Saturday, March 31, 2018

My Theme For #AToZChallenge: MISHMASH- A Little of Everything

My Theme For #AToZChallenge: MISHMASH- A Little of Everything!


Hi All…

Well…since the day I had stepped into this world of blogging, not a day passed by when I haven’t found something new in it. Now I found #AToZChallenge very interesting and alluring. So I couldn’t resist the temptation and have decided to plunge in it, even if I know that my April Schedules are quite tight as they were in the previous few months. I was advised by Suchita @ @talesOfsuchita  to have a THEME for it though its not necessary. Well, I must say here she is the girl who made me understand what this #AtoZChallenge is all about….. A BIGGG TIGHT HUG to her.
Well, it wasn’t possible for me to find an ORDERED THEME in such a short time. So I have decided to keep it RANDOM….as I have an interests and observation on different things in Life. So My THEME is
MISHMASH: A little Of Everything!!

Nevertheless I love Randomness as it provides a scope to toss the mind and find the essence in varied existence, animated or inanimate things and of everything!! Randomness often appears the MOST BEAUTIFUL thing to me. I have for all time been maneuvered by the idea of how truly arbitrary our lives actually are. Apparently trivial events can elicit effects, rippling through our lives, effects becoming causes, leading to profound and intense changes and transformation.
Wikipedia says
“Randomness is the lack of pattern or predictability in events.  A random sequence of events, symbols or steps has no order and does not follow an intelligible pattern or combination.Individual random events are by definition unpredictable, but in many cases the frequency of different outcomes over a large number of events (or "trials") is predictable.” 
Statisticians view it differently. There is a magnificence or magic to randomness that disengage our understanding and perception of the world. Without randomness, we would know a lot less than we do now.Seriously!! The principle of randomness is at the heart of statistics, and therefore vital to our understanding of the society and economy in which we live. It underpins much of our knowledge. Randomness hence has a beauty to it.

We now live in such a dense world of random chance, in a molecular and chaotic gas whose ‘improbabilities’ are amazing only to the individual human atoms. I read it somewhere. #RandomReading 
Well…there could be a thesis on RANDOMNESS. Let’s stop it here. I urge you all…have a small glance to my posts on this #AtoZChallenge activity by @blogchatter It will be a treat and motivating for me…Yah!!
Have A Great Day Ahead!!!!

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