Monday, April 2, 2018

B for Badass, Bold but Beautiful!!

Basked beneath the diadem of buoyancy
Bearing the beam of Boldness & Bravado
Boasting her charm giving a damn care to the world
She braves the baking heat or biting cold

Unafraid of pinching emotions
That at times may make her weak
Every day she challenges the world
Breaking the boundary as a habit

No, she isn’t the one who you may
Like to paint her in a stereotype way
Giving the fine strokes to her symmetric contours
And spreading the colours on her tenderness

She doesn’t afraid to be rudely ridiculed
And don’t  dare to call her a bitch 
Once you see her carrying her true self
Trust me, you just can’t resist
To Say……She is Badass, bold and yet she is Beautiful!!!

This is my Second day Post for #AToZChallenge By @blogchatter  #blogchatterAToZ

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