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#LaudryGoesOddEven: Let’s eliminate the outdated tags and Prejudices!

At my home, to be honest, we don’t have tags, “like its Women’s job” or “its man’s look out” so far as household chores are concerned unlike in our respective families where we grew up. My father used to share some of the household chores especially in holidays like that of cooking or cleaning (that to because he was passionate about them) but I don’t remember him cleaning clothes ever. So also my brothers whom I had never seen cleaning their clothes. That was what my mother used to do when the maid was absent. Similarly in my Hubby’s place, my father-in-law used clean his clothes (as he has an army background) but he had never shared any other household chores.
However with my hubby things are bit different as he had learnt to help his mother in household chores when he was in his teens especially as she wasn’t keeping well.
In fact when I was married and shifted to Mumbai, I was surprised when he asked me “not to wash his clothes”. Yah…truly I was surprised as I had never seen my brothers or father doing them.  Every weakened he would take all clothes of the week and clean them, dry them. Further he would iron them by himself. It was a habit as he was staying as a bachelor since few years before his marriage. To be honest, he was much better in cooking and cleaning as well than me. I will not say that he was sharing those works with me because “we were doing them together”. So from the very beginning I learnt that he never believes in “tags especially gender based” for household chores.
Things changed. Responsibility increased.  Work at home became greater than before. We went for maids to do some of such household chores like cleaning, washing clothes or dish-washing…etc.

Now also we have maids to do such works for us. But Problem arises when they stay on leave. I stay at home while my hubby goes for work. But still if the maid doesn’t turn up for a day or two, we don’t have any fuss. He does whatever possible in his availability of time and I do what I can do. Moreover if I’m busy in something, I don’t have to ask my hubby to take over the chore as he does them automatically. That’s an unspoken understanding between us.
You don’t believe, Once while watching movie “Aamdani Athani, Khracha Rupaya” in TV, in a particular scene where Govinda as character of “House Husband” was getting ridiculed by the other Characters like Johni Liver, Chandrachud Singh…etc,  my toddler son suddenly said…they are Gande Uncles (Bad Uncles).
Because somewhere in his sub-conscious mind - I guess - it must have been imprinted that “Dada washing clothes isn’t weird”. Isn’t what exactly we want to remove for the coming generation? Its laundry or any other household chores,
 Should we get divided by the responsibility while we are united by the marriage?
Ariel Matic challenge was an opportunity to tell the world what makes a home beautiful. Guys, my hubby is actually touring for his professional compulsion since three weeks (which was scheduled for one week actually). So I wasn’t sure with whom I should take the challenge with..

But fortunately that day our maid didn’t turn up. I was about to load the clothes in the washing machine when my “Just into teens” boy excitedly said…Mamma, shall I do it for today, I bet I can do it better than Dada”. I said yes and asked him to use Ariel Matic…because
First, it was a boon as he would be busy for a while doing something good thereby less headache for me to keep his energy level in control (Yah…holidays are on…You Know)
Second, now days he wants to do everything what his dada does with a competitive spirit. (May be that’s the way boys grow up with).
He didn’t want me to help him out in anything. I was bit worried because may be some clothes would be remained with “stubborn stains” which his little hands won’t be able to remove.
But he put the clothes into the machine, properly set it. Then watched his TV show. When it was over, he came by himself and took them to hang them to dry. Surprisingly Ariel Matic had done all the other works that was worried for. The clothes felt nice and smell good. There was no “ziddi daag” especially my sporty boy’s mitti wala T-shirt.
If washing machines can be created to reduce human effort, why not washing powders to minimize those extra efforts thereby eliminates the Gender biased label in Laundry…?
Frankly saying, I have a reservation when some advertisements of the washing powders or soap especially when they glorify “Mummy ki hath ki Safaai” because Laundry is no more the job of a particular gender in homes so also other household chores…especially when both partners work outside…isn’t it?

Glad that Ariel India took a different campaign which is the need of the present time…

Let my Hubby return from his tour...i will upload some more pictures....

