Saturday, September 5, 2015


Chubby Chicks, Dimple Chin
Rosy lips, Teethes within
Curly Hair, Very Fair
Eyes are Blue, Lovely two
Teacher’s Pet...Is that you?

In the last line of the above rhyme…definitely all of us assert the word YES, because at some time of our life we have been a Pet student of our teacher…no matter which subject was it…isn’t it??

Whether we had or not those chubby chicks or Rosy lips…etc but we surely at some point of our life had been blessed with that extra care of a Teachers as a favorite student. Perhaps everybody has some one called “My Favorite Teacher” or “Best Teacher in my Life”.

The relation of a teacher and a student start as a “stranger” but eventually they write a life of legacy together. A teacher not only teaches us the skill that is essential to sustain life but also guide us to deal with our weaknesses, understand our strengths and find out our true potential.

I think in the movie “The Karate Kid”….the relation between a Teacher (Mr.Han) and a Student (Dre Parker) has been best depicted. I always feel …Yes!! That’s the relation!!!

However the real lessons of the life aren’t those that we learn in the classroom but out of it when we venture out in the institution called Life….!!
Life is the greatest institution where Life is the best teacher. The ability to take decision in adverse situation, the aptitude to handle failure, the wisdom to learn from mistakes and experiences or the talent to manage relations with our friends and relatives, the gift to endure pain and loss  etc…all these vital skills are needed in Life. We learn all these talents while we become a Student of Life.  And who teaches us all these skills??  It’s no one but LIFE.

In the above movie, the protagonist “Xian Dre” at last wins the battle in the ring by a “Cobra Technique” that he had learnt himself…!! No teacher had ever taught him that!!
What does it mean?? The urge to learn that extra bent comes from Life itself. It’s propelled by Life only!!
A Teacher’s teachings while help you to sustain the Fight of the life, its LIFE’s teaching helps you to win the battle!!!
A Teacher Trains You while Life – as a Teacher Transforms You!!!

So For me LIFE is always the best teacher because it teaches you to learn that extra competency and expertise to excel in the biggest university called LIFE…!!!
Dear Life…I appreciate you always!! Thank You for Being the Best Teacher in my Life!!!

Being an academically bright kid and also being active in other co-curricular activities, it’s a blessing for me that I have been a pet student of my teachers throughout my academic years.
In fact sometime it was not just subject teachers or stream lecturers. For example, in college days, I was Favorite to many lecturers’ of Commerce or Arts even if I was a student of Chemistry.
From days of “Chalk and slate” to handling computers or Test tubes and spirits lamps at labs…my life has always been pampered by the blessings of those Teachers who always wanted me to have a smooth, happy and frictionless life. Whatever today I’m…I owe myself to them. I always feel grateful to them and never forget to show my gratitude to Almighty for his Grace to bless me Wonderful Teacher’s in my Life!!!

Happy Teacher’s Day!!


  1. beautiful...
    happy teacher's day sweetie :-) hugs!

  2. Being a bright student, no wonder you share such an amazing relation with your teacher. And just like you, I feel life is the best teacher. Strangely, I never feel this way about any of my teachers. Don't know why!

    1. Yes, Saru Life is the best teacher as no can teach those things which we learn from life.I love my teachers but I appreciate life as the Best Teacher..
      Thank you :):)
      luv and hugs :)

  3. u r nice and ur thought is awesome actually i love my teacher alot than u but i cant tell my feelings and this time after some days i m going far from her and i cant live without her what to do when i thought about her my tears come out give some suggestions and encourage me plzzzzzzzzzzzz