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The siren rang in the SPD (Space Patrol Delta) centre. It’s a sign of danger. Power Rangers rushed to the Lab – The command center.

Commander Doggie Cruger looked grim.

Rangers, be seated. There is something serious. We need to discuss... Said Kat - the alien lab head.

Kat, what’s the matter? Why commander Cruger looked upset? Asked Jack - The Red  Ranger.

I think he might have developed some lice. You know my bulldog had something similar and he also looked depressed, Said Bridge – The Green Ranger.

Shut up Bridge...Shouted Z – The yellow ranger. Is it time for making fun? Can’t you see Doggie Cruger looking really serious?

Commander Cruger, is Grum back with some more destructive Energy?? Asked Sky – The Blue Ranger – with a bit concerned voice.

Oh!! Not again…said Syd – The pink ranger.  Do Grum even take some rest? We just fought with him and his Krybots two days back. Is he back again?

The five SPD Power Rangers were really worried. Grum (Real Name Emperor Gruumm) – the enemy of the Galaxy – has a sinister ambition to rule the Universe. It has already captured many Galaxies and made the lives of their inhabitants quite miserable. It has captured almost all parts of the Our Galaxy except Planet Earth. Commander Doggie Cruger has been stopping him to be in power on Earth.Grum had already defeated him In another Galaxy. So Commander Cruger has been very careful while preparing his team of SPD power rangers.  At SPD – Space Patrol Delta – Command Center, Power Rangers are trained to fight with Grum and his Army of KryRobots.

Doggie Crugger - Rangers…A new Force has awakened in The Galaxy….He finally said in his grave and commanding tone. We have called you all to introduce it to you.

Gosh!! Thank God, No “Grum”…said Syd.

New force? You mean new Enemy in the Galaxy other than Grum?
Sky was really anxious.

Kat Manx- No Rangers. Nothing sort of that.  It’s something for you. You already have your morphers and jerts. This times something more for you. We want you to be equipped with power of Dark with Star War Techniques.

Jack – The Red Ranger - Power of Dark …didn’t get you Kat

Kat – Jack it’s something quite new. Let me tell you.

Syd – Hey Kat, Are you talking about “HP Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook?”  My Dad was telling me about it. He wants to give it to me. You Know, My dad is very rich and he wants me to have everything under the Sky. Sorry Sky…I don’t mean it’s YOU

Z – The Yellow Rangers – Syd, will shut up now. We know your dad is rich. But don’t forget that you’re a power ranger
Syd – Okay…carry on.

Commander Cruger – Rangers….we are doing a serious discussion that will help you in future fights to save The Planet Earth. Can’t you realize?

All rangers looked at Syd.

Kat – Syd you are right. Yes, its HP Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook and she switch on the monitor.
WOW!! That’s really wonderful….all Rangers looked at it.

Kat – Rangers, Just see how its Dark side inspired. Strike fear throughout the galaxy with ominous dark side graphics. The Galactic Empire lives on in the battle-worn design of this unique special editionisn’t it great?

BridgeAwesome Kat. Can I explore the HP Command Center...I mean Star War Command Center with it? I want to do some research to create new techniques and apply it in Old robots. 

Kat – Yes Bridge, You can Explore HP Command Center and Star war Command Center. You can also do research on Star Wars. You know what, This Note book comes with pre-loaded rare Star Wars contents of all series created by Lucasfilm artists before the films were made, a collection of storyboards which were actually used to guide filming, and behind-the-scenes photos, set designs, costumes, models, and more..

Sky – Really!! I always wanted to know more about robot techniques in Star Wars. We can apply them in our research lab to create new robots while fighting with Grum.

KatRangers, You have a complete Access to the Empire. You have Thought Starters as well. You can completely Immerse yourself in the iconic Star Wars™ universe. This notebook comes preloaded with rare wallpapers, screen savers, concept art, and original trilogy storyboards from the Star Wars™ archives.

Bridge – Great!! Superb!! I will take wall papers and screen savers print outs and put them in the Walls. It will make me feel like in the midst of Star Wars …you Know.

Jack – Bridge…will you shut up!  But Cat, Is it that only??

Kat – Jack, Bridge is Right. It will make you feel like standing in the midst of Star Wars as @DJSnake and @RudyMancuso reinvent the music of Star Wars in it. Sorry Bridge, not with print outs.

