Monday, August 31, 2015

The Divine Bond: Heart “Touching or Sinking??”


While their parents sweat
To have that day’s wage
To feed their stomach
With some rice or maize

Perhaps they even don’t know
The meaning of those terms
Fortune, Misfortune or Dreams
While living life the way it comes

Under the sky as roof
And the earth as floor
Two innocent souls
Are in heartily cheer

With Sun as Diya and Her adore as Tika
She tied that “Rakhi” in her little Bro’s hand
And the world witnessed the sweetest thing
They called it as “The Divine Bond”

I’m bewildered while gazing that reflection
How to illustrate “the moment christened”
Is it a Moment of touching your heart?
Or a blaze that sinks the heart emotively stirring??

Sometime words are not enough to describe the true feelings!!
One of my friends shared the above image from Laughing Color’s time line in Face Book Yesterday. It really touched me so much that I fell short of words.

Some time the lives around me make me amazed!! I mean in the above picture just see the “The reality of innocence Love”!!

I’m mesmerized!!

At the same time I’m also imagining the “life inside the flats in the distanced building in the Picture”.
There must be similar scene going on in some households…in that day...isn’t it??

Is there any differences??

Resources, Wealth or Paucity….In Love “Nothing makes a difference...I feel!!!”

Diya* - a small cup-shaped oil lamp made of baked clay.

Tika* - another term for tilak

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Once a little girl was born
In a far fetching unknown land
Surrounded by ghosts of injustice
Distress, prejudices and pain

Deprived of legitimate Rights
Genuine wants and valid needs
In the name of Chauvinism...They said
Girls don’t deserve to fulfill their dreams  

The combating spirit in her
Declared an unknown war
With the world surrounding her
To make her life, free of despair

They said words are mightier than sword
So with a pencil in her little hand
She was in the battle field of her life
Fighting with “evils” as many as she can

The evils were mightier than she thought
Proving her words wrong and meaningless
Leaving her with a “broken Pencil” times
Making her every attempt “pointless”

They could always break the pencil
But they could never stop her hand
She would again sharpen it up
And get the “Lead” from within

They say "It’s the FIGHT that matters"
Not the results; “Victory Or Loss”
She followed her heart to fight for her Rights
And she became “a warrior Princess”

They call her “an activist writer”
Who can dare to make a change?
With her words, to strike the stubborn minds
To alter their thoughts and make them amend!!!

In the Process She Learnt...

A whistle has The Decibels
To break Your Eardrum
Tyranny is that, it can’t
Blow itself Of  its own,

Someone needed to blow it up
A fighter and A writer – I Feel
To make everybody hear its sound
As much loud as possible

The sound of suffering, whisper of pain
Roars of devil to inflict fear in your vein
One needs to fight even in times one is broken
As Even a “broken pencil” has the “lead” within

Someone brazenly shook me,
I suddenly woke up
My laptop was on the table
And I was inside a Coffee Shop

And A broken pencil was in my hand
Maybe the “writer” in me was dreaming
As I got out of the Coffee Shop
I heard a little girl was asking
 For “Strawberry Ice-cream”

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Once…An Engineer dies and goes to hell. Soon he gets dissatisfied with the place and starts making improvements. After a while they get air conditions, TV...all the comfortable things in hell and he becomes pretty popular in the hell.

One day God Called up Satan and asked “So how is it going down there in the hell?” 
Satan replied, “Great, we now got AC, TV …etc. and there is no telling what this engineer will come up with next”

God was surprised… “You’ve got an engineer? That’s a mistake…he should have never been there: Send him up here.”

NO way! I like having an engineer in the hell, I’m keeping him” Satan giggled and said firmly.
Send him here”…said God little hard.
Satan cackled and said, “I’m not.  Just do whatever YOU want.
God remained silent…!!

Satan loved this! Why not take some more good people to hell…he thought! And then he tried to play some tricks with a saint and some other good people as well and took them into hell…… (The story is not complete yet….)

Often in real life we see good people living life of a hell. They struggle hard, often have to prove their goodness, find difficulty to retain their value driven life. Whether in a work place or between nears and dears or in society, the most struggling people are none but those who can’t deduct certain values from their moral code.  Even if they are often super ceded by people who are little smart and know the art of manipulating values.

 The only weakness of these people is they can’t afford their existence at the cost of their morality and ethical living standard. For morally conscious people it is just not possible to give up the morals and compromise on their principles.

So in short I can say being a good and honest as a person and doing good work for the others is always attractive to the Satan. It (read Satan) makes every effort to make life a HELL.

Though their weakness is their “moral code” they have a great strength as well. Their resolve to carry those values that never let them stop doing good works. Whatever surrounding life gives them; they consistently improve their surrounding and always work for betterment of society. May be Suffering teaches them and they learn to accept it.

Now, The remaining part of the story….

After few days someone rang the door bell of God’s abode. God opened the door and he was surprised. It was Satan with all his baggage standing there. His face was not happy.

God asked “What happened?”

“I need some other place for me”...Said Satan in a low tone
Why…asked God

THE HELL IS NO MORE A HELL NOW….the people I had taken last time destroyed my hell. The Saint enlightened people. The woman I had taken taught everybody family value, the teacher taught everybody honesty and other moral codes of life…The Engineer you know and some others…really they are quite stubborn people. I really wonder why are they not leaving their values...??

It’s really suffocating now. So I can’t stay there. It’s really difficult to have such good things around me. I think it was really a mistake to take such GOOD people into hell”

God smiled and said “OK…we’ll find some other place for you. Now manage yourself any how”
Then I asked God… why didn’t you help those good people when they were under the clutch of Satan?
God smiled and said, “Initially I thought to get them out of Satan’s clutch.  But later I had a different idea. Why not eliminate SATAN from their life? Why not make that place a paradise wherever they live?
I knew -in fact I was sure - their work will certainly show the door to Satan from their life and you saw the result”

That means Satan learnt the lesson and will never attack any other good people…Am I right!! I asked eagerly

“No no… He will do it again. After all he is Satan…and aadat se majboor….Old habits die hard you know!!”
Then God smiled mysteriously.

Hell or Heaven is not exactly two different places. The Place where Satan stays is a hell. And it is our choice whether we want to keep Satan or not in our life.

Morality and ethical way of living may be tough to practice but in the long run it makes life a paradise….Isn’t it???

Sunday, August 23, 2015

She was Euphoric as “a writer’s wildest Dream came true”!!!

Trim Trim Trim…She got a Phone call
Her publisher was saying her
Within few months… they sold it all!!!
The first Edition of the "Book" written by her

Edition after edition...copies after copies
Quickly it became a bestseller
People around the world read it
As it Hit the Book stalls…world’s every corner

She received a mail, in her inbox.. One Fine Day
An admiration letter "Lauding her book and writing"
It was From her Favorite writer…“Prativa Roy”
That made her day as an author and happily she was dancing

Among those personalities, she was sitting that day!!
Who she had seen them only in her dreams
And Chetan Bhagat…offering her strawberry ice - cream!!

As the winner of that year's “Booker’s Prize
When her name was announced
Delighted to the core she was...
As her dream came true to win that award

Soon it turned out to be a practice
Awards, admiration, Felicitations and all
Life was on cloud’s nine….I guess!!
As no dreams left in her “Dream box”...At all

One fine day …While on her way
On a sweltering heat Mid May Day
Her Car was waiting for a while
As the signal was red… ahead

With “HER BOOK “in his hand,
Suddenly a man knocked her pane,
A street book seller…I guess he was
And he wanted to say her something

Curious she was and thrilled by seeing her book
She opened up the window to hear his words
Little did she know that destiny was waiting for her?
To reveal her “The best surprise of the world”
She was in tears after hearing the sweating man
She thanked the almighty as much as she can
For…A writer’s wildest dream (had just) come true
As the Man said her,
 “I dream, my daughter to be a writer like “You”

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Image Source : Click Here

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Friday, August 21, 2015


I'm Vlogging for "Theme 3 – Kids dancing to the music" for Colgate #MaxFreshMove activity Phase - 3. Please read the story of a mother discovering the dance talent of her son!!! 

“Papa, Can I learn Odissi…the dance teacher is coming to Lisa didi’s house only” asked a little girl to her father decades ago in a small township.
“In our families, Girls don’t dance” her father replied. And the girl never leant dancing. Even if she learnt few steps by her own, she could never gather courage to do that before anybody. She still feels too conscious that makes her legs frozen!!
After many years, she was really surprised when her friends asked her “where do you send your son to learn dancing?”
Dance and my son…unbelievable!!We had no idea about that. The above little girl (it’s me) was mesmerized when she discovers her son’s dancing talents.

Honestly, it was during a society function few years back, I learnt that my son Aaditya could dance.  Till then, you know, he had only taken part in the dance activities for school functions!! We can’t say that is dancing….right!!
That day…In society function I was busy with some other responsibilities when my friend called me and asked me to watch Aaditya dancing. Well…I knew that children were preparing for a dance. But it wasn’t the same one that they were preparing for.

Actually my friend’s son was supposed to perform a welcome dance on “Deba Shree Ganesha...” song which he had learnt in his dance class. But at last moment he became fussy (kids and their tantrums…you know) and said he wouldn’t dance alone in the stage. Aaditya being his best friend offered himself (by his own and I had no idea about that) that he would dance along with him.
 Just an hour before, Aaditya had learnt some steps of “Deba Shree Ganesha…” song shown by his friend. That’s how he was on the stage….!!

I was stunned!! Not because whatever dance he was performing on stage but the kind of “Confidence he had” that moved me. Whether he knew the steps or not, but whatever he felt like…he danced!!
Later on I saw him shaking his legs whenever he used to hear songs. I knew he was a bit music lover but dance…!!!

Well that became his practice. If he loves a song and its dance steps he would try to learn it by his own.

You must be thinking, “Did we send him to a dance class???”
No. Not exactly. As a child Aaditya has always been a difficult one since his childhood. Not because he was mischievous or naughty (yes. He is really high scorer on that) but because of his health issues. He has chronic health problems, highly allergic and frequently falls ill. With these health issues, even managing schools has been a tuff task for us let alone any other activities.

So many times his school’s dance teacher even has asked us to send him for dance training.  Because in school also, any dance program, he becomes the main performer.
But we know, if dance is his real passion then he has to outperform his health issues. Hopefully he would do so with the passage of time. However till now as parents, his health has always come before us than his passion.

Being a jovial, fun loving and active (in fact hyper active) kid, he has been a pet to everybody. Any activity, function or parties, he would be ready for shaking his legs and doing those careless body moves. He doesn’t care if his moves are right or wrong. They look good or not. Sometime I feel as if he dances for himself only….he enjoys them a lot.
They say na…dance like nobody is watching you. I think Aaditya has born with this attitude!! That’s all about his dancing story

Last few days he was again not well. He was having 104/105 fever due to serious infections. His temperature used to be kept under control by taking paracetamol while various tests were going on to diagnose his problem
AAditya dancing to the  Taazgi ka Dhamaka tune

But during that time once I had switched on the tune “Taazgi ka dhamaaka”, he couldn’t stop himself and he was ready with his moves.I was saying him not to strain himself and take rest but he said “This tune is really so nice Mamma, iss mein dance karunga to Jaldi thik ho jaunga “(if I will dance to this tune, I’ll be alright soon)” really very refreshing tune!! Just like Cooling Crystals in Colgate Max Fresh give instant Tazagi that makes me fresh to go to school in the morning, This dance Dance tune gives energy to the body" 
This what he felt about the song!!!

While he was not well…I was saying him, “Babun…You don’t look good like this. Mamma likes the one who literally breaks furniture with his dance moves, “power ranger moves” and “WWE fights moves” …not the one who is down and inactive”

As he became alright after making his parents dance to his tune for two weeks literally running from one doctor to another, he said “Mamma…Now The real Aaditya is back”.

Real Aaditya Dancing to the tune of Taazgi ka Dhamaka song

 In every person there lives a dancer and a singer. Some may express it very well while some may not….!! But one doesn’t need to be a dancer to dance or a singer to sing…right!! this thing I learnt From my son.
 I learnt that: 
Gana aye yah Na aye, Gana gana chahiya!!
Dance aye yah Na aye, Dance karna chahiye!!! 

The Real Additya in Colgate #MaxFreshMove

 “I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.”

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mother India Smiled, Free from All Worries

Mother India thought to have a night out
In the eve of Independence Day,
To see the preparations of her children
To celebrate her Birth Day!

Somewhere Lights, somewhere Banners
Some were busy with Holiday Planners
Some were partying, dancing and enjoying
While some were relaxed…looking for a late rising

Is it just a public holiday…she thought?
What about those…. who fought
For her liberty till their last breathe?
With exchange of blood… Freedom they brought?

Disheartened was she as nobody remembered
The sacrifices of those devoted characters
Neither anybody seems listened to her heart
That was filled with so many woes and lesions.

On her return she saw a little hut
Distanced from the city and sparsely lit
A small child in its mother’s lap
Asking its mother “what’s Independence day Maa??”

Her mother then tells that day’s bed time stories
The tale of Freedom fighters and past glories
About those unspoken heroes...Who at the moment
Were wide awake so that we can have a dreamy night

The tiny sleepy eyes suddenly twinkled
Filled with a resolution with an extra sparkle
The little lips then said “heavy words”
I will live for my Nation…you don’t worry Maa

Her eyes were brightened as her sorrows gone
Somewhere in the land a little hero again has born
To wipe out her worries and to make her smile
For her safety and welfare…to walk that extra mile…!!!

Delighted heart kindled with hope for future’s glories
Mother India Smiled, Free from All Worries

When a mother smiles, an entire nation smiles with her. Such a simple reflection of thought. But when we think about it, it rings so true... the lovely words and a reassuring hug from the child wipes out millions of despair and worry. It is hard to say who is making whom smile, because in the smile of the child lies the mother's smile.

Nothing can be more renovating to see the positive aura and assurance of future in the twinkling eyes of the child...As a mother the thought resonates in me!!!

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Saturday, August 15, 2015


Freedom…is really so uplifting
Leaving with so enthralling
But nothing in the world
Is Without a Price Tag
Freedom needs a fee
For Freedom is never free!!
Nor Can It EVER BE!!

It was brought to us
As sacrifices being the cost
Shedding of bloods,
Wounds, scars on the mortal bodies
And the last breaths of those
Unspoken heroes
Who lay themselves before the destiny...
Only to proclaim that we are Free
Freedom is never free

Devils never stopped to enslave us
Neither now and nor it will ever stop
To enchain all us...For
Devil is quite consistent in its venture
With its gifted many forms and norms
To limit our lives to live in our own terms
Freedom from devil requires a cost!
Freedom is Never Free!!
Nor can It ever Be!!!

Our Heroes peeling themselves 
With sleepless nights and days wide awake
Serving themselves into the mouths of evil
Awaiting destiny of death with each moment
For making us to feel “FREE”
Freedom is indeed never free!!!
Freedom is indeed never free!!!

We need constant price to pay
For freedom to preserve and Freedom to enjoy
Freedom from Devils and evils needs a price
A price that may more to pay than we wish
For if we try to make or get freedom
For Free of Cost…. we forget
True freedom is never free
For Freedom is never free!!!!

“Our Flag doesn’t fly because the wind moves it,
It flies with “last breath” of each soldier who died protecting it!!!!”

Let’s Think, for our Country, act for our society and live with our Families with a sense
Of Responsibility and Accountability...a small price as a common citizen we must pay for our Nation!!

This is the most beautiful song...I never fail to listen to this in every Independence day!!!