Monday, June 15, 2015

When Ria Got back to her Life with a Fresh and Signature Move...

Suddenly my phone rang. It was unusual….Because it was already 9.30 p.m. All my friends and relatives know that I don’t normally prefer to talk after 7 in the evening. You know preparation of dinner and all those works for early morning schools.

With a bit concerned I picked up my phone and saw it was a call from Rajani didi…
Rajani didi was actually a neighbor of me while my stay in an apartment near suburban Mumbai few years back. But some people become a part of your life though they don’t have any relation with you….right!!

Rajani did have been a very affectionate and helpful lady to me. I can’t forget the way she handled my life in the initial years of marriage. She was/is more than a real sister.  We share a very loving family relationship. Her both children Ria and Sidhharth are fond of my son AAditya. So even after I shifted to Navi Mumbai to my new apartment, we share the same relationship. We share everything. We visit each other’s house in vacations.

Hello Didi….how are you? What happen??

I was stunned with the voice from other side of the phone. Rajani Didi was literally crying like anything. I couldn’t understand what had happened.  Quickly a thought then came into my mind!!

OMG!! Results were declared few days back and Ria had appeared for XII board.
Didi…is everything okay!! Just calm down and let me know what happened….I said in a nearly a howling tone.

Tina…everything is finished. Ria had attempted suicide.
What!! I shouted in utter disbelief!!

Now I understood the situation. It was futile to have any talk with the inconsolable Rajani Didi. After trying in vain to calm her, Finally I asked to hand over the Phone to Vinay Bhaiya (Ria’s father)

As I talked to him, I came to know that Ria was really disturbed. It’s a fact that she had scored very low grades in her 12th board exams. Though she was not a kind of topper who score above 95% but she wasn’t a below average scorer either. In her X Board she had 88%. So I was a bit surprised thinking what’s gone wrong with her!!!

However, Vinaya Bhaiya clarified that the low score wasn’t the exact reason for the drastic step she had taken. Actually few months before exams, they noticed Ria gone deathly silent. On repeated asking…one day she revealed that she had a break up with her boy friend. In fact her boy friend had literally ditched her and went away with another girl. Ria was deeply hurt by that.  That was the real reason why she had scored low and finally taken that dire step. However, she was stable as Sidhharth (Ria’s brother” had noticed her immediately after she had cut her wrist. The timely medication had removed all the risks.  

Tina…we failed as parents!! Finally Vinaya Bhaiya said in a chocked voice.

Everything will be alright Bhaiya! Don’t worry. Ria will be fine.  I said as I disconnected the phone.

I was already shaken. Suddenly the innocent but mischievous face of Ria appeared in my mental screen. She was bit tom boy kind. Lively, full of life cracking sarcastic comment to everything as she entered into her teens. Not so serious about life. Dance and music like any other teenagers was her passion.

I remembered how Rajani didi was complaining about her tantrums for joining a dance institute in Mira road to full fill her (Dance India Dance) dream. As she was in 9th std. so Didi was quite strict for her studies. She didn’t allow her, but promised her that she could pursue her dreams after 12th Std.

How could teenagers take these "teen love affairs" so seriously!! I thought to myself. I had a disturbed sleep that night.

Next day morning…I called up Rajani didi. She was calm by then. I asked her to come to my place with Ria. I think She also thought it was a better idea. So by noon all four were at my place.
As I saw Ria, I couldn’t believe myself. She was looking very dull with sunken eyes as if cruelly  robbed of all her charms. Perhaps she had not visited parlor for a long time. Her full grown eyebrows and tanned skin was telling the entire story. With the fresh bandage in her left wrist She wasn’t the same Ria…for sure

I hugged her!! But she avoided eye contact with me.   Ria and me has a very friendly kind of relationship. Anyway...I didn’t push her to talk to me.

We all had lunch together. After that Vinay Bhaiya left as he was having important meetings at his work place.

Sidhharth, Aaditya and Ria became busy with their iPads and tablets. I and Rajani Didi discussed the entire things that happened last few months. Ria had deactivated her Whatsapp account. Didn’t log in into FB since a long time.  She is not talking to any friends properly neither answering any calls. 
The most hurting was her "silence" 

We were looking for ways to back Ria into her life. Should we visit a professional psychologist...asked Rajani Didi

No may help but in case of Ria I think we should look for something different...I said.

We were quite worried.Suddenly I noticed two premiums passes for a musical concert in Maratha Bhawan Vashi which I had left carelessly on the side table of my bed. They were free passes for me because of my proximity to a corporator. As the NMMC election had recently concluded, so they had organized that concert with a theme “Monsoon Dhamaka” with Allu Arjun and Anuska Manchanda.

I was sure that I wasn’t going to concert as I often get such free passes for different programs.Some day it is a Gazal night, then another day it might be a children drama show....If i will keep attending...then u know hardly any evening would  be left for me to take care of my family.

But that moment an idea struck me. I called up the Counselor friend and asked her if she can arrange another three passes for us to which she agreed happily. Though I was willing to pay the amount but you know…how friends are!!

