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P for Paradise Lost & Regained: A MYSTICAL FANTASY

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 P for Paradise Lost & Regained: A Book Which is NOT JUST a Book
“Paradise Lost & Regained” is a mystical fiction written by Author Ratnadip Acharya is NOT JUST a Book. Why???…Read on!!!

I often wish, in India had we have our own animation studios like “DreamWorks Animation” that produced the world class  movie like Kung Fu Panda and the series,  we would have our own world class computer-animated movies to outdo the popularity and fame of all. Isn’t it? Haven’t Indians blessed with an extra-ordinary imaginative and creative power?
While reading the book “Paradise Lost & Regained” I was actually mulling over this. It was really a celebration to read such a profound, mature, inspiring story after ages. Even after the reading was over, the story was still rolling over my mind resonating like trance music stuck into my head. It often happens with me after watching a wonderful bollywood movie. But after reading a Book and experience the similar feelings, surely was a new thing to me.   A wonderful book I would say…
Wait!! Wait!!
Don’t misread me as a typical Book Reviewer! Before you assume me one, let me clear it that I am not.  Normally I don’t review BOOKS or MOVIES. But, since I believe in sincerity, at times I feel, some books are quite compelling to write on them.  They often make the reader have a compelling urge to share her/his reading experience so that others should have the opportunity to read and explore them.  Paradise Lost & Regained Written by Author Ratnadip Acharya is one such book for sure.
Ratnadip Acharya 
Paradise Lost & Regained: A Review
Author: Ratnadip Acharya
Genre: Mystical Fantasy (Fiction)
Pages: 252

 Well, to be honest, even though I acclaim myself to be an avid reader, yet I can’t read “ANYYYYY’ book. You got it…right! I mean, I am a very selective reader at the same time. The story/book needs to be absorbing me incessantly; else I can’t hold myself too long to it as my mind gets easily fatigued. However with “Paradise Lost & Regained written by "Mr.RatnadipAcharya”, my reading experience was quite different. That day, delightedly happy, being armed with a promising book, at least the book cover – the cerulean Star lit Sky having a full moon and a bird spreading its wings seemingly trying to approaching it and an immaculate sketch of a deer staring at you mysteriously as if asking “do you want to read my story?” – assuring enough so, I was all set to step into that world of mystery. 
But as I flipped the pages one after another, much to my dismay, initially I couldn’t connect with the story and felt like throwing it into the bucket of “Half-Read Books” #Honest. Often Original stories, unlike their familiar counterparts fail miserably to hold enthuse of a reader…I guess. Thank God, I read the next chapter before giving it up. And believe me, after that, with each word I was magically engrossed with a numinous flow splendidly lost in a fantasy land.
The Story:
Sincerely, author Ratnadip Acharya deserves a heartily applause for his audacious endeavour not only to conceive a UNIQUE storyline for this book but also interlacing it in a captivating premises, the surreal and serene habitat for living creatures other than humans. With an EGALITARIAN Female DEER as the Protagonist, it was intriguing to drool through the forests, its laws, the emotions like love, hate, fear, togetherness and unity of its inhabitants, the danger involved in their lives, the fears and challenges they face.
Never before, I have ever identified myself to a NON-HUMAN central character of a novel. Seriously!! It was not only exploring the forest through the eyes of a Deer (I must say here that the author have a very deep connection with nature) who dares to question the factors that obstruct its freedom “Both, thought and Life”, bold and curious enough to find the answers to its queries, no matter where it lands itself, somewhere unknowingly I felt like “I am the Deer” struck into a “human jungle” struggling for My Freedom, My liberation….  

If you will ask me “What I liked about The Book” the list will be a long one…because every alternate line of this book is a “QUOTABLE QUOTE”. However the Unpredictability of the story, Subtle lessons with Simple observations and finding answers to some of my never asked questions (We almost all have a bunch of them), what I liked most about this Book. Each place and character is well placed, plotted, fine tuned and detailed. The characters are though non-humans but have human attributes with many layers. You cry with them, hate them to the char, chuckle with them, respect them...You see them as if they are specially enacting for you. Moreover, it has inimitable descriptions of “forests, the way it is” which was another thing I liked most.

The inscription is lucid, luscious and poetic at times with a well paced consistency which is another attribute that defines Author’s hold over language and story-telling ability.
Another thing that fascinated me was, the small observations like “in one paragraph the author has described the-falling-of rain-drops-on-a-lamp-post-making-a-beautiful-pattern or water-falling-from-a-open-tap-sliding-into-pattern that often goes un-noticed”. They’re quite revealing the deep sense of connectivity of author with his surroundings.  It also fine-tuned my own connectivity.

If I’m asked to reflect on the other side of the book especially the FLOP-SIDE, I would say without any fuss, of course its “Originality and Uniqueness” of the idea. However, not every time a good book hits the Bookshelves. If it catches your eye in a book shop, it would be worth investing time and money on it. I assure you, Not only you’ll have a pleasure of sliding into a magical world but also you will have a mystical encounter with your own soul through the words of the author.
Not all writers these days come up with such an in-depth mystical fictions which have a fair chance to be proved as a misadventure. Such authors, I must say, have indomitable guts to take on such endeavours while baring the easy way to fame as a “Best Selling Author” writing “saleable stuffs” instead.   
At last I would say like I have said it at the beginning…. I wish      
I wish the book is turned into a computer-animated movie. I swear, it would surpass the popularity of many animated movies; “Kung Fu Panda series” being the first J Paradise Lost & Regained is not just a Book but “Melody Of Life” in black and white!!

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Ratnadip Acharya is an Engineer By Profession and writer by passion. His stories have been published in many prestigious anthologies Like “Have A Safe Journey” by Union Ministry of Transport   and Mahindra apart from Chicken Soup for India Series. His articles have been regularly published on TOI Speaking Tree. Paradise Lost & Regained is his second Novel.

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