Friday, June 12, 2015

For Me Its Not Just #LiveLodgycal…I’ts #LiveLifeFamiLodgycal !!!

I must confess…I’m not at all a travel freak. I can go up to any extent to look for the worst possible excuses to avoid a journey if it can be. You may term me as a lazy girl…But instead of travelling I love to read or watch Television or movies.

But life is not what we want in it. It’s basically all about how we manage things which we don’t want. Guess what…I end up taking up long distance journeys for something or other at the end of day.

One can ask my white swift …. Roads of how many states are left to roll its wheel? It will answer you that it has already visited the road infrastructure of nearly half of the states in India.

Well…most of my journeys are often on road. There are two reasons for this. One…mostly they are suddenly planned. And second…I can’t enjoy or be comfortable without carrying my world along with me throughout the journey.

My last long distance journey was in last March, From Mumbai (Where I stay) to Odisha (My hometown).  It was quite a pleasurable trip. However it had something that gave us a pinching feeling as well. May be for the first time we felt we need a big vehicle like that of XUVs

Let me confess again…I’m not a Car freak also. With our nuclear family status (me, my hubby and my cool dude Hero) we were quite comfortable in our white swift.

But the last trip really made us realize that a big vehicle is a need especially when nears and dears are around. Believe me before that…I never gave any attention to any type of car. Whether it is newly lunched or a remodeled design whatever…it never made any sense to me. 

But after the March trips to Odisha….suddenly my attention were driven towards the lunch of new vehicles or to innovas or XUVs.

Last month one fine day…my Brother texted me in Whatsapp that they had booked a Renault Lodgy with a picture of it….!!That’s how I noticed Renault Lodgy for the first time.

Royal Orchid with a sleek design!!!

OMg!! I fell in love with it in my first look!!

My world revolves around a sense of well-defined choices, silky preferences, royal attitude and making others bit envious of me kind of manner. I have an attitude of wrapping my limitations and showing out the best thing about me. And the Renault Lodgy just fits perfectly with that…..

After that I almost drifted into a dream sequence with every excited feedback on the performance, style and strength of the Renault Lodgy from my brother’s family. They not only fortify my desire to have a big Car but also they made me realize that it is the only Car which is most suitable to quench my desire to have my family and carry my world in it…whenever and wherever I travel.  

I wish I Have this New Creature for my every road journey….Yes that’s what I started thinking.

With this thought,  the first thing that came into my mind was the faces of my Mother and Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law piping out with happiness as they visit Dwarka seating comfortably inside the car ….as a long awaited wish gets fulfilled.

 May be it needs a big heart to accommodate all in your world but physically it needs strength to accommodate your world in to a vehicle….right!!!  And the magnanimous Renault Lodgy comes with 7 and 8 full-size seats spread into three rows. Hmm…it would never let my father-in-law complain about his back pain for uncomfortable sitting arrangements.

Suddenly…the face of my maid with her classic smile appeared in the screen of my psyche. How about making her feel a life time experience with a journey together!! After all…all these years she has been a vital part of my world!!

And while having them all …still I can really stay calm as experts have very minutely taken care of building the safety features of the Lodgy.      Awesome!!

The next thing came into my mind…I would never have to compromise to cut into size the world of my sport freak cool dude. Now he can pack all his world, that includes….his Skateboard, Basket Ball, Cricket kit, Badminton Rackets and as many Geronimo Stilton books as he want along with his mini baggage that includes His PSP, hot wheel cars, bay blades and Slam Attack cards with their Albums.
After all The Renault Lodgy come with an ample storage space…. Hmmm!1 Isn't it just fantastic!!!

Next...the world of my Hubby that includes his Laptop, Nikon Camera and his UE Ultimate ear Bars.
Moreover He drives himself every time we go out. With Renault Lodgy now I can have him holding a continuous smile on his face while driving long distances as Renault Lodgy has excellent performance features....that promises an effortless and tireless driving and enjoying the journey more and more.

They say Lodgy is a vehicle that takes out LONG out of a long glorious journey. One can really experience the same with AdaptiveSuspensionWith Anti-Roll Bar and ErgoDrive features.Moreover its fuel efficiency around 20kmpl makes it one of its kinds and the control over fuel consumption with the Eco mode make for an easier drive while fitting perfectly into our already strained budget!!

My world revolves around my iPad. Laptop, the CD albums that includes Justine Bieber music CDs, Old Odia movie songs, latest Chartbuster releases, selected Hindi Movie songs and some Bhajan CDs. With a superb and styled Multimedia Facility with equally matching functionality is just reaching out to the imagination!!

Along with all the above I can take boxes of Home Made snacks, the Tupperware water dispenser, First Aid Box, the recron pillows and with some ready made drinks and snacks.  

Every destination has its personalized requirements. Similarly every individual has his/her own choices of accessories when it comes with a Car.  Renault Lodgy has its admirable personalization choices for car accessories that really make it a best Family Car. When I go out…my style world also needs go out….

The best thing is …with Renault Lodgy “My Family My world” can go all together with Attitude, Comfort and Pleasurable journey experiences…!!!

Definitely it’s time to #LiveLodgycal….but for me with Renault Lodgy... it’s something more…its #LiveLifeFamiLodgycal…

Hey Tina!! Wake Up…it’s a dream and not a reality….
But you must have a dream at first place to expect it to become Reality…Right! 

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association withBlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.