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Monday, May 9, 2016

My #YummyMummy Story: The Incredible and Magical journey of being an expecting mother

It was a day in last week of August in Mumbai. It was raining cats and dogs most of the time. I was working in a Recruitment Consultancy firm. In the afternoon suddenly I started severe nausea and giddiness. My colleagues were worried given to the fact I had joined there few weeks before and I was having difficulty in travelling in Mumbai Local trains. One of them offered herself to help me drop at my place – I was staying at Malad those days - seeing my bad condition.

It was just after few months of my marriage. I had recently shifted to Mumbai. I had a severe hyper acidity problem also since my academic days. So I felt it could be a problem due to hectic schedule of my newly joined job along with the travelling in local trains – which I was never used to – that might have lead to such severe queasiness.

The next day was also horrible. I took a off. Then there was few holidays including Janmastami – The Birthday of Lord! Sri Krishna! Though enough rest made me bit stable but I was not getting over my nausea. I used to vomit every now and then. Suddenly I started a strong sensation towards some particular smells like that of Dal (pulses) and frying of onions etc as well. I didn’t feel like eating anything. However I could handle it that way for a week or so while travelling being the toughest thing to be managed. I was done with all my usual medicines which didn’t work at all.Seriously! To be honest I was clueless about what was happening with me. 

12th September 2003, 8 p.m.

Finally we went to visit a Doctor (a medicine specialist). Looking at me while checking my pulse…he said to my hubby, “You should visit a gynecologist, she seems to be pregnant”

Pregnancy!! I couldn’t believe that. Never thought of it in wildest imagination!! was already late. So no point of looking for an appointment of a gynecologist. But Curiously we bought a pregnancy kit to check it before we visit a doctor and waited for the next day.

13th September 2003, 5 a.m. 

I was standing before the mirror looking at the bewilder glances of “an expecting mother” holding the kit in which there were two prominent pink lines confirming “positive” for the test as per the instruction written in the leaflet of the kit.

The whole day went by thinking so many things as I was alone at home while my husband gone for his job. In the evening the gynecologist confirmed the fact and the incredible journey began…

A thought of life bubbling inside you is really an amazing feeling in itself. I was already in a different world. My surrounding had changed also. it seemed as if i was dragged into a different reality overnight. Suddenly I was showered with blessings from all corners and of course with a long list of “dos n don’ts”.  I had stopped going to work as per the strict instructions of the Madhura mam….my doctor. But colleagues and friends kept visiting me.

Every day there was a new treasure to be unfolded so also a new difficulty. I was already a hyper acidic. It got aggravated with every passing days and my nausea was difficult to be managed. In addition to that also I had developed a strong “smell sensitiveness” that often was the reason of nausea.Quite difficult times. Finally i was treated with steroid to control it.  Also I wasn’t able to eat many things that was necessary for an expecting mother.

However I was fond of certain things. My hubby never mined to rush for my sudden wish of eating ice-creams or a Bada pav. Moreover my neighborhood Bhaiyas and Bhabis were so much caring for me that sometime they would do the same for me while my hubby would be in office. Because of my smell sensitivity, I wasn’t able to cook those days. And I remember how all around me do that for me including my hubby who had to do all the cooking those days. Every day, friends or a neighbor or so would come up with a dish for me…aww!! How lovely those days were!
some would turn up to in the absence of hubby and some would brought me different things to substitute the nutrition requirement of my body. 
I don't know when did I start talking to it and never felt alone even if nobody was around me. Already an unconditional relation was established. Certain things happen automatically...i guess. 

When I went to my hometown for the final two months…by then I had already been a queen there. Every day there was something new for me. Baby shower was something which a mother never forgets in her life.

If there were days of sudden cramps, anxiety, pain and frequent mood swings then there was also abundant moments of marvelous feelings. The first kick, the first movement or the first sights of the baby bump...I used to be so excited for every change in me. I remember how excited i was when i felt...i had a baby bump which was bit late - in 7+ month - and looked at it again n again in the mirror...sounds stupid...but its true!  

13th April 2004, 10 a.m.
Following a mild cramp and a colorless discharge I was admitted to a a maternity hospital at my home town. Nothing happened till the morning of the next day. 

14th April 2004 4.37 p.m.
And The MOMENT arrived
After going through a unbearable pain for at least 8-9 hours and that to when I was done with it and my family were about to opt for a caesarian section, He arrived on the earth.

