Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gift Yourself The Gift Of Good Health!!!

Gift Yourself The Gift Of Good Health!!!
Google For a moment
 “What is the Best Gift You Can Give to Yourself?”
I Swear It Might or Might Not Say
That You Gift Yourself...The Gift of Good Health
Our body is the only Place we have
Where we will live in till our last Breath
Take Care of it before anything ruins it
To keep it fit, healthy and in good shape
Life itself is never a problem
It’s the Lifestyle we lead brings
Health issues and ailments
Leaving us sad, measurable and depressing things
Avoid bad habits that works as dynamite
Like drugs, smoke, and alcohol
Shun sugar, packaged and junk food
That as cyanide kills every cell.
We are here on earth for a reason
Let’s have that will and vision
Perform Yoga in all seasons
To infuse the cells with oxygen
Adopt good habits that work as bullet
To punish the viruses that makes us sick
To combat and build a wall of defense
For our body keeping it ill-proof and well
Be thoughtful; be reasonable 
Be calm and cool 
Never fright or shout like a bamboozle
And Treat your body as a precious tool.
If you want To Really Gift Yourself
Give it now, The Gift of Good Health!!!

This is my Post for DAY – 7
 For the Alphabet G In #ATozChallenge by #Blogchatter #BlogchatterA2Z 

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