Sunday, June 16, 2019


Isn’t it an amazing thing that in a country where it is common to shun women from social life when they are menstruating, a state like Odisha stands out??
Odisha has always been century ahead in terms of being progressive when it comes to its unique culture and festival. Raja an Odia festival that celebrates the menstruating cycle of mother earth....
Manoj Jena, a Social activist said,
“Everyone who thinks women are impure during their periods should see how Odisha celebrates Raja. Those who believe the menstrual blood to be impure should know that the same kept a life on for nine months inside the mother’s womb.”

Raja Parba, a three-day long festival in Odisha, is a celebration of menstruation and womanhood.
The first day is called Pahili Raja, second being Raja Shankrant 
(Mithuna Shankranti) and third day is called Bhu Daaha  or Baasi Raja. In these three days, no agricultural activity like ploughing or sowing seeds is done as it is believed that Mother Earth goes through the process of rejuvenation.  On the fourth day Mother Earth is given a ceremonial bath which is called as Vasumati Snana. Till the fourth day women in the families are given freedom from daily household core, like cooking, cutting and chopping.
It’s a wonderful festival celebrated in Odisha where women are given rest from their every day work. Instead they play games, swings and have fun. New clothes and delicacies are the best part of the celebration.
Doli, Pitha, Pana  and Raja Mauja that includes games,  new clothes and happiness with unique ritualistic observations….are the exclusive specialty of this festival. And the best part is men take over the household work for these                                             three days and also celebrate it full spirit.
It’s a festival beyond usual temple rituals…unique in its own way. It’s just about Celebration of the value and respect for womanhood. 

Once which started as a tribal practice, this festival has become a mainstream festival in all parts of Odisha. With time, even though this festival has undergone a lot of changes, it still revolves around respecting and celebrating womanhood. The essence is intact as it is…..

Today is the Baasi raja….Third Day....A delayed Post Though. 
Let's Celebrate it with all our spirits... 
Happyyy Raja To All