Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Dream Vacation in the Best Hotel in Mumbai!!

I don’t know how many of us remember, in one episode of KBC (Koun Banega Karodpati) - even I don’t remember which season was it - where a contestant (A mid aged government employee) shared a typical dream with Mr.Bachchan.

When Big B asked him, if he wins prized money, how he would spend them. He said that first of all he would have a vacation at The Taj Palace. Mr.Bachchan was really surprised because he could never imagine that staying in a Luxurious hotel like Taj Palace could be a cherished dream for some.

Well…that’s true. Not only for the above gentle man who had a fortune to share it with Mr. Bachchan but for all those who have a humble income or who stay in the remote parts of the Country. Having a vacation in a lavish hotel is always a dream of treasure that always has an existence somewhere in their psyches though they pay no heed to it and ignore it as much possible as, Because it seems as an “Impossible Dream” for them.

I hell from Odisha.  As a wondering soul in the little city of state, I was also dreaming to be in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc few years back. Perhaps my dream was not so unrealistic. So after my marriage I came to Mumbai. Great!!!

Life changed. As it is said, Mumbai is a Dream City as it fulfills dreams of many, so many of my “Dreams” that once seemed to be “unattainable” once were fulfilled here.
At present Life has become quite hectic. Sometime I feel as if I have stopped dreaming. Well…That’s reality of Life in a Metro.

However if I have an option to have a break from my monotonous life to have a great vacation and someone will give me options to chose where do I want to spend my days with my family…It will be not be a tough task for me to pick. I’m talking about the luxurious hotels in Mumbai. Yeah...I agree there are many of them…Ekk se badkar Eek…but you know even me have also some of them in my “Dream List”. Let me share the top three of them here:


Obviously it’ll be the first one not because not because it is a Brand Hotel but because I have a strong connection to it. I remember after my marriage when I came to Mumbai, The first beach I had visited was “Band Stand”. I was so amazed because I had seen that beach only in movies till then. While returning it was quite dark and I saw the mesmerizing view of “Taj Lands End”. WOW!! The view was quite captured in my mental camera. It is still afresh in my mind. It’s a hotel situated in the heart of Bandra that buzzes with activity of high class life style day and night. It really proffers the preeminence of both worlds – the magnificent views of the sea that would leave you breathless and the oomph and vigor of city life. WHOA!!!

It’s a dream since then amasses in my heart. It will actually make me live a dream rather just a vacation if I will have choice to decide a hotel for me, because it’s a known fact that as all Taj hotels, replicate India's warm and deepest traditions of hospitality. It will be just a "royal vacation"

The next will be The Grand Hyatt 


Again it has a strong connection with my dream. As it is situated off. Western Express Highway, Santacruz (East) on which I used to travel to my work place. Every working day morning, I used to admire this property and its charismatic beauty from the windows of my Bus with my eyes broad open only having a desire to get into it once. I mean, The Grand Hyatt is so beautiful that one cannot control the desire to have a stay in it. My vacation would be a life time experience if I will spend it this magnetic, full of sumptuousness and lavish property.

The Third one will be The Sahara Star 


One of best Hotel in Mumbai in terms of architectural marvel, phenomenal beauty and also it offers plethora of food choices especially Exotic dishes The Sahar Start is really a Dream Hotel to spend a vacation. Looking at the captivating images one would really get spoil by just imagining the king size living in its magnificent suits surrounded by all the wonderful amenities under the sky. The vacation would be just a as spectacular as the property itself!!

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