Sunday, October 4, 2015

Why I Read Newspaper Columns??

Someone asked me if news is available 24*7 and 365 days
What’s the point to read a “Newspaper Column” and what it says?
I said:
I’m born in a Country that is world’s largest democracy
With diversity in culture, creed, language and community

Democracy stands mainly on four pillars
Judiciary, Media, Government and Legislature

Among the Four Pillars Media has greater potential
The power to create better future for me and a better World

It’s true that with technology we have the access to every news
But the diverse perspective comes from “Newspaper Columns” and its views

Just the sky appears different to those who view it
From different angle and different place
The same way…News has a different outlook and impact
For different people of multiplicity and race

With diversity in human race we have conflicting interests
And Clashing viewpoint and contradictory judgment

The balance comes when we understand the other side
“Newspaper Columns” serve that purpose, that’s why I read

Not only balance in thought, but they help me in understanding better
The Government policies, schemes, guidelines and procedures

With different experts analyzing them bit by bit with information
Makes me keep track of the Government and scrutinize its functions

When negative news sales or media cries an unnecessary foul
To promote a biased agenda or to generate a media trial

It’s the “Newspaper Columns” that comes to the rescue of populace
With Putting the facts and ideas to counter the prejudiced observations

“Newspaper Columns” helps me to comprehend
The miscellany in culture and people of my homeland

The different festivals or different needs and habits
“Newspaper Columns” give details and explain them every bit

A Unique Spectacle Newspaper Columns gives
To have a distinctive sight of various matter of life

In a Democracy Citizens being the ultimate master is vital
So people needs to be dependable, accountable and responsible

“Newspaper Columns” help me understand
My Nation and My people with better accuracy
To become an unprejudiced, well-versed Citizen
And well deserved Master of Democracy!!!

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  1. Interesting
    When it comes to print media..we have the option to choose- which column to read unlike TV Media.. News + Debate come as a package.
    Congrats on WoW selection

    1. Hi Viyoma....Thank you for your lovely words
      Tina :)

  2. You have mentioned the most relevant things so wonderfully in a poetic manner. :) It was a good read!
    Congrats on your WOW badge!

    1. Hi Indrani...glad that you liked my poem. Thank u very much!! :)

  3. Although newspapers often present biased or untrue views, it's their columns which actually give us more balanced insights than the news reporting themselves. But it's important to differentiate between the sensible and nonsense columns...

    Nice post Tina.

    1. Very True Vishal. I treat nonsense columns as an opinion as well. That strengthens my strength to "agree to disagree" the very foundation of Democracy. Also it helps me believe in coexistence with all. Thanks a lot for the appreciations. :0