Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Gadget for Peace and Love from a Robotic Cat – Doremon

 I was sad to wake up to an unrest world
Where all hell was broke loose
The air was filled with the cacophony of Cries
Of those who Face Wars, riots, violence and hatred

It seems as if Gods have gone stony deaf
To hear the prayers of those who die unfair deaths
The hopes are lost and faiths are shaken to the core
And the Devils have their all time triumphant moments

My bleeding heart was looking for a way out
To free them from the despair of Hatred and violence
And to calm the clouds of Unrests around
And bring them a smile for a while on their face

But it was out of my Human limit to free the world
From Fear, Terror, Evil conflicts and scuffles
Then I remember The Robotic Cat Doremaon
Who has a “Gadget” for every crisis as its solution

I decided to have a day out with Him and ask for a Gadget
To help my fellow human being who suffered bloodshed
I reached the land called as “Narima ward” where
My favorite cartoon character “Doremon” lived

He greeted me with a smirk in his face
And served me some tea and Dora Cakes
Then asked about my world and the reasons
Behind my dull and gloomy face

He heard my sorrows with patience
Along with Nobita and other Friends
And then get out a piece of equipment
From his pouch of Gadget Bag

 “The silhouette of Love” He loudly said 
Would end the hell of violence in your world
As he explained the science behind it, which would convert
The (-ve) electrons of hate to (+ve) protons of Love

He put the device into action by clicking the button of Love
And there was a wavy aura of illumination and trust
They traveled so fast with an auto sensory band
Towards the World to wipe out the evil and lust

It worked like magic as within moments
There was happiness and joy around
The world looked like a paradise...I must say  
As I heard the children were laughing loud

I was happy as I saw the world from the sky
Along with my favorite Doremon
And the time past so fast and it was already dark
And it was the time for my return

I asked him…Can I take The Gadget with Me
To keep my world safe from any other violence
Yes, you can take... But it is just a device
With a momentary effect …he said in a soft voice

God has given you all... A Natural Gadget
That has abundance of Love and peace
The whole world will be calm and in harmony
As the Gadget would vanish all forms of Evil and vice

I looked at him with a query on my face
It’s your “HEART”…and he quickly said
That’s full of “Love” which would conquer hate
And bring the Peace in the human world!!!

I was amazed with the wisdom He gave
As a return gift to me…Even if he was a Robotic cat
What has gone wrong with us Humans?
Why did we forget to LOVE our own tribes and clans?

I loved the day out with him…My favorite Comic Character Doremon!!
If we use our hearts to love humans, there would be no violence, no war in the world.

Because Only Love conquers Hate!!! 

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
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  1. Such a meaningful loving post! :)
    Very well penned.

  2. Wish we could do that in reality. Ask someone to grant us wishes to change the world or fill it with love.

    Simple yet profound.