Sunday, August 30, 2015


Once a little girl was born
In a far fetching unknown land
Surrounded by ghosts of injustice
Distress, prejudices and pain

Deprived of legitimate Rights
Genuine wants and valid needs
In the name of Chauvinism...They said
Girls don’t deserve to fulfill their dreams  

The combating spirit in her
Declared an unknown war
With the world surrounding her
To make her life, free of despair

They said words are mightier than sword
So with a pencil in her little hand
She was in the battle field of her life
Fighting with “evils” as many as she can

The evils were mightier than she thought
Proving her words wrong and meaningless
Leaving her with a “broken Pencil” times
Making her every attempt “pointless”

They could always break the pencil
But they could never stop her hand
She would again sharpen it up
And get the “Lead” from within

They say "It’s the FIGHT that matters"
Not the results; “Victory Or Loss”
She followed her heart to fight for her Rights
And she became “a warrior Princess”

They call her “an activist writer”
Who can dare to make a change?
With her words, to strike the stubborn minds
To alter their thoughts and make them amend!!!

In the Process She Learnt...

A whistle has The Decibels
To break Your Eardrum
Tyranny is that, it can’t
Blow itself Of  its own,

Someone needed to blow it up
A fighter and A writer – I Feel
To make everybody hear its sound
As much loud as possible

The sound of suffering, whisper of pain
Roars of devil to inflict fear in your vein
One needs to fight even in times one is broken
As Even a “broken pencil” has the “lead” within

Someone brazenly shook me,
I suddenly woke up
My laptop was on the table
And I was inside a Coffee Shop

And A broken pencil was in my hand
Maybe the “writer” in me was dreaming
As I got out of the Coffee Shop
I heard a little girl was asking
 For “Strawberry Ice-cream”

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  1. This surely is a 'WOW' post. I could have never imagined this story line. Completely out of the box. Well done. Well written.

    1. Ohh!! That's a great complement!!!
      Thanks a ton you!!
      :) :)

  2. What a way to express the unimaginable power of words and the power which women hold within themselves. Great post Tina :)

    1. Really!!!...I'm so much overwhelmed by your words!!
      Thanks a Ton to you!!
      :) :)

  3. Wow!! A wonderful poem, Tina!! More power to Her...:D

    1. Thank you Mam'
      For your powerful response!!
      :) :)

  4. Excellent ! This is so well written. I could not imagine writing a poem with the words in the prompt.
    While reading your poem through I was wondering how will you incorporate the "coffee shop". You have woven the story in your poem so smooth. Everything gets blended together in a complete flow of words.
    Congratulations :)

    1. Ha ha really caught me Salvwi...
      Even I was wondering How to add Coffee Shop...
      Then I thought of the last two stanzas
      To give it a dream sequence....!!

      Though I enjoy only Coffee at any Coffee shop...and nothing else
      Thank you very much for liking the poem
      :) :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you So much for your appreciations!!!
      :) :)

  6. Every writer will connect with this. Powerful writing, Tina.

  7. A very inspiring read. I wish we have many warriors among us who are like her!

  8. I don't like coffee ! As I love Morning Tea @8.12 am ! But I loved your poem . Hope to see you read my book : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara : in 16 country , 118 library India , 3 in USA , while sipping your StarBucks coffee ! 😂😂😂😂

    1. ha ha ha...Even I' am tea person. will read your book. Sure!!