Rangers….it has Full HD antiglare display -  A dazzling view with an extra wide viewing angle, 
Unleash your inner sith with glowing red backlit keys. Type like you is a citizen of Coruscant. Aurebesh, the Galactic Base Standard language, comes loaded in the font library of the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook. Keep going even in dimly lit rooms with an illuminated keyboard,

Reliable processing power - Handle all your everyday tasks easily With Intel® Core TM i5 processor

Can you imagine how your life at SPD training center is going to change?

And it can also unleash a new power in you, in  S.W.A.T mode which will help you not only fighting Grum and his krybots but also any enemy like him or deadlier than him.
Z – You mean something extra – ordinary in us?

Commnder Cruger – Yes Z….you’re right. Rangers, it’s for you all to #AwakenYourForce Ignite you power with your dark side inspired!!

Jack - You mean we are going get one for each one of us?

Commander Cruger – Jack, You’re the Team Leader. Do I need to say more…? You are the saviors of Planet. In future you have to save the Galaxy as well. It’s our duty to equip you with latest technology, expertise and weapons. HP Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook is for you all…to explore the Universe, explore Star Wars….
Jack - Okay Commander!!

Yeeepeeeee….Rangers are elated!!Thank you Commander!!

Cammander Doggie Cruger – Rangers…Go to your rooms! You’ll find your HP Star Wars Note Books in Your Tables!!

Rangers – Thank You Sir!!!

Commander – DISMISS

All the rangers went to their rooms.
Kat – Commander…Thanks a lot for Outsourcing this. I couldn’t have made anything better than this.

Commander – Kat, You are our asset. You're the best Lab head of SPD. Only because of you we are still having control on Grum. Thank you for that. And Yes…for you also DISMISS

Kat – Yes Commander!!!

Crugger – Hmmmm 

This Post is written for HP Star Wars Fun Side Challenge. #AwakenYourForce To see more visit the following link

(Disclaimer - The Story Is Originally Conceived By My Ten year  Son Aaditya)


Image Source - HP Official sites. Some information also taken from the same site.
Source of Power Ranger Images - Google images

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Christmas is a time of joy and celebration and Santa Clause is a Symbol of Happiness and optimism.  There is always an aura of bliss and an ambience of glee prevails in the atmosphere with Christmas and the mention of Santa Clause.
Year 2015 has been a year of Extremes for me. There were some extremely wonderful things happened that neither I had imagined nor I had asked for. Also there were some extremely awful things happened which no one would ever want.
 Well as it’s the time of Christmas and spirit of Santa is in Air...Who I believe definitely spread cheerfulness around, I have my Wish List!!
Here is My Top three Wishes.

My First Wish is

 Since last few months health has been a challenge for me. Sometime it becomes quite difficult to overcome this challenge. It impedes my productivity there by widens the gap between me and my dreams. Definitely Good Health is something what I want immediately.
Also Health has been a measure concern in my family (especially with my son who falls sick too often…no matter what we do), nears and dears and friends. 2015 has been a very bad year from Health point of view. I wish “Good Health” for me, my family and friends.
Now days…it’s hard to believe in “If health is lost…something is lost” because it seems if health is lost many thing is lost as it not only dents in the budget but also it hampers the overall achievement.
So “GOOD HEALTH” surely tops my list.

My second wish is a Bit of

Most of us must have encountered with this picture in any social media and the question in it. I’m the one “who would chose the door of Luck” as I believe, if You Have LUCK then you will be showered with LOVE and MONEY.

I feel no matter how much hard work and preparation you do, you need an opportunity to get desired result. Luck is “hard work, preparation and opportunity…in a perfect sync”. I believe at the end Destiny plays a BIG Role.  I believe in Destiny and I believe in Luck. With hard work everything is achievable but “luck” just greases and makes the effort friction-less. I need LUCK for some of my future Endeavours. I wish a bit of LUCK from Santa J

My Third Wish is

World’s tallest sand Santa Claus sculpted in India(Puri Sea beach, Odisha) By World Famous Odia Sand Artist Sudarshan Patnaik

Pic Source: Click Here
Today, we are living more in a virtual world than in our physical world. It’s really awful to wake up to unrest world filled with violence, mistrust and bloodshed.  It seems humanity has been losing a war with Devils. Everywhere PEACE is missing. Enough is enough.

I wish there should be a "Stop" button to all these hell. I wish PEACE everywhere and every corner of the world! I wish WORLD PEACE!!
Another Excellency By Sand Artist Sudarshan Patnaik.
Pic Source - Click Here

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 
Other images source - Google Images

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Let me start with a message from Pope Paul VII in respect of the festival,
He had once said, "We consider Christmas as the encounter, the great encounter, the historical encounter, the decisive encounter, between God and mankind. He who has faith knows this truly; let him rejoice."

