Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Fun and Fabulous moments at #FrizzFreeHair Vatika Women's IndiBlogger Meet for new Product Lunch by Dabur Vatika!!

A mail alert in a lazy afternoon last week suddenly woke me up from that much loved “power nap”. It was an invitation for “#FrizzFreeHair Vatika Women's IndiBlogger Meet” from Mumbai for a new Product lunch by Dabur Vatika for a solution to frizz hair.Dabur Vatika was all set to launch new hair care oil that would reduce the “Frizz” and the Hair would be Fantastic.
There were two reasons that made me quickly register for the same:
One…Hair has always been my weakness. Anything related to hair just grab my quick and prudent attention. Second…It was going to be my first Indiblogger event. So I checked out the links given in the mail and immediately registered myself.
Date- Saturday 10th October 2015
Venue- B J Hall, Vile Parle
Place- Mumbai
Time- 11-30 AM.
After a long time, I traveled in Mumbai Local trains to reach the above venue all the way from Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Seriously, I got nostalgic of my initial years in Mumbai when I used to be a regular Local Train traveler to reach my office. After been confused and little bullied by an auto driver…Finally I managed to reach the Venue. 
As I said it was my first ever Indiblogger meet (do I need to say…I was super excited!!!), even in blogging world also I’ve just grown a bit older from a crawling baby to one who can now manage to seat and stand. I was almost sure that I will be bit lost among strangers. But to the contrary, I was surprised as a group of beautiful girls suddenly welcomed me with cheers in their faces. Within moments we were catching “still moments” at the venue.
After few moments I found myself in a beautifully decorated hall with a stage all set to unveil the “mystery”.

Someone suddenly asked can I seat here? I turned my face to find a chirpy girl standing there. Only moments took us to become friends. Mayuri is really a bubbly girl who can win over hearts within moments.
The event started with a grooving heavy metal Indi Band “Blonder in the Code” playing the numbers of Pink Floyd- We Don’t Need No Education and Poker Face By Lady Gaga…etc. It was really breathtaking as they made bloggers going crazy with lots of head banging! (Yup…they cleverly made us our hair going messy and Frizzy!!)

Then there was a “short and sweet” introduction section for bloggers. WOW!! There was a mixed blend of us…first timers, first indi meet (like me), quite seasoned and of different genres (food, beauty, lifestyle, wellness…etc) and ages.
Then we had detailed information and explanation of the Company’s history, marketing strategy and the Dabur Vatika products by the Marketing head of the Dabur. India´s largest natural hair Care Company, Dabur has a strong existence because of their persistence efforts to understand women and their hair needs time to time.

I was quite amazed…since 1940 with their first product “Dabur  Amla hair oil…they have been consistently finding solution for the various problems of hair of Indian women. No wonder why Dabur Vatika is a house hold name now with a 1000 cr... Turnover worldwide.

The scientific aspects of such hair care products were well explained by their Scientist from their DRDO (Department of Research and Development) by a detail presentation (audio visual slides) of various factors that affect hair and their taming mantras.

Finally the time to unveil the “Mystery”.

While we were quite betrothed by the audio visuals and the talks of speakers a spew of Jasmine fragrance sprayed at the stage and scattered all over the room. With that theatrical effect of lighting and smoke clouds covering the surrounding, a Larger than life size Oil Bottle slowly made its entry in the mid of the stage.
Fabulous moment to witness a solution to #FrizzFreeHair in fact“Frizz to Fantastic hair” was finally revealed…It’s “Dabur Vatika Jasmine Non-Sticky Coconut Hair Oil

Next The turn of fun part of the event!!
It all started with a game “Rock, Paper and Scissor” (Honestly…I missed my adolescent son at that time very much who would always push me any time to play that game). We bloggers paired off to play it and the condition was “losers would get messed up their hair by the winners”.  After several draw I let my Partner Anu Goel to win the round. Thank God!! She didn’t mess up my hair lot in return.
Then the time was for some mind-blowing hair care tips from the seasoned bloggers. "Stress Free is the real key to have beautiful hair" was the best Tip.

Then the time to feed the rats running in the stomach. A bumper buffet with great display of food choices was waiting for us. Pizza, pastas and the dessert like yummy blueberry cheesecake, rasamalai and Ferrero Rocher Ice-Cream…was more than enough to calm the rats.
Hey...wait wait!!
A Champy section was out there to pamper us by giving a feel of the newly lunched product. The flowery aroma of "Dabur Vatika Jasmine Non-Sticky Coconut Hair Oil was quite refreshing in that sweaty afternoon….I must say.
Finally I returned with a “Beautiful Bag of Goodies containing,
Dabur Vatika Jasmine Hair Oil,
Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair oil
And a Philips Smooth & Shine Hair Straightener.”  
And lots of fantastic moments at heart.
Hey!! I also won an in-event twitter contest by Indibloggers on the previous day for posting “Frizzy hair picture” at the end of the Friday!!
There were some other thing as well. We were asked to wear something green and there was lots of green attires and accessories. Wondering my Friend Mayuri's post Click here...

Finally..At the end I would say…
An afternoon well spent with amazing bloggers in an absolutely fantastic ambiance organized by one of the Country’s best Bloggers platform Indiblogger in association with Dabur Vatika -  a house hold name of hair care products ….That’s the essence of the entire write up…!!!

A Detail review of The Dabur Vatika Non-sticky Jasmin Hair Oil will follow soon....

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