Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Whispers of a Fallen Leaf!!

As its Silent Susurration Struck My Ear
I Paused For a Moment,
To Hear It's Saga Of Smiles & Tears
And It's Life's Final Testaments


It said to me,

With A Blissful Glee
I Lived My Life,
As Prescribed By The Universe
The Physics Of Earth
May be Reason Of My Fall
But That's How I was Destined,
To Create Space For Others and New Leaves
Sometimes fall is good because it's the scope for the new things
Images - My Mobile Camera!! Vivo


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Nothingness Is Absolute Bliss!!

Absolute Bliss
Bliss is the nature of our soul.  
But With all of life's hassles and commotions
 We drift ourselves far-off from that quench and fill
The Changelessness, devoid of want and resentments,
One Essence, Non-dual, pure in form and transcendent bliss
I am everything in sheer nothingness
I am The Soul, Eternal, Serene, Enlightened and Absolute bliss!!