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Two Gold Medals, a Unique Race and the Finish Line

Do you remember the place where the most ancient and yet most significant race had taken place. Yes I’m talking about the race between the “Tortoise and Rabbit”. Almost all of us in fact even our forefathers had been grown with the morals of this race...Isn’t it??

However everything has gone changed with time. Then how can this place be an exception!!!

“Welcome to Nandanwan” (Now a days this place has got a name).As I entered I felt a very delightful environment around. All the creatures (animals, birds and other living things of forest were looking quite happy.  There must be something special today… I thought. Yes I was not wrong …..It was really a special day as it was there “Sports Day!!

The little squirrel came hopping merrily and greeted me. It informed me that the event is just going to start. I must meet Mr.Dyno- the DEER who was the secretary and in-charge of everything.

I moved forward. It was not at all difficult to find the place of the occasion and of course Mr.Dyno. A big banner was there to welcome you...

Mr.Dyno seemed to be very calm and composed. He welcomed me with a fine gesture and a sweet smile on his face and then asked me to occupy a front seat along with other honorary guests. I think the chief guest was yet to arrive. After that only the event was support to start.   As there was some free time left before the start of the occasion, I thought I should wander around a little.

The idea wasn’t bad at all. As I was moving and seeing the natural beauty around I was stopped by a clatter as if someone is running was coming from the other side of dense scrubs.  I went to the place from where the piercing noise was coming.

Oh! It was a rabbit. It was skipping hard. May be doing a warm up…I guess


The Rabbit stopped with my sudden intrusion and my greeting and nodded with a smirk on its face.
What’s your name…? I asked.
Bunny. He replied plainly.

Are you excited...I asked.

Yes… Of course. After all I had waited for this race since so along...

All Preparation done…I mean u really looks very enthusiast. I said with a curve on my face.

Yup…In any case I’m not going to make any mistake this time. His voice was quite serious this time.

Mistake...!!What do you mean??...I asked. I was little confused

Yes mistake …. The mistake that my forefathers did ages ago. You know there had never been any race after that. All these years generation after generation we were facing the humiliations because of that “Race”. We’ve been criticized, shamed and mocked by everyone in the jungle. That simple gaffe by our forefather left us to live life of embarrassments all these years. After all we’re also known for our speed. How cud my great great grandfather took that race so carelessly. Did he even think about the consequences? Since those years we are living with one thing in mind.

What…I asked automatically.

The Finish Line of that race…..But this time I’m quite sure I’m not going to repeat any mistake.
I was stunned with the Bunny’s explosion. I could clearly see the resentments coupled with determinations on its face.

So Bunny…what’s exactly in your mind right now??I asked.

The Finish Line…of course

Bunny said it plainly though his voice revealed its resolve to win the race.

Best of Luck…Mr. Bunny...I said. He nodded with a calculated smile.

I decided to return from that place. Suddenly my eyes were caught by a Tortoise who was standing a little away from us. I couldn’t prevent myself and started walking towards it.

Seeing me approaching …The Tortoise said, “I know what you want to know.
What I think right now…right Tina”
I nodded automatically with a question mark coupled with the surprise of the tortoise’s frankness.

Well, I’m Mr.Tyno.I had come to wish Bunny lucks. But I think I should change the idea”

Why…I said with a raised tone coupled with an expression of question mark

See Tina…I don’t want to lie.  I have my part of story and my opinion. I never felt happy the way my forefathers won the race. In fact I never liked the accolades we have been bestowed upon all these years because my great great grandfather won that race. I don’t feel that was a fare game.

After all it was their (Rabbit) mistake that led us (tortoises) win. I always wanted to apologize to Bunny and tried to become his friend. But it never allowed me to do so. I understand its pain. But I failed to win him back…

Suddenly our conversation was interrupted by the loud announcement of the opening of the occasion.

I came back and occupied the chair. The chief guest Sher Sing-The Tiger had already arrived.
The first event was the RACE. The track was declared by Mr.Dyno and the race was started. Along with Bunny and Tyno many more had taken part. All seemed to be excited but Bunny was really serious.


