Saturday, August 15, 2015


Freedom…is really so uplifting
Leaving with so enthralling
But nothing in the world
Is Without a Price Tag
Freedom needs a fee
For Freedom is never free!!
Nor Can It EVER BE!!

It was brought to us
As sacrifices being the cost
Shedding of bloods,
Wounds, scars on the mortal bodies
And the last breaths of those
Unspoken heroes
Who lay themselves before the destiny...
Only to proclaim that we are Free
Freedom is never free

Devils never stopped to enslave us
Neither now and nor it will ever stop
To enchain all us...For
Devil is quite consistent in its venture
With its gifted many forms and norms
To limit our lives to live in our own terms
Freedom from devil requires a cost!
Freedom is Never Free!!
Nor can It ever Be!!!

Our Heroes peeling themselves 
With sleepless nights and days wide awake
Serving themselves into the mouths of evil
Awaiting destiny of death with each moment
For making us to feel “FREE”
Freedom is indeed never free!!!
Freedom is indeed never free!!!

We need constant price to pay
For freedom to preserve and Freedom to enjoy
Freedom from Devils and evils needs a price
A price that may more to pay than we wish
For if we try to make or get freedom
For Free of Cost…. we forget
True freedom is never free
For Freedom is never free!!!!

“Our Flag doesn’t fly because the wind moves it,
It flies with “last breath” of each soldier who died protecting it!!!!”

Let’s Think, for our Country, act for our society and live with our Families with a sense
Of Responsibility and Accountability...a small price as a common citizen we must pay for our Nation!!

This is the most beautiful song...I never fail to listen to this in every Independence day!!!


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    1. Thank You Madhusudan...For your Appreciations :)
      I really love your visit to my post!!
      Tina :)

  2. So true, we all need to do our bit during our lives!