Whenever Christmas comes, a small incident always gets refreshed in my mental screen. It was a Christmas Eve few years back. Every Christmas…let me tell you I always love to visit a Church and light a candle. That day also we were out to visit a Church with our two year old little son. On our return, we decided to have dinner outside and went to a Chinese corner. As we were supposed to enter it, a tantrum caught my ear. I turned back and saw a lady with her two children was there at some distance. Her son (around 5, 6 years) was throwing tantrums while she and her daughter (around 9, 10 years) were trying to pacify him. I thought something might have happened with the child. Curiosity got better of me that made me walk towards them. But before I reach there, they had left in their car. I turned to the watch man who was the witness there, and asked him, what the matter was.

He said, the lady along with her two children  had come to order food from the restaurant and carry them to home. While passing gate,outside, she saw a lady with two children was asking for something. The woman gave that parcel of food to them. That made her son upset and unhappy. That's why he was throwing tantrums. However the woman promised her son that she would visit another restaurant and take food for them too…once again!The child finally stopped crying

I don’t support begging but sometime these things happen.That lady was unknown to me but I could feel what she might have felt that moment. A bit of kindness...sometime you know you feel like making their day (who are needy) nice. Isn't it??

No matter what is going on in our world, there is always a part of us remain good, unaffected by any negativity at any point of time. We are born good, kind, peace loving and happy. Let’s keep it that way…always!!
Let’s have faith on Humanity and Lets Believe in Love!!!

According to Carrie Fisher, Christmas is not necessarily about things, but "it’s about being good to one another, it's about the Christian ethic, it's about kindness". …I agree!!!

Christmas is not a time, not a season but a state of mind
To cherish peace and goodwill
To be plenteous in mercy
It’s the real spirit of Christmas!!

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle All the Way
Let good things rhyme on your way
Let peace resonates in your soul
And prosperity dance and sing
To keep negativity and pessimism away!!

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

FLIPKART’S CHRITMAS GIFT: FLIPKART Li’l STAR – The Biggest Online Kids’ store!!!

FLIPKART’S CHRITMAS GIFT: FLIPKART Li’l STAR – The Biggest Online Kids’ store!!

How many of you will agree with me if I say Flipkart is one of the most sought after e-commerce site with its user friendly  interfaces, variety in choices, discounts or offers and most importantly the great customer services??

Well…I guess many. FlipKarthas really become a household name now. But still it hasn’t stopped itself to come out with new ventures. This time it’s an online store exclusively for kids. Hmm….that’s the sign of a growing venture with innovative ideas. Who knows what else in their cards!! May be an Online Store for Pets or Agrarian Sectors…U never know.
Flipkart is really serious e-commerce brand that always focuses on the needs of changing trends in online shopping in India. This time as a Christmas Gift It has launched its Largest Online Kids store “FlipKart li’l star

I am one of those mothers who always bow down before every demand of their kids. My son “a never satisfied soul” has always something to ask for, no matter whatever he already has.  An eleven year adolescent though he is and though he has developed interest for reading story books (Geronimo Stilton books) these days but toys are still his most favorite things.  One would always find some toy cars or other toy vehicles near his pillow as he never sleeps without saying them GOOD NIGHT. I always wonder when he will come out of the toy world!!!!!
Though I am quite familiar with e-commerce sites and do shopping occasionally but to be honest my cart is actually handled by my son. He does all those searching of the right product and adds them to my cart. To some extent I am bit less enthusiast about shopping on line. But my son…Lord!!  In my cart one would find more toys and kids books than anything useful to me.

When I was informed by a mail from Indiblogger about “#FlipKartKids  indiblogger meet”, with the announcement of  Flipkart ‘s  “Launch of Flipkart Li’l star…India’s Biggest  Online Kids’ Store” , I was really very excited.
There were basically two reasons for my excitements. First….an online store exclusively for kids is really an excellent idea as it would really make online shopping for kids’ simple and hassle free. One place and you get everything as per your need (age wise, choice wise…etc) is really a great idea.

Second…though I am quite a beginner in blogging world and comparatively new to the Indiblogger platform, but my previous experiences with indiblogger is really awesome as I always find  a bit of “homeliness and fairness”  in their activities. So no way I could have missed it.

