect by the fifteen year-old who happened to witness it.
It didn’t impress me much then – older romances never do, when seen through younger eyes. Back then, it just seemed cheesy and embarrassing.
Now, however, I can see the beauty and pathos behind this little byplay. My grandfather did not say those words because he was sorry for my grandmother, or because he wanted to make her feel better…he truly did feel she was beautiful.  I realize now, that there was no trace of sorrow, pity or commiseration in his statement – it was simply unadulterated love.
Now, I am old enough to realize that a love that can see beauty in a face emaciated by sickness…a love that stands unaltered by the passage of time, disease and death, must have been the rarest and strongest kind of love, indeed.

This post was written by Gayathri and was first published on

To read the above story and similar heart touching stories of many sides of couple-hood, relationship…check click on the link.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

#ColgateMagicalStories: Jack and Jill Explored the Space

I always have a feeling that “Creativity” isn’t at all a fitting word for my darling son. He is intelligent, bright but bit more naughty than his peers. He is crazy about gadgets; love to explore the new apps in the virtual world and like any boisterous pre-teenager a die-hard fan of Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson. An avid reader and a fanatical fan of “Geronimo Stilton” he has recently developed interest towards Rick Riordan’s Books. As a classic Salman Khan fan, he would love stunts more in a movie than the story or the idea.


However I had observed that he had a special liking towards science fiction action films like Transformer(obviously). Also he loves everything about space and extra-terrestrial things. He often fantasies being one of his way of Being The savior - The Hero. Sometime he would feel like The G-One in the Sharukh Starrer Ra-One movie and sometime He would imagine himself as one among the Avengers (mostly Tony Stark-The Iron Man). One of his most cherished dreams is to become a Power Ranger in SPD (Space Patrol Delta) - A Red Ranger in particular -  more for riding those ultra electronic vehicles and weapons than fighting with Grum or any intra galaxial war...though.

Nevertheless it’s a fact that He has his versions of rescuing the world from aliens, whether it’s Transformer, Star Wars or Avengers…

That actually gave me a feeling that he would surely love the weaving of a story activity with #ColgateMagicalStories .
Indeed! I was Right!!  

In fact Little did I know that he had a wonderful imagination of knitting stories and exploring the Space? When I had registered for the #colgatemagicalstories I had an idea to make him bit creative. But I was taken aback by his ingenious story telling strength….

Here is the Story With #ColgateMagicalStories Activity From my #GeniousFromMischivousMind Pre-teen cool dude….

Jack And Jill Explored The Space!!

Jack and Jill, were seating idle

In a lazy and sluggish afternoon

Jack had an impulsive thought

Of exploring space and the Universe

And Stars and galaxies of Cosmos

Jill was bemused too

At the thought of Jack

They did a Hi-five with delight

Then Immediately

They asked for a Gadget

From their most Lovable friend Doremon

To travel to NASA

And asked them to help them

Exploring Space


The Scientists at NASA were indeed

In search of Young Scientists like Jack and Jill

Soon They helped them wear Space Suits

And sit inside the Rocket to go to space

And It soon crossed the “Escape Velocity”

To leave the Earth
The Space was indeed wonderful

That left awestruck, Jack and Jill

Stars, planets and galaxies

Nebula, Asteroids and many things

Soon they saw an approaching Space Shuttle

Having an extra-terrestrial being at the its wheel


Jack and Jill, Ready with their Guns

Asked the Aliens

To behave right or else it will be a gone case

The creature from outer space

Stopped and raised its hands

And said in an unfamiliar voice


Dear Jack, Dear Jill

Why are you all so afraid of us?

We live here, with out any fear

As we believe in co-existence

Of every species, in this Universe

We believe in Love

We Believe in Knowledge share

Its U humans,

Who always have that first impulse

Of Fight and War

Your Minds have Demonized Us
Not What Actually We are...

Let’s be friends and not foe

And I will help u to explore
The mysterious and magical world
Of the Space and Universe
The alien became a friend, and help jack and Jill

To explore the every nook and corner of the space

They bid it Good-Bye, and Returned to the Earth

And gave the message to the NASA

That Law of Universes is LOVE and PEACE

And not WAR!!!

Isn’t it great!! Now My Cool Dude has a dream to make a Hollywood film on this Story!!

Seems, Two People need to be think about their existence

Steven Spielberg  and scientists at NASA…Ha ha ha

Jack and Jill, Explored The Space, Met an Alien and Brought Earth, a message of Love and Peace!!
“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate."