Monday, June 25, 2018

Past Can't Be Deleted But Can Be Diluted

Life... Is full of memories, Good and Bad!! 
Often we treasure good ones
We brood-over the bad ones.
We must understand,
Past cannot be "Deleted" ever
it can be "Diluted", However,

With good things, Good Memories of today!
Let’s not focus on Bad things happened to us...
Let’s look at Good things around instead!!   

- Tina Acharya

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Leader – A Fiction of a Non-Fiction Tale

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The Leader – A Fiction of a Non-Fiction Tale

Disclaimer – Let me clear it in the beginning that I am not a typical book reviewer. In fact I’m a choosy reader too even though I claim myself an avid reader. For me a book is fantastic if is able to hold my spirit till end as I easily get bored and fatigued otherwise.

“The Leader By N.S. RAVI Sir is indeed a wonderful book, Trust me I finished it in one breathe.”

The Leader By N.S.RAVI

It is said that never judge a book from its cover. But it doesn’t hold true in case of the book THE LEADER. Seriously, the cover itself had a very positive impact on me and enticed me to skim through the pages inside ASAP. Moreover my niece Jyotsna who is staying at our place these days - who is typically a non-reader -  also liked the cover and now interested to scan through the pages too.

The Story

While reading the first few pages, the book reminded me Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwaya Roy Starter Movie GURU. The entire story of The Leader revolves around the time line of the infamously famous event Textile Strike of 1982’in Bombay”. This iniquitous event had caused the city Bombay - with a population of fifty million - practically lost a whole industry as more than 70 factories were closed forever, 250 thousand families lost their livelihood and 2 percent of the entire population was affected by it.

Clearly, it’s an event that would naturally create an inquisitiveness that deserved a detail exploration.  However it’s really challenging to craft a fiction on a non-fiction tale. But being a hardcore Textile Professional most of his life N.S.Ravi Sir has written it with Precision and Lucidity while holding enthuse of the reader through his beautiful language skill. Having the setting of Bombay in 80s, the story has been well crafted, the plot has been well spread and characters are well developed. The entire theme has been well researched with minute precision in terms of happenings and information. The best thing about the book is even if it’s a fiction but Author Ravi sir has depicted the human emotions, anger, sadness, love, indifference, hatred, manipulations, success, failure etc with utmost realistic and sensible way.  
Nuranis Ravi
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 Even if the genre might not be appealing to many but it’s worth picking up this book because gliding through pages would appear like as if the author himself is narrating the story sitting before. Amazingly gripping and involving, beautiful storytelling and excellent language and words skill, The Leader is definitely one of my best read book. I loved it  immensely.  
I could not find any flop side of the book. This book is a great piece in itself. 
I am glad that I received an author signed copy of the same. :)   

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Monday, June 11, 2018


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Recently, while passing-by the road at Inorbit square Vashi, my attentions were caught by the laud giggles of these kids.  As I turned around to see, I saw these kids were laughing at each other’s talk while carrying books on their shoulders or heads for selling.  Though the inner I didn't like these hard realities of children being burdened with heavy bags on their shoulders – whether they are school going kids having weighty school bags or kids who sell stuffs carrying on their back at the roar sides, but I couldn't prevent the smile that flickered on my face looking at the carefree laughter of innocence. It seemed their bare feet and loaded shoulders with heavy bags – of fight for survival of course - have made them well learnt to carry the responsibility of their own life. 
Truly LIFE is the best institution as well as best teacher.  The frame may be pensive but the buzzer of their laughter was truly delighting. Isn’t it??

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Crazy Creepers

Crazy Creepers

The craziness of creepers often fascinates me.
They are soft and tender,
Not even able to stand erect of their own.
But no obstacles, weakness ever stop them to grow....
No matter in what direction.
The beauty in their crawling is also so captivating...
I love creepers for their Craziness.
Shouldn’t we exhibit such kind of wildness sometimes…??
I Wonder….