Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Let the Freedom Sing The Choirs Of Illuminated Destiny!!

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Let the Freedom Sing The Choirs Of Illuminated Destiny!!
As I passed by unmindful,
Lost In my Own Thought World
This toddler broke into it
With is adorable laughter

Shaken to the reality from my trance
I paused and watched its impeccable innocence
Half naked, as it offered the passersby
With its little hand, Independence Day badges
With a mixed bags of feelings, hurt a bit and delighted too
As I moved by its charm, twinkling eyes and heavenly mirth
One side of my heart sang a melancholy song of grim reality
While the other side rippled, with the show of its 
tiny pearly whites

Dear Freedom, if you are not just a Myth
If You Really Bring Light
If You Really Illuminate Destinies
My hearty urge is...
Sing the Choirs of Brightened Lives, This Time
Keeping intact the innocence smiles
On The Faces of Those who are yet to overcome darkness
But Dare to face them, head on with  nerve!

This Toddler trace-passed my heart  with its impeccable innocence...No words to describe The Feel. Yah!! Lets Ponder over the grim reality which must be having a sweet reality lost somewhere.....
Happy Independence Day To All!!  

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Chita Lagi Amavashya – An Auspicious Day Adorning Lord Jagannath with A Golden Mark On His Forehead!!

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Chita Lagi Amavashya – An Auspicious Day Adorning Lord Jagannath with A Golden Mark On His Forehead!!

Odisha is state of profound traditional cultures and rich heritages. In Odia we have a saying “Bara masare tera parab” which literally means in 12 months of a Calendar there are at least 13 major festivals. It actually means that Odias observe many festivals apart from major festivals like Holi, Dasserah, Diwali etc. Another thing is in Odisha many festivals are associated with Lord Jagannath whose divine abode is Neelachal Dham i’e. Puri Jagannath Temple. Chitalagi Amavasya or Chitou Amavasya  which falls on the new-moon day of the shravana is one of such festivals dedicated to the Lord Jagannath.
Actually Lord Jagannath is not only the presiding deity of Odisha but also the LIVING GOD of it. His every activity, small or large, is celebrated as a festival in Odisha.  
Today is Chitalagi (Chitau)  Amavasya observed in the Shraban or Shravan month in Orissa. It is associated with the Jagannath worship in this eastern state of India. On the Chitalagi Amavasya day, a special ritual is performed at Puri Jagannath Temple. The forehead of the Lord  Jagannath along with his elder brother Balabhadra and younger sister Goddess Subhadra is adorned with a Golden Mark known as Chitta.
As I have already stated that every activity of lords celebrated as a festival, this is also an activity of the lords.  During Rath Yatra,  when the Lords travel on the Raths (Chariot) on public roads  for nine days of visit to Gundicha temple (Their AUNT’S place) the golden semblance on the forehead of Lords are taken out. Then again the Golden Mark is decked to the forehead of the Lords on this auspicious day of Chita Lagi Amavashya.

No Odia festival goes by without a dish or delicacy exclusively associated with it.  How come this Chitta Lagi Amavashya be an exception!! A special delicacy known as Chitau Pitha is offered as prasada/bhoga for the Deities at SriMandir this day. 
It is also prepared on the day at almost all households and homes. It’s a simple delicacy made out of a batter of soaked rice and coconut and served with toppings of caramelized grated coconut, jaggery or just grated coconut. But it symbolizes a great culture of Odisha. And trust me it tastes great too. 
In rural areas this is more or less observed as an agricultural festival. On this occasion the farmers worship the paddy-fields. After a purifying bath in the morning they go to their respective paddy-fields with Chittau Pitha (Pan Cakes made out of the batter of Soaked rice and grated coconut), flowers, milk etc and pray the fields to yield a good crop.

However it is an important festival in Puri Jagannath Temple.  ‘Chita’ or decorating Lord Jagannath’s forehead with a golden mark is the main ritual of this Amabasya in Puri Jagannath Temple. Chitou Pitha’, a special rice recipe, is offered to Lord Jagannath on this day.

On the other hand Chitalagi Amavasya is observed as Hariyali Amavasya in North India, Chukkala Amavasya in Andhra Pradesh, Gatari Amavas in Maharashtra, Bhimana Amavasyaor Diwasi Gauri Puja in Karnataka.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Unspoken pain!!

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If you can hear the whimper  
Of these suddenly amputated trees
Or the sobs of the cut and separated
Branches that are lying under it
I’m sure you can never cut any relationship, abruptly
That might tear and split the hearts
That remains clueless in the other end

Hurt, broken and ruined, unfortunately!!


