Tuesday, April 24, 2018

U For Up Above the Sky.

My friend asked me why you don’t close the curtains in night...
Because, I love to wake-up with the kiss of that golden light 
A morning click from my bed...says Ashu, My Little Brother,a passionate Photographer. Its His Click

Up Above The Sky...
Up above the sky  a crescent moon was only peeing down on me
Nothing was in sight & the horizon had gone for a goodnight snooze
Out of my window, as I had looked at the world
Except for the neon lights, everything was black

Next Morning....
 Outside my window the morning called me,         
'Come, dance with me, happy and be totally free.'   
(And) Up above the sky golden rays fall on me
Waking me up to a world of splendour & beauty
Chirps of the birds filled the morning wind
Got I up from a dreamy sleep with a yawning.   
 As I go out with a delightful heart,       
And welcomes me trees, flowers and birds
And the horizon winked at me, fresh and bright
As if it had a deep & sound good night sleep
In the sunlight shining are drops of dew,      
 & at once I remember your grandeur, almighty U.
Dedicated to U (Almighty). 

This is my Post for DAY – 21 For the Alphabet  In #AToZChallenge by #Blogchatter #BlogchatterA2Z  

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