Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Month of life’s memoir, Bittersweet October!!

Ahh!! It’s October Now!! Honestly I don’t know when this year 2015 has started and now going to end. Memories are still afresh of welcoming 2015 and its now at the verge of getting a farewell. It’s been so fast this year. Well may be Life has become bit fast.

2015 has been an astoundingly eventful year for me. Some major events happened. Most significant is “The Janeu (Thread Ceremony) of my son”. I became a part of the blogging community. I attended some grand event by blogadda like Renault #Lodgy event at Goa and #WIN15 #CelebrateBlogging at Mumbai.

I got connected with some wonderful new friends and Old friends of my school days and College days. I met some wonderful people in the way. However there were also some gloomy days in the health front and some failures in terms of achievements.

But life is all about collection of good and bad memories. October being the Month of transition as the summer finally makes its curtain down to let the winter enters through autumn in the town. It’s the time between two extremities…the Heat and Cold.  So it defines life perfectly giving a reminder of hot days, unusual storms (sometime without rain) and glimpse of coldness that is yet to come. So it’s really perfectly said “Bittersweet October”.

A Month of life’s memoir, Bittersweet October!!

The symphony of rustling autumn breeze
The sonata of tumbling down of golden yellow leaves
The rumble of sudden storm and gales
And whisper of silence of balding trees
The stillness of longer nights and noisy shorter days
Nights of Halloween and Thanksgiving days
That’s what autumn in the Month of October is

As I hear the murmur of the dead fallen leaves on the ground
The tales of their blissful times
Dancing to the tunes of wind
Sometime in the Splendor of bright Sun light
Sometime catching rain drops from the sky
Wrapped up in emerald green

 And their story continued that way
The memoirs of their changing days
Yellow, orange or golden brown
As autumn stepped in the town
Falling From the top of the tree
With a simple brush with the same gentle wind
They are now lying on the ground

The receding trees tell me their stories
The joyful memories of having those emerald green leaves
But Impermanence is the law of life they said
So change is inevitable in life to step ahead

Life is about Past, Present and Future
Time moves forward while memories backward
The season of life changes its sheds and color
And the transition is felt in Bittersweet October

October is not just a month in the Calendar of the Year
It reminds the decree of life and Law of Nature
Everything has an end and that is the beginning
The dairy of Life is collection of bittersweet memories

The seasons of life not so alike
In Every phase of growing years
Sometime summer, sometime autumn
Sometime rains and sometime winter

The Rhythm of life is not so alike
Every time and every season of the year
It changes its tune, some time sweet
Sometime sour and some time bitter

I may not be able to control the tune of my life
But I can surely change the taps of my feet
To dance to its jingle and enjoy the melody
The Sweet symphonies or bitter mourns
To live a beautifully choreographed life!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. May life continue to charm you forever! :)
    Beautiful poem.

    1. Hi Indrani...Thank You very much for your wonderful words!!!
      Tina :)

  2. lovely lines Tina Acharya.. thanks for sharing

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Mayuri....thanks for reading and appreciating!! :)