Blue frog a luxurious pub in Lower Parel, Mumbai was the venue for the ““#FlipKartKids indiblogger meet”. One has to admire the interiors, the cozy pods, the ambiance, the food, the extensive offerings of drinks and the attentive service staffs of this small, stylish, classy and cozy restaurant. It was my first visit to it. Highly appreciated!!!
After a lavish Lunch the event started with an introductory note both from Indiblogger Team and some bloggers followed by  Chhota Bheem - the most loved Indian Cartoon Character - gracing the occasion by its presence making it adorable as it made bloggers reinvent their childhood and taking selfies with it with all those childish etiquette.
The event then proceeded with a session by Kalpana Behara – The Successful Parent Blogger (MyLittle World) – speaking about her blogging story. She was really inspiring as I could (I hope every mother would have connected with her) really connect with her flip-flops of the story.
Kalpana Behera
Then the event was followed by an insightful panel discussion focusing on what parents look for while shopping online for their kids.  The panel involved Experts from kids brands such as Disney, Mattel,Chhota Bheem and Flipkart.

It was really an awesome session loaded with immense insights
On e-commerce and its Changing Trend,
Its success so far -as an established brand
Rishi Vasudev and Panchali from Filpkart team; Seema Chawla from Mattel and Bharath from Chota Bheem team and Disney  
Its resourcefulness – mainly in curetting products with ample of choices and delivering products and living up to the customer’s satisfaction
Its challenges – In terms of Sizes of Clothes and shoes and making swift service delivery
It’s Future Endeavor – Making online shopping simpler and hassle free and curetting products for parents who have “differently able children”.

There was an Ad – Mad game where bloggers were grouped into five teams and were asked to make a skit for advertise for at least 5 to 10 products chosen from “Flipkart Kids’ store”. Though our Team couldn’t outperform others to win prizes but I must say it was an amazing experience.

The Event concluded with the musical notes from none other than Indiblogger’s own Rock band “Blunder in the code”.

We are living in an ever changing world where choices, preferences become outdated fast with new things in sight. As a mother to a demanding child I know how difficult it is to run malls to malls, shop to shop finding things of his choices, keeping pace with his changing needs and picks.  Sometime it’s also a big problem for gifting kids in the family who stay away from us in distance places. To know their choices, online shopping is surely a great idea as the things are displayed in a virtual sky making them chose even if we have a great geographical distance.

With a concept of making an online store exclusively for kids…I think Flipkart again established itself as a BRAND that is much ahead of its peers.

It was really a great Saturday on 19th December spent with mom bloggers seating in cozy pods of a lavish restaurant in heart of Mumbai. It was really delighting to meet again Mayuri, Jhil Mil, and Anu and met Versha (from Sanpada) as a new friend…Read her post here.  

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the collections in Flipkart Li'l Start - The Biggest Online store In India" To gift your children something amazing... this Christmas!!
Wish you All Marry Christmas!!!
Happy Christmas!!  

Monday, December 21, 2015

Let The Bruises bring Out the Hidden Strength in You!!

Let The Bruises bring Out the Hidden Strength in You

The sun had risen with all its charisma that day
The birds had chanted the chirping verses all the way
The dews were sparkling on the blades of grass nearby
The entire meadow was glowing under its morning warmth
And the gentle wind had touched her face with love
As she had looked herself in the Mirror
The eyes were twinkling with dreams and Cheer
The face was glowing with countless hopes
As her heart was dancing with pensive thoughts

The entire day passed as it does everyday
But some ugly moments were waiting on her way
To scratch her heart and wound her soul
The beast in human form was ruthless and foul

As she saw the mirror…she screamed
Where are the cheers and who did steal her dreams?
The eyes were sunken, desiccated and bleak
And her facade was injured, violated and bruised…..

Her world was paused there as she lost her dreams
And the beast was roaming free for some more victims.

It’s the story that often goes true most of the times whenever a “sexual crime” takes place at some part of the world. It’s really tough and difficult to imagine the ordeal of someone who goes through such inhumanity. Inhumanity is such a thing that anybody who is subjected to its any form literally loses all hopes, strengths, cheers and thoughts …which are basic things to be a living person. The “sexual violence” literally kills the victim’s soul as a person and she becomes a “living Dead”…on her way. It seems as if within some “ugly moments” she was robbed of her entire life….

And just imagine,
Will the above girl will confess about her nightmare to her family?
Though in most cases it’s a BIG NO, but let’s assume that she does, then will the family members will brought her case to the law enforcing bodies?
Simple saying…will the “abuse” get reported?
Even if reported…will the law enforcing bodies will handle it delicately given to the sensitiveness of the case?
And what about the family, relatives, friends, nears and dears and above all society? Will they stand besides her giving her strength?

