Tuesday, April 17, 2018

O FOR Often I Think Shouldn’t we learn Life Lessons from Them?

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Often I Think Shouldn’t we learn Life Lessons from Them?
It was a cloudy day when I decided to go down to the mini seashore at Vashi to capture a few frames of Mother Nature.  While I was trying to capture the movements of a butterfly, the sound of someone humming caught my attention. I turned around to spot this woman in a polka-dotted saree walking cheerily with a bundle on her head and a song, a happy song on her lips. I looked at her having a smile on my face. When I approached her and asked her what song was she singing and what made her singing so, I got to know that the woman had gone to the seashore to collect crabs, and as she had managed to collect quite a few, she was happy and therefore singing a happy song.  I came away too impressed by her elegance, grace and most of all, her attitude to life. I swear had modelling been about Life and Lifestyle, She would have been a showstopper for me.
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Life is living in the moment…
Probably we try to learn it
But They live that way…..

Often I Wonder...Shouldn't We Learn Life Lessons From Them ??

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