As I hold him in my hands…let me tell you nothing was more beautiful than him. Pure, serene and blissful!! A magical feeling went through me and all the pain I had gone through vanished in a moment. Incredible!

It was really an eternal journey…a journey that a mother trails with her child inside her womb. And the blissful moments are just countless…

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Mom, I promise you, My First Call of the day will be Always for You!

Mom, I promise you, My First Call of the day will be Always for You!

Few Months back World renowned Author the Chetan Bhagat had written a Face Book post on “Calling Your Parents every day”.

I can really connect with this. My mother often stays alone at her own house. She goes to my brother’s place to stay for a while but never like to stay there long as she finds maximum solace at her own home. I really don’t understand why, but I have seen parents staying there own place more happily even if there are minimum resources available with them there than staying with their children with abundance of availability of resources. That’s a truth!! Well…But often my mother misses out the conversations with her kids, grand kids etc. Even if technology has made us to stay connected for every moment, I think we still feel we are busy.

But I have always made it a point to call her once a day, as I stay maximum distance away from her. If any day I fail to do so for anything…I get calls from her as she feels there might be something wrong with me. My other siblings don’t call her too often but the day they call up…I can hear the elated voices of my mother unfolding the happiness in her. Sometime I feel as if she eagerly waits for my call every day….

At a point…Parents are happy just hearing our voices #Fact. That makes them feel...They are remembered and not ignored. We should talk to them daily. Nowadays…I have made it a point to make my first call of the day to Her…

happy Mother's day To All

Mom, I promise you,
My First Call of the day
Will be Always for You!

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#MyInternTheory: A First Internship Story Of A Fashion Designer!!

Hello Friends,

Honestly I never had done any internship in life so far. So I wasn’t that excited about this activity. But as I talked to my Fashion designer niece about it…she said “How don’t you ask me to share my experience?”

Well…that’s great idea!!!

She mailed me about it. Guess what I completely fall flat.  It’s really interesting to read story. Now I feel what I have missed in life. An internship exp. Well... Let it be.

Meet my My Darling fashion Designer niece Jyotsna (Nick name Mitali).  She stays at Cuttack (Odisha). She has shared her Internship story. It’s really fascinating. Read on…


 Am Jyotshna , a fashion designer. Here am sharing my internship experience which I did in 2010 (0ct-dec) at Bangalore Central. That was my first internship I did during my graduation time in Fashion Designing.

Before last Semester exam I had to do my one month internship tranning programme and submit it to my university. It was my first experience so I was all EXCITED!!! In my hangout routines I and my friends started talking about what field to choose and where to go for a better learning experience. Few of my class mates, well’ of course close buddies and I started discussing the internship topic to have a proper plan. I was new to Bangalore as I had gone there first time to do my graduation in Fashion Designing from Bangalore University. So neither I had any idea about apparel industries, nor about big malls or any buying houses to apply for my internship for a high class experience. Luckily I had very close local friend (you know how important it is to be a Kannad in Karnataka!!!) of mine had few indirect references in big malls and few well known apparel industries.

In my academical career I always had given major priorities to my internship sessions because I believe this is your “end output” of your best learning opportunity you get from your college and universities by giving your best input. Also it teaches us “the art of utilizing any single opportunity to use it as a golden opportunity for what you pay them your money and time”. MY field is very vast and very very challenging but can be majorly divided in three basic categories as explained below.

At the beginning we all stood stumped as we really couldn’t choose which field to select as per our comfort and ability to excel in that field. It was actually difficult for me as I had a wish to choose designing but due to no reference, I had to change my comfort zone.  So I was very depressed.

My Friend Kala was watching me.  She knew me very well that i was very serious and particular about all these practical and projects. So, she came and said “Jyotsna if you don’t mind will you join me? So that we both can do our internship in Bangalore Central” together. I was blank for couple of seconds and then asked her tell me about the "mall" first.  Then she explained me that Bangalore Central - owned by Future Group - was one of the very prestigious malls in Bangalore. I was relaxed and said “Yes” because finally  at least I got a "brand mall" to do my internship. Also I felt learning is important more than that utilizing the current opportunity is most important. So I said a big YES!!! And set my mind completely to use that particular opportunity as that was my only option at that point of time.

