Sunday, March 10, 2019

I Dream, I Dare…..Even If I am Scared

I Dream, I Dare…..Even I am Scared

My Strength is my dreams
And I Dream of Small Things
I Manage a Smile on My face
Even in the midst of storm and tempest
At times, Into pieces,  I often break
But I assemble and reinstate myself
Often the challenges and taboos 
Make me  suppressed
But I bounce back with all my strength
I am the ocean of Love and Care
Even If I get stripped up layer by layer
Even If
The world finds it difficult to acknowledge my existence
It never stops me to Work for Brilliance & Excellence
I Am a Woman,
Created by Angels in the Heaven
To rock the cradle and rule the world
But Sometimes I am Scared....
Sometimes low, Sometimes wrecked
But I Dream, I Dare
To Get the Universe  of My Share…..

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Embarrass Truth and Honesty

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Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Embarrass Truth and Honesty 
With Life…I learned
We are all Warriors In the battle of our own
Making Stern Efforts to become Winner and Strong
To have Justice, Progress, Truth, and Light
We compete and brawl with fellow beings, at times
We wrap our darkness, weaknesses with the cock-and-bull story
To defend ourselves from being hurt and mar with injury
Well…That’s Life – I would Say - but what we forget to learn
With the process, we overlook Truth and enslave ourselves to Fictions
But at The End
The God of Light shines in the terrain of that soul
That embarrasses Truth and Honesty with utmost valour.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Featured post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers
Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Happy New Year 2019

Let The Universe     

Bless Us All

With Beautiful People and Joyful Things
Making Our Smiles,
Bigger and Broader
Let Peace and Prosperity
Find A Wonderful Abode
In Our Lives.
With Happy Cheers..
Wishing You All…


Monday, December 24, 2018

The Moon Chase!!

The Moon Chase!!
Every Morning I chase for Sun and Its First Sight
But This Morning It was The Moon waiting for me, smiling and bright
As the pre-dawn morning zephyr caressed my curls
I was enamoured by the ecstatic magnificence of The Moon
glowing to the fullest in the Entire Full Moon Night of Yesterday
It was waiting for me have a Look at it and bid It a Good-bye
Is it just a Co-incidence for making me Believe in the Nature?
Or some kind of cosmic assurance

Thursday, November 29, 2018


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What do you see in the above picture/painting?  What message can you read from the above picture? What message the painter of this painting might have thought to give through this painting?

Well, you might have your own denotations according to your own decoding/understanding system. Even I had that. In fact, I was wondering why the silhouette of a polar bear has a blue sky with dark blue clouds dotted with white stars? A polar bear generally reflects the polar reason that is mostly white. isn't it? Then…??
My Son is in 9th STD. There was a drawing and painting competition in his class. All the students had painted wonderful pictures. My son collected a few of them from his friends and brought home and put them on the wall. Then he asked me which one is good and what do I read from the above painting.  I after telling which one I liked most, I asked what's this painting is about.

He said," Mamma, here, my friend Manav has been represented as a  polar bear, sad and done, as we have left him in the polar reason. Bahut Masti Karta hai" and he giggled.
I laughed. I knew how these just-into-teens children do these days to tease their friends. After a while, he stopped and told me "Ohkay, Mazak Kar Raha tha Mamma, now let me tell you what's  it?"

I looked at him wearing a question mark on my face.

"It’s the Effect Of GLOBAL WARMING Mamma. Can't you see the polar bear is sad as all the ice in polar reason has been melted? Only a few flurries of snow like structure will remain in the air and no more ice will remain in glacial reason in a few years from now if the global warming will keep increasing this rate as now. Isn't it? How can a polar bear survive without glacial surfaces? Won't it get the treat of extinct of its species? That's why  it is sad….did you get it?"

I was looking at him, jaw dropped, lost. Seriously, the imagination of these kids can really dig a well in the sky too.

What do you say!!

-Tina Acharya

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Never need to be fixed again
Never wish to feel the love again
As the castle collapses with thundering pain
Shattering the debris as sand grains
Walls of Heart cried tears of blood
Caving in feelings of hollow & void
And the Universe witnessed
Moments of gloomy and dark
Somewhere, broken a tender heart  

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

When He Spoke Those Words

When He Spoke Those Words
On the Face value
They were Just words
Made up of Alphabets
To be “pronounced”
I Love You
When He Spoke Those Words
Having Them from Him
Spoken with passion
Made her wild & Ecstatic
Within Fraction of Seconds
Everything Paused
Her World Changed
And She Danced
Tuned To the Melody Of Her Heart…..

- Tina Acharya 
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