Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mother India Smiled, Free from All Worries

Mother India thought to have a night out
In the eve of Independence Day,
To see the preparations of her children
To celebrate her Birth Day!

Somewhere Lights, somewhere Banners
Some were busy with Holiday Planners
Some were partying, dancing and enjoying
While some were relaxed…looking for a late rising

Is it just a public holiday…she thought?
What about those…. who fought
For her liberty till their last breathe?
With exchange of blood… Freedom they brought?

Disheartened was she as nobody remembered
The sacrifices of those devoted characters
Neither anybody seems listened to her heart
That was filled with so many woes and lesions.

On her return she saw a little hut
Distanced from the city and sparsely lit
A small child in its mother’s lap
Asking its mother “what’s Independence day Maa??”

Her mother then tells that day’s bed time stories
The tale of Freedom fighters and past glories
About those unspoken heroes...Who at the moment
Were wide awake so that we can have a dreamy night

The tiny sleepy eyes suddenly twinkled
Filled with a resolution with an extra sparkle
The little lips then said “heavy words”
I will live for my Nation…you don’t worry Maa

Her eyes were brightened as her sorrows gone
Somewhere in the land a little hero again has born
To wipe out her worries and to make her smile
For her safety and welfare…to walk that extra mile…!!!

Delighted heart kindled with hope for future’s glories
Mother India Smiled, Free from All Worries

When a mother smiles, an entire nation smiles with her. Such a simple reflection of thought. But when we think about it, it rings so true... the lovely words and a reassuring hug from the child wipes out millions of despair and worry. It is hard to say who is making whom smile, because in the smile of the child lies the mother's smile.

Nothing can be more renovating to see the positive aura and assurance of future in the twinkling eyes of the child...As a mother the thought resonates in me!!!

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  1. Beautifully Penned and Congrats on ur WOW Badge :)

    Kahini Kreative

    1. Ananya...loved your presence in the post!!
      Thank you for appreciations

  2. I second Ananya here , beautifully penned and yes congo Tina !

  3. Lovely summarization of the entire poem in this line - "Somewhere in the land a little hero again has born"
    Congratulations on being the WOW post !

    1. Thank you Salvwi :) really caught it!!
      Also as a mother I uplifting it is when a child says i will take care of you.
      Thank you for your visit and response!!