Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Real Life Love Story: Aur Pyar Ho Gaya..


She desperately prayed to the 33 crore Gods, invited there to chair surrounding the “sacred fire” and witness the “Holy Knot” and the beginning of her journey as a wedded woman. Her silently howling heart was entreating everyone under the sky to amass her from taking those vows. She wasn't willing to trail that path with someone she hardly knew.  The chanted verses were sounding like thunderbolts. Perhaps she was the first or may be the only bride in the world who wished “the alliance” to break even at the last moment….before that knot.  But her silent cries “Please God, save me from this marriage...” fell into the deaf ears of Gods and Goddess who seemed to be too gratified to be served with sweets and fruits. They tied her with that “Nuptial Knot” with him and she couldn’t do anything… 

She left her home weeping and cursing her elders for the forcing her to live the remaining part of her life with someone she didn’t Love.

Seated in a flowery decorated car beside a tall corpse dressed with a Sherwani she was madly rewinding the frightful happenings of the last two weeks when “She and He” were strangers. A matrimonial site had connected them. Her account was handled by her family. Within a week, his family visited hers and gave their consent. HE visited after that.  She was allowed to sit facing He for couple of minutes. She couldn’t even utter a word. Time was over.  Perhaps it was only to assure her that He didn’t have any deformity. Her heart didn’t approve him. But do the Indian families (mostly) even care!! Sigh! A “Jhat mangani, Pat bihaa” was decided by all.

Everything in her life - Place, people and practice- had changed in a jiffy. Mercifully He was caring and understanding. Maybe he had understood her unpreparedness and unwillingness for the relationship. While she was trying to dodge his approach and avoid his coziness, he made all the efforts to make her at ease, feel pampered. He never forced himself on her for anything. They acted “perfect couple” brilliantly before everybody while shrouding the “Gap” between them.

It was a norm for few months and she wasn’t sure “of the future” till that day… which ended as usual. She was comforting herself as He had been touring overseas. Suddenly a phone call from her dad changed everything. Her heart started “throbbing unusually” as she heard about the plane crash from the same place He had been. And He was supposed to return that evening. Was he in it?  Damn It!! She felt her world would be hollow without Him. Her concaved heart was pulsating faster than the tik-tak of the oscillating bob. Her shaking hands were madly dialing the numbers of Airport authorities.

Door bell rang. She ran and opened it. HE was there at door step. Suddenly a lump chocked her throat. She hugged him tightly... She realized she had fallen in Love with him without her notice as he was advancing into her…
Is that the reason why Gods didn’t listen to her prayer? Destiny… said my friend!

Note: Its the story of a person very close to Me and want to remain anonymous. she had a arranged more clearly a forced marriage. But later she fall in Love with that Person.  

This post was written for the 'The first real love story I watched unfold' blogging contest by and

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