Thursday, April 19, 2018

Q FOR QUEST: The Search Of A Wanderlust

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The Picture is of my Little Bro Gem Ashutosh Sar…a wanderlust in nature. This post is dedicated to him. 

Queue of Questions often wink in my mind
At times as if I am searching answers for something
I couldn't really find out what is it…so far
That often makes me ceaselessly hunt for
I know what matters to me most
My family and its happiness of course
My laughter is the result of their well-being
My tears roll out when they are in pain
I define myself strong and believable
My aspirations are adventurous & bold
I love the world and my existence in it
I dream and dare to chase till I get it
Nothing is really there which I don’t have
Still I feel a presence of an inner void
Sometimes that makes me often lost in thoughts
As if I am chasing an unknown but eternal QUEST……..

This is my Post for DAY – 17 For the Alphabet Q In #AToZChallenge by #Blogchatter #BlogchatterA2Z 


  1. Thank you Nani for it. Love it 😊

  2. Could relate so much to this poem, Tina. Enjoyed reading it :)
    Even my poem today is about questions that life bedecks our path with.

    1. I think...everybody is having that inner void.... Thank you so muchh Purba. :) Will read your poem right away.