Wednesday, April 25, 2018

V For Velgi-A Photo Story

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V For Velgi-A Photo Story
“Velgi” she replied to my question “what’s your name?”Sounds weird...right!!  Well... She is a very interesting woman.  She is the “Sugar cane juice seller” at a narrow lane in sector 11 Vashi.  I met her a month back.  She stays at Koperkhairne and comes to Vashi every morning to sell Sugar cane juices.  What touched me about her was, she is very cleanliness conscious.  Every now and then she cleans the set up of the Juice maker.  The best thing about her was she wears the sweetest smile of the world. I met her the first time and was fascinated by her contagious smile.  I am sure she must be adding the sweetness of her smile into sugarcane juice that makes it sweetest. I learnt she could not speak Hindi though she understands a bit.  But then what...her smile speaks the best language to anybody.
Well... There was nothing extra-ordinary about her or her life.  However, she cast a magic spell on me...the way she lives her life.  Positivity... About life is something rare these days and you may find it at most surprising places... It dawned on me.  
If you happen to this Area of Vashi, ever...never forget to have the Sweetest Sugarcane Juice!!!

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