Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Happiness comes from #RealTogetherness

Look at this video By Kishan…didn’t it Remind the days when we weren't surrounded by gadgets? Isn’t it quite emotional evoking the memories of those nostalgic days of family and friends? We never knew when we jailed ourselves behind the bars of illusory world of gadgets and gizmos.
My memories took me to days…that defined me the lesson that the Real happiness of Life comes from #RealTogetherness!!
The meaning of Real Togetherness is understood best by the one who lives a life of isolation or a life of loneliness!!
For me the mention of “Real Togetherness” flashes the silver screen of my mind rolling down the memories of the Time spent with “Family, near and dear ones” years back. I had been very lucky having my grown up years surrounded by all nears and dears. But my adolescent son isn’t that fortunate in this regard. 
I remember in his pre- primary school days how difficult it was for me to make him understand about a lesson in his EVS book “Your Family and Relatives”. He did simply not get connected with it…let alone understanding it. Maternal uncle, paternal uncle, cousins…etc were quite unfamiliar words for him given to our less frequent visit to our hometown and less visits of our relatives to our place. 
Togetherness Is an important Ingredient of family life!!
Yes, we are a “nuclear family” living in a metro city “Mumbai” where the “life” is synonymous with“swiftness”. While we are occupied with our “struggle for life and work” our son (who is adolescent by now) has no other option than to find his world surrounded by Gadgets and toys. That’s been the life's truth…!!
Few months back we had a trip to our Hometown (not like that of a “need kind” as mostly our trips to our hometown are need based.). The trip was perhaps destined by Universe to teach us a lesson on “Real Togetherness”.
Real Happiness Comes From #RealTogetherness
We had a visit to Kalijai Temple in Chilika Lake. Let me tell you it was my farther-In-Laws first visit into the lake and he did it even if he doesn’t like to do such trips only to spend time with his Grandson….!!  It takes an hour ride in a motorboat to reach the temple inside the lake. Destination was never so much exciting than the journey in the midst of Lake surrounded by undulating  green mountains. The small Ireland with their own story of legacy were truly enchanting. The Birds, the frequently piping fishes and dancing dolphins...truly awesome!!!
Isn't That Ice-Cream Tastes Extra Yummy...with Family surrounding You
Exploring nature together with family members is not only having the Elysian happiness but also it defines what “Real Togetherness” is. The smiles and happiness my son had were much more than anything else. We could have bought several expensive gadgets and toys for him…but they never brought that “Blissful” smile on his face.
In that trip we also visited our relatives. Mingling with cousins, uncles and aunts….really I must say, it created a sense of belongingness in him that was missing somehow with his long associations with PSPs, UFOs, remote control Toys and other gadgets.
For us also it was quite refreshing because after a long time we didn’t feel the deeply embedded longing in our psyches for our smart phones, Ipods and social networking sites. It’s like withdrawing from an illusory world to a real world.
BLISSFUL Smile Comes with #RealTogetherness 
 Let’s admit the Truth…Real happiness comes from the real Togetherness and real togetherness comes when we get together with our real mates of our life rather than gadgets and phones or landing ourselves in a virtual world!!! 

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  1. Such fun filled days are the essence of life. Being surrounded by your loved ones is a blessing. Great to read about your happy days.

    1. Yeah...with family only true happiness comes.
      Thank you Saru for stopping by.
      Tina :)

  2. What a happy post. Loved your take on Real Happiness...hope you folks stay that way!