Saturday, October 10, 2015

#ChampIsBack!! Gift a LG NEXUS 5X this festive season!!!

It was just after Rakhi. One day my husband suddenly asked me about a smart phone which he wanted to gift his sister. Well, he should because many a time my sister-in-law had complained that her brother (my husband) doesn’t gift her anything exclusively as “Rakhi gift”. She has a point. In our culture “Rakhi Gift” is almost a right of sisters…isn’t it?

And my Lazy husband was never serious to send her something every time. He would always say “okay, I will gift her when we would meet”. But irony is mostly we meet after two or three years given to our different level of schedule comfort to visit our hometown. She stays in a different place and we stay in Mumbai. Her timing to visit our hometown is always different from ours.

And when we meet, we gift her many things. But that’s natural…know. Every brother should do that. What is “exclusively Rakhi gift” about it?


I was happy as finally my husband decided to gift her something as “Rakhi Gift”. But again with festive season gripping us we became busy in our own schedules. It’s already October and still we haven’t sent her a gift.

Thank God!!  We have a new phone in the market.
Two years after their successful collaboration on the Nexus 5, LG and Google are back with a new flagship Android Smartphone, champion of the champions, King of smart phones “LG Nexus 5X”. 

Yes!! #ChampIsBack.

Normally what we look for buying a smart phone. Look, performance, Battery life and Price (especially if gifting is the purpose…right)

Well, LG Nexus 5X is a light weight, sleek designed phone with very powerful performance and features. Light weight has always been a “shot after” aspect of any smart phone and “LG Nexus 5X” is easy on the hands at just 136 grams with a thickness of 7.9 mm (with a plastic body).The new LG Nexus 5X provides a 5.2-inch screen display that has 1080p resolution.

One of my “favorite features” about this new member is “Battery life”. At least a woman like me or my sister-in-law will find it very useful.  Life is revolving around “smart phones” now days as we are obsessed with wonderful Google apps. More clearly we spend much time in our phones.

LG Nexus 5X comes with a 2,700mAh battery which would last for a substantial amount of time and as it has a reversible USB Type-C charger that charges at high speed! Hmm...It will surely never allow the phone “run out of battery” anytime. Isn’t it great?

Next smart and wonderful feature of this new phone is its “Camera” (I know u must be wondering “what’s wonderful about it?”When every smart phone has a camera)

Wait, wait. The new LG Nexus 5X has an laser auto focus 12-megapixel rear camera which perhaps has the largest sensor of any mobile phone camera with 1.55┬Ám pixel. It captures minute details with excellent precision at any point of time. Just imagine you captures an excellent image even when light is available scarcely. Yes, LG Nexus 5X provides a camera that would capture startling minutiae even in diffused light. Wow!! That’s incredible yaar…it would help me as well to take amazing images and put in my writings. Also it has highly appreciated features like 4K video recording and the respectable five-megapixel shooter front camera. WOW!!

Hold your Breath!! I’m going to reveal the best feature of it. I think all of us dislike if others tap and slaver in our phones especially without our consent.  Even I don’t like “My adolescent son” who often treat my phone as his property and dribble through it for playing games or check Whatapp messages especially from his tuition teacher and class teacher.  

Well LG Nexus 5X have a great security feature for this. A rear Fingerprint sensor (which is quite easy to handle)…they call it “Nexus Imprint”. Hey…isn’t it also of great utility for getting fingerprint authentication to have security-sensitive stuffs for other activities such as payments via Android Pay — done on our phones?

The LG Nexus 5X is a phone surely intended for the price conscious buyers. Because the price is quite reasonable when its wonderful features are considered. It’s a phone for those who look for a wonderfully designed light weight and sleek body with a powerful performance with multitasking features (2GB RAM), amazing camera performance and a great battery life.

At least we have a good excuse for our delay because apart from being a new member in the market the LG Nexus 5X  has some wonderful features  that makes it more adorable than its peers that will really win your heart.

It’s really a champ of champs
 #ChampIsBack !!!

MY sister-in-law is going to have it this festive season (Even I want one yaar…sigh! Hope my brothers are reading this) to have a wonderful “Dusserah and Diwali” this time!! 

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