Bunny was very fast. He was far away from others. I could still see his resolve to win the race. Suddenly he had to stop his speed.

Even I was surprised.  There was a small river flowing in between. After crossing the river only one can reach the finish line and pick up the victory flag.

Bunny was very upset. “It must be a Conspiracy of Mr.Dyno…it said to itself. After all…the entire track was decided by him only” Now it (Bunny) was sure it cannot win the race. It was disturbed…

After sometime Tyno reached there. Within a moment he understood the situation. So he said, “Bunny sit on my back. I’ll take you to that side.”

Bunny thought for a while then followed what Tyno asked it. After reaching in the other side of the river Bunny quickly reached the End Point and picked up the “Victory Flag”.

Bunny was declared the winner. During meddling ceremony…when Sher Singh- the Tiger and Chief guest was about to wear Gold Medal to Bunny…..

Suddenly Bunny broke its silence. Bunny said, “Wait, I want to say something. May be I have won the race but actually it was the Tyno who is the winner. It is He... Who truly deserves it”. Then he narrated the whole thing.

Everybody was very pleased seeing the honesty and change in Bunny. Then Mr. Dyno took the stage  and said,“You both are winners Bunny...Both..I mean Tyno and U and I had already decided TWO GOLD MEDALS for this event”
Everybody was surprised. But more than that everybody was happy. There was a delightful clapping all around…The event finished.

I was confused. Two Gold Medals…??  I looked at Mr.Dyno. He was smiling mysteriously. He came near to me said, “Well Tina I know what’s going on in your mind”. Actually things turned out to be exactly the same…. the way I wanted it to be.”

It means it was your trick…right! I asked snooping his face. He again smiled mysteriously.

But this not the norm…I said. But it is unfair to change the Finish Line of the track. 

For something Good what’s wrong in changing the norm? Only a little change in the Finish Line....see what difference it has made. Don’t you think both of them truly deserve these medals?? Do you know what these TWO GOLD MEDALS mean??

No….what does they mean?? Sure not for sportsman’s spirit….right. I said.

Right!! The GOLD MEDAL for Rabbit means ILLUMINATION

Imagine how it was living with the darkness of bitterness and rancor all these years just because it couldn’t think beyond that Finish Line.
In life nothing is end or no finish line means Finish…it is actually the beginning…the beginning something new. I guess the Rabbit understood this today and began with a new thought process. He learnt that life comes with its own limitations and advantages…but everything for the betterment.

And see him…isn’t his face glowing with the illumination of thought inside him!! He has shade his bitterness and embraced sweetness of life.

He pointed his eyes towards the Bunny who was laughing with other forest friends. My glances also followed.

Mr. Dyno continued…

It is very easy to lose friends but very difficult to win enemies. I think today Tyno was successful winning Bunny’s heart who always thought him as his worst enemy.

See…how Tyno is bowing his head to the Almighty with gratitude. Mr. Dyno waved his hands to my back. I turned back and saw Tyno was doing the same.

I was silent. A race is a race and not a life event. Because in life there is nothing called The Finish Line…It just the inauguration of something new…I murmured.

 After a moment I asked “Do you have one more GOLD MEDAL??

It was Mr.Dyno’s turn to be surprised. With absolutely bewildered he replied, “Yes…but why!!!

I want to give it to you.

What…me!!!  But why… I mean for what…!!!He asked….obviously astonished.

For your VISION!

There was silence again. Mr. Dyno then blinked one eye towards the squirrel and asked for something with look. After a while the little squirrel came back with a beautifully wrapped gift pack. Mr. Dyno took it from its hand and then gave me.

What’s in it?? Is it the third gold medal…I asked with excitement!!

The “mysterious smile” again appeared on his face. He softly said, “You’re BLESSED! Nice times with u Dear….Good Bye!!

I shacked my hand with him!! As I came back…eagerly I opened up the gift given by Mr.Dyno to know what was in it.

As I opened the box…a wide curve spread on my face…it was a Beautiful T’shirt with an equally amazing Quote!!

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