Friday, October 2, 2015

My Death Analysis Lead Me to Take Care For My Heart!!

Death Analysis?? No No….don’t be serious. It’s just about a Fun App in Face Book.
So it may sound to be stupid but it’s true. Everybody know about those FUNNY apps in Face Book...right!! They’re really amusing. A year ago or so…once there was such an app in which I did my Death Analysis to know the date and cause of my death (for Fun only). I was surprised by the result. Because the date was just after 10 years and the Cause was “Heart attack”.
In general I’m an active person; give enough attention to my fitness concerns. I keep myself enrolled myself to a gym or a yoga class for that reason. However last few years there was some irregularities as well… as I developed Thyroid problems which would lead to mental fatigue often. I have other serious problems like severe acidity and headache. But I had never thought that heart attack could ever be the reason of my death. That’s why the Fun app result was surprising for me. So now one can understand why these app are called as Fun apps.  
I said…stupid!!
But one of my friends said…Okay! It’s a Funny! But the truth about it is women are really prone to heart problems. So better treat it as a wake up call (Nothing happens without a reason...You know). Your heart needs care. You should take care of your HEART!!
MY HEART…have I ever given a thought to its well being!! There was a negative affirmation “No” from inside. Was it the voice of my Heart?
That was perhaps for the first time I felt the physical presence of my heart inside my body which needed equal care (even more) as other parts of the body.
Even my doctor advised me to take extra care of my heart especially when I have Hypothyroidism.On my query he explained how the thyroid irregularities lead serious heart problems and why  people having such problem should take extra care of their hearts to protect it . 
Then I learnt that both thyroid hormones (T4 and T3) are related to heart disease because they affect heart rate and the amount of blood pumped by heart. Hypothyroidism also can lead to increased levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and other fats related to heart disease.
What serious problems can happen if I have heart disease?
Rare but serious problems can include:
Heart failure (called congestive heart failure): when the heart can’t pump enough blood for your body to work properly.
Heart attack: when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood in your heart
Stroke: when the blood vessels to the brain are blocked and your brain doesn’t get enough blood
Peripheral artery disease: when your legs don’t get enough blood
Sudden cardiac arrest: when your heart suddenly stops working, you stop breathing; you pass out, and could die unless resuscitated
You can also have a very slow heart rate and irregular heartbeats that leads to low energy level and extra gain in weight. That means for me cardiovascular care is a must for me.
I really wonder why till then I was not serious about the well being of my heart even if most of my life roles were played by it. In fact always I had stressed it more and more.
Some people are followed by their Minds while some are followed by their Hearts. I’m the later kind. I’m more often driven by my heart rather than Mind. In intense situations when I go through a serious dilemma in my life, I leave it to my heart to choose the better one for me. It’s my heart that always gets affected by any negative thing that inevitably comes into my life path.
My heart makes me Happy and it’s my heart only that fights with the Odds to protect me being more affected. It’s my heart that motivates me to chase my dream, it’s my heart that gives me strength when I’m done and  it’s my only companion, when I’m all alone. Perhaps my heart always thinks for me, but do I do that?
OMG!! Then I realized my heart always lived for me so far, so it’s my turn to live for it.
I did some changes in my daily routine:
I stopped or tried to avoid eating those things which are not good for heart especially oily foods.
I started walking extra half an hour or any cardio vascular activity exclusively for my heart.
I learnt some Yoga postures only for My Heart
I started doing those things which makes my heart Happy. Actually I had stopped doing them as I got into the “Responsibility Phase” of my life sometime for other’s shake or sometime due to fatigue.  I never knew when I became like that to put everybody’s interest before mine.  I tried to change that whenever it was possible for the sake of my heart.
I stopped leaving those things to heart where Mind can easily take a decision.
I stopped compelling myself do certain things which my heart showed a resistance.
I made it sure that I am taking enough sleep and rest and relax.
I realized my existence as a person is due to my heart. If it will get affected then my whole being as a person will be at stake. If my heart is not Happy, I cannot make my surrounding Happy. So I started putting My Heart First before anything else!! After all, it’s not just a blood pumping tiny Organ in my body, it’s the source of strength, happiness and moreover the life factor in me.
Was the Death Analysis was really a Fun app act…or was it Nature’s own way to alert you before any possibility of Bad thing!!

Really worth wondering…isn’t it??

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  1. Thanks for sharing this awareness about heart and I hope this is going to be the best health tips of the year.

    1. Thank You very much Mohinder for giving a chest thumping appreciations!! And thank u for stopping by!! :)