I know, its a compulsion to cut the wild branches of trees that are grown in and around the human dwelling places given to the risk that the branches can be life threatening at times especially in rainy season when sudden wind and storm is rather expected, but from the point of a TREE,  its one of the most unfair things that's done to it. 
Moreover they are cut suddenly. Isn't in life when we are cut of from some relationships, no matter they are needed or not, we get hurt terribly especially when we are clueless about it?? 
Just Wondered !!! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


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I thought Life is about chasing your dreams
And having mine, I took the trip and tread ahead
On my way I met up wonderful people
But Alas!! I left them at the back instead                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
The sky was filled with melodies of laughter
And the path was adorned with beautiful things
But I choose to ignore and focus on journey instead
In search for SUCCESS – My cherished dream

The journey was long & with companions few
I stepped at the top, thinking of a splendour sight
Alas! It wasn’t at all the land I had in my view
As it seemed to be the land of torn wind chimes

Bewildered, I stood amidst the barren land
Surrounded by leafless trees and flowerless meadows
Suddenly heard I a mysterious voice from back
 “Why Stupid Girl, Why are you Here?”

For SUCCESS – I knew the answer
But I couldn’t utter it…why I wonder
It seemed as if I Chased an illusion
And lost my natural innocence and laughter
The journey had happiness and sorrow
But I chose not to live them in right measure
I felt, reaching destination would be the first
Then I can live and treasure

I was wrong
Since Life is about living the moments
As success or achievement are not the ends
We must walk together and run slow
To Live, Love and Laugh
As Life has its Natural Charm & warmth.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


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The Bewildered Little Being
Was amused, by the slurs from its surrounding
What makes people Love its little friend?
Who looks like as if half baked in a microwave oven?
And what goes wrong when they spot him
They frowned As if he has committed a grave sin?

It didn’t take a galore of time  
For the tiny wondering soul to learn
That its only felony was, to be born
With a melanoid-ebony skin tone

It wondered, hadn’t their mothers taught them
That black is just a colour and not a sin?
We all are humans under the sun
With flawless souls and beautiful hearts within?

And then the tiny lips uttered heavy words
“I’ll crack open a book to record this as fact
That some might are born farther from sun
While some are closure to its warmth
The outer layer is white or tanned
That nothing but the amount of melanin
That separates you from me
That something the world must see
That under the derma, there no dividing line is
To discriminate between, we human beings”

I wish we had high definitions lenses
In Our Eyes
To look beyond the human skin tone
That there exists a beautiful heart
Whether the outer layer is

White Or Black


Monday, June 25, 2018

Past Can't Be Deleted But Can Be Diluted

Life... Is full of memories, Good and Bad!! 
Often we treasure good ones
We brood-over the bad ones.
We must understand,
Past cannot be "Deleted" ever
it can be "Diluted", However,

With good things, Good Memories of today!
Let’s not focus on Bad things happened to us...
Let’s look at Good things around instead!!   

- Tina Acharya

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Leader – A Fiction of a Non-Fiction Tale

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The Leader – A Fiction of a Non-Fiction Tale

Disclaimer – Let me clear it in the beginning that I am not a typical book reviewer. In fact I’m a choosy reader too even though I claim myself an avid reader. For me a book is fantastic if is able to hold my spirit till end as I easily get bored and fatigued otherwise.

“The Leader By N.S. RAVI Sir is indeed a wonderful book, Trust me I finished it in one breathe.”

The Leader By N.S.RAVI

It is said that never judge a book from its cover. But it doesn’t hold true in case of the book THE LEADER. Seriously, the cover itself had a very positive impact on me and enticed me to skim through the pages inside ASAP. Moreover my niece Jyotsna who is staying at our place these days - who is typically a non-reader -  also liked the cover and now interested to scan through the pages too.

The Story

While reading the first few pages, the book reminded me Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwaya Roy Starter Movie GURU. The entire story of The Leader revolves around the time line of the infamously famous event Textile Strike of 1982’in Bombay”. This iniquitous event had caused the city Bombay - with a population of fifty million - practically lost a whole industry as more than 70 factories were closed forever, 250 thousand families lost their livelihood and 2 percent of the entire population was affected by it.

Clearly, it’s an event that would naturally create an inquisitiveness that deserved a detail exploration.  However it’s really challenging to craft a fiction on a non-fiction tale. But being a hardcore Textile Professional most of his life N.S.Ravi Sir has written it with Precision and Lucidity while holding enthuse of the reader through his beautiful language skill. Having the setting of Bombay in 80s, the story has been well crafted, the plot has been well spread and characters are well developed. The entire theme has been well researched with minute precision in terms of happenings and information. The best thing about the book is even if it’s a fiction but Author Ravi sir has depicted the human emotions, anger, sadness, love, indifference, hatred, manipulations, success, failure etc with utmost realistic and sensible way.  
Nuranis Ravi
Connect with him HERE   
 Even if the genre might not be appealing to many but it’s worth picking up this book because gliding through pages would appear like as if the author himself is narrating the story sitting before. Amazingly gripping and involving, beautiful storytelling and excellent language and words skill, The Leader is definitely one of my best read book. I loved it  immensely.  
I could not find any flop side of the book. This book is a great piece in itself. 
I am glad that I received an author signed copy of the same. :)   

 To Get a COPY in Amazon….CLICK HERE 

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