The concert was scheduled to start at 8:00 P.M. I asked everybody to get ready. First we visited my regular parlor to get Ria cleaned up her facial hairs followed by  a mild clean up. Then we all went to McDonald's and had our dinner packed. Finally we reached Maratha Bhawan.

The big poster of Allu Arjun in a signature dance step and gorgeous Anuska Manchanda with a cordless mike in her hand welcomed us... in between written "Mansoon Dhamaka".  My corporator friend was already there with her two adolescent kids. Together we entered into the Jam packed Concert hall.

As we had premium passes we sat in the second row. Initially there were some local singers and some child dancers from Vashi itself perform on the stage. I looked at Ria. She didn’t seem to be very excited.

However around 8:15 a young man holding the hands of a lovely young lady with mike a singing the song "Dance Basanthy"  entered into the stage and the crowd burst into the highest decibels. 

After waving their hands to crowd Allu Arjun Started his signature moves with every beat of song sung by Anushka. The background dancers by then had also covered the stage.

OMG!! What a thrilling moment. Honestly I must say before that I had never seen Allu Arjun or Anushka live. On TV also…not that seriously I had noticed Allu Arju. But What a dancer he is!!!

For me he was a kind of combo, a blended texture of dance moves that of Hritik Roshan and Prabhu Deva with his own characteristic captivating smile and aggressive attitude. Both Hritik and Prabhu deba are my favorite dancers. But that day Allu Arjun had topped the list. With his elegant and fierce moves he had literally entered into the ROOH (soul) of everybody out there.

The bold and beautiful Anushka Manchanda with her vibrant voice mixed with her signature “devil may care attitude” 
was leaving some ineradicable mark on every audience singing nonstop, some sensational numbers including Golmaal, Naughty Naughty, Alisha and Dum Maro Dum: mitijaye gum…..while enthralling the crowed with her vivacious pop diva gestures and peppy moves. 

After a while they stopped for a momment!! Allu Arjun took the mike and greeted the crowed. And then asked some audience to join him on the stage.

 He was pointing his fingers…hey you..You …like that. OMG!! He pointed his fingers to Ria….

OH!! I was so thrilled that I didn’t notice Ria all the while. She had become super excited. Her face was covered with a biiiiiiiiig smile. When Allu Arjun pointed his fingers to her…she screamed “yeahhhhhhhhh”...
Within a moment she was on the dice. I think Allu Arjun asked about the fresh bandage on her wrist while Anushka was giving her a hug….

OMG!! Rajani Didi had gone simply awestruck by then. The tears were rolling down as those of Raindrops outside. After a moment.

Yaa Amte Amalapuram….

And all were dancing and enchanting the atmosphere. Ria as if she was the Rock Star was dancing like a seasoned professional.  The crowd was also enjoying clapping, whistling...
One after the other like GILI GILIGA, One & Two & Three…some south numbers coupled with awesome Hindi songs…

One cannot describe the feel of a concert….it has to be experienced by oneself. Simply Magical!!

I never thought I would enjoy it so much. However at the end as Anushka was playing a medley of all her hits, even Aaditya, Sidhharth had and the two adolescent of my Counselor friend had started their body moves before us...

Ria..After that never came down the dice. She was a trained Bharatnatyam dancer with some trained Kathak moves as well.  Bollywood numbers are her favorite. I think the dancer inside her has finally come out….highly spirited. Thanks to the Telly-wood and Bollywood combo…Arjun and Anushka.

Arund 12 a.m., we came back home while children were quite tired and half sleep by that time.

The next morning…both I and Rajani Didi were surprise when Ria was asking coffee with her signature tantrums to her mom. While we took coffee and milk into the kid’s room…we saw Ria… with her ear phone hanging from her ear and surfing her mobile for songs.

After a while then they got ready to  return to their place.  Rajani Didi was thanking me while inconsolably rolling out with tears. Both of us were full with Gratitude towards Almighty.

Mein to uske muinh mein hansi dekhne kleliye taras gayee thee Tina….I can express what u did for my Doll...said Rajani Didi with an almost chocked voice.

They waved their hands as their car sped off.
I returned. My phone biped. It was the tone for whatsapp message.

I checked it…it was from Ria’s number. She had once again activated her account. 
She had texted …Hey TA (Short form of Tina Aunty) Get ready to see me rocking the stage of DID next season.. 

OMG!! Finally she was back into her life….with a fresh move with maximum energy and zeal … a step towards a illuminating future.
I texted her: Sure...Love u always!

I thank in heart the Rock stars Allu Arjun and Anushka…who not just changed the life of Ria but also alleviate all the negatives from her life…and feed her with new energy, dreams and aspiration….!!
I never though a concert could be so life changing also...i dont know how Ria will view it but for her...its actually a life changing moment..She was truly inspired and got back to her life!! 

Life often needs a change of situation when unwanted things grow automatically in it. We need something to clean up the mess and forward with a fresh move towards life….because that is what life is all about…

 “I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?


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