Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Ding Dong....The Door Bell Rang!!

Ding Dong....The Door Bell Rang!!
She ran with a bated breath. Swiftly unbolt it catching her gasp. A sudden blast of air rattled the hanged wind chime in the window of the room. Nobody was out there. Bewildered, she looked around. No, not the presence of a single soul could she feel.  She was about to close the door when her perplexed glances were caught by a blood rose lying on the door step on a crimson envelope with a peeping pink letter. She slowly picked it up and pulled the letter from the envelope. As she read through words her curve on her face was getting wider with equally matching blushing chicks.   It read, “Love you till eternity…Me”. She smiled ecstatically envisaging the man in the uniform.
Someone shaken her terribly, blurring her vision, getting her back from her trance. She opened her eyeballs as if waking up from a deep slumber only to broke into tears.
The deafening iniquitous words “He is no more” shattered her heart.  The tears made their ways through her tender and spongy chicks, leaving her with haunting memories, unspoken words, profound silence, unfathomable wait and misty eyes….Forever.

Often the Love story of…a Soldier
Ends abruptly…I guess

This is My Day 4 post for  the Alphabet D. For the #AToZChallenge by #Blogchatter #BlogchatterA2Z  

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