The reality is practically it’s an obvious NO in most cases. In India rape is always a common incident courtesy the strong feudal grip on our society. Children, young women, working women, sometime even strong women chose (mostly) to be “silent” than getting “noisy” about their pain because they know they will be countered with “victim blaming” by our society. There has been a typical stigma attached with rape and other sexual assaults that often discourage girls in particular and families in general to report the cases across the country. Unfortunately most of the “sexual violence cases” often goes unreported. The reason is simple. Society has a very weird kind of spectacle to view such crimes…

We claim we are progressing day by day.
Our life has become full of all those jazzy gadgets all the way.
The technology has made our life simple and smart.
But have we come out of a medieval mindset?

It’s because of this hypocrite’s attitude of society, security and safety of the children and women are always a big question mark.  Their respect and dignity has always a challenge to face.
But it’s high time we must understand that it’s the SILENCE of victims that actually empowers the culprits to make VIOLENCE against us.  It’s very important to bring out these “beasts in human clones” to the broad day light. A criminal can’t be put behind the bars or punished severely unless his crime is reported.
So I feel…whatever the consequences the victim of “sexual abuses” should speak up….For the following reasons.

No.1 Reporting is a Responsibility and not a human option

A survivor has always a natural responsibility to save others being fall as prey to the perpetrator. Most of the times it been observed that the criminal who has been caught, it’s been found that he has been doing those crimes much before which were never reported. Had his first crime would have been reported, many could have been saved being falling into his trap. So it’s not human to remain silent when you should speak about it. If you’re a victim of “sexual violence” and you’re not reporting then actually you’re committing a bigger crime because you are boosting the confidence and conviction of the perpetrator to go for more heinous crimes.

No.2 Let “Not Reporting” brings shame to the Victim and her family rather than “Reporting”!!!

We know the word “shame” often stops the victim and her family to speak about the “sexual crimes” happened with them.  People think that its “embarrassing” and “disgraceful” if the girl goes public about the crime happened with her or the family will get “dishonor” if they report about the crime happened with their kids.

It’s very important to change this notion.   

It’s very important to Change this Notion in the society. Because actually it is “not reporting” which is disgraceful and shameful. The victim has done nothing wrong which can justify a “terrible sexual abuse”. It’s the outrageous feudal mindsets that justify the crime by “victim blaming” which needs a severe jerk to amend these minds.  

“Serious Reporting” will bring change in the society and amendment to these mindsets thereby will bring Honor to the Victim and the family. Just imagine “A family is looked down upon” as they didn’t report about the sexual crime by a culprit…sounds impossible…right!! But believe me it’s the sure future of our society if we speak up. So speak up….

No.3 Reporting stops Repeated Crimes

A crime should be reported the moment it occurs. It should be nipped in the bud. Else with every repetition, he becomes a habitual offender taking the shape of a monster every time it commits a crime that makes lives hell of many innocents.  Once again let me confirm you….Victims SILENCE is the real power culprit’s VIOLENCE.

I admit that after the horrific incident of Nirbhaya Gang Rape – The Incident that had shaken the nation as it happened in 2013 – certain things have surely changed since then. Now law has been very stringent recommended by Justice Verma Committee that has empowered some woman to report the sexual assaults, which is good news. Reporting and registering of complaints has been increased and there has been much openness noticed among women so far as sexual assault cases are concerned. There has been a notable strong media reporting on sexual assault cases whether it is mainstream TV or front page of print media unlike earlier days post Nirbhaya episode as well. 

But still we have a long way to go…remember a perpetrator heavily drunk still roaming in search of a prey knowing that women these days are bound to work long and get late to homes…High Time Speak Up to get him behind Bars. Certainly not an easy task but not IMPOSSIBLE also.
Let me Quote a verse from the Urdu poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz:

Faiz Ahmed Faiz:

Bol ke lab azaad hain tere
Bol Zabaan ab tak teri hain
Bol yeh sutwan jism hai tera
Bol ke jaan ab tak teri hai
Bol ke sach zinda hai ab tak ….

Speak: your lips are free
Speak: your tongue is still yours
Speak: this lissome body is yours
Speak: this life is yours
Speak: so that the truth can prevail ….

Its High time #KnowYourRights and #SpeakUp …let those Bruises Bring Out The Hidden strength in you to Bring a Change in the Society.

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”