Next I went and discussed with my project guide and talked with my friend Kala who had offered me to join with her.  Then we started planning for it.

Now next challenge was what topic to choose.

This is very important as your all hard work depends on justifying your topic at the end in your project report. So I started picking best project reports from my college library and went to different colleges (including NIFT Bangalore) to get some inspiration before giving my final project topic to my project guide.


Guys, you just don’t believe how that experience had actually helped me a lot to grab many good company job offers in my campuses and really “raised my standard” as a designer  and my CV value.

Finally it was the day of interview and we got ready to attain it. We were given time by the HR Head to be present in their back office at sharp 9 a.m.  Me, my friend Kala and one of our class mate Chaitra, we three had gone for the interview.

I was called first and I was very cool in front of him even though it was my very first interview with such an expert persona. He was HR head of that mall and he took our interview directly. I entered and he offered me to seat, I conveyed thanks and sat. Then got ready for really unexpected questions which used to be out of box in my field.
He asked me “how you are Jyotsna?”

 I said am good sir. How are you??

By seeing my comfy smile, he asked, you looking very cool!!

I quickly responded it’s all because of you Sir as you are very soft spoken that’s positivism from you making my surrounding very comfortable for what now am bit self confident..

He was impressed!!!!!!!!!
Then he bounced his tricky questions.

After many question and answer sessions finally he winded with a simple yet the trickiest question of that interview. He asked if I would select you only and rest of your two friends will be rejected then what will you do? Will you grab this offer to get a high class training experience or you will choose to be with your friends and try in some other mall or industry to be united with your friends?

Hmm…really! Really a trap!!

I answered  “Sir I will never lose this offer if am getting selected and Yes at the same time after I get confirmation letter from you I will request you to accept their applications too. Else I will help them and I will be with them till they get a golden opportunity like me…

He smiled and clearly said a Yes!

The mall was consisting of total of 520 brands out of that 324 were pantaloons brands and rest 196 was other international brands.

My mentor Head in VM training was Mrs. Lavanya Ma’am.  She was young but was a very talented woman who was VM head in entire zones of Bangalore at that time. I learnt a lot under her guidance about visual merchandising, styling techniques, retail marketing, marketing strategies, dealing with customers, create new strategies to make highest sales target and many more.

Note- A message to all youngsters. I won’t say that to learn something you need to spend hours and hour’s time in front of book. Try always learning from your practical exams or experiments and specially do not waist your timings in the name shake of internship. Believe me if you want to become something then you have to utilize each small or big opportunity in a right way at the right time. Be a bit responsible and bit adoptive then see where you will go. Definitely you are going to create a new and unique bench mark in your coming success.

My bench mark styling techniques 

I met the owner of FUTURE GROUP. Who is none other than Mr.Kishore Biyani @kishore_biyani. And I was lucky enough that I could serve my innovations in front of him and could impress him and my small contribution added value to his quality of marketing and during my training period he reached maximum sales target. I met with many NRI customers many foreigners...It was a marvelous journey when a girl from an “upper middle class” family give advice and suggestion to “high class fashionable peoples” and shows them different styling techniques and etiquette so that they can understand it in new innovative ways.

During My internship period pantaloons was under future group with its own admin later on it owned by Aditya Birla. Group

Like me make your every experience as meaningful!!!!!!!!!Never worried if you’re loosing something at that point of time when you expect something you like.  May be something great is waiting for you so have patience...Later during my MBA time I had two projects one was mini and another was final project. I completed my wish and for mini project I did my project on merchandising and for final project I did it in designing, that to I did my designing project under H&M brand (worlds number 1 brand in kids wear specially).And my first VM internship gave me a great learning experience with a great awareness about brands and its uniqueness. Now as a designer I can meet the expectations of customers, as well as brand demands effectively because of a good knowledge experience from my internships…

This all about #MyInternshipStory #MyInternTheory

Guys..hope U good reading times (well…if not then I’m not a conventional writer at present… You Know. Still learning to design Words. ha ha ..) 

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