Sunday, August 7, 2016

Old Friends and Unnoticed Moments!

In a flow of life,

Few years back, during a vacation when I visited my hometown after a long period of three years, I was least aware that destiny was awaiting me to revive my life with some life lessons.  Along with the physical changes that everything and everyone has acquired during the course of time, I noticed some internal changes have also taken place.

But the best thing was when I met my school days friends  after long gap 18 years (thanks to Mark Zuckerberg who founded Face book  that enabled people to connect with the old pal which otherwise would have been a very difficult task or may be just next to impossible) my thought process took a pause right there.

I met them after ages. Looking at the chubby bodies of some who used to be very skinny then and the slim built of those who used to be too flabby those day, it was obvious for me to be lost in marvel. There was a strong bond between us and we hooked up instantaneously to each other in exchange of a smile only, as if we were devices connecting to strongest wi fi around.  


We talk about all our schooldays incidents within that small time, blasting into laughter with some instances as if they were real comic stories. Even there were certain things I heard for the first time. There were the other sides of the story. For instance, how some one of them had got spanked as he was caught laughing at the teacher who had lost the track of a chapter while others (who too had laughed but weren’t caught) had a smart escape. There were other funny stories as well…like mysteriously stolen Tiffin box stories, the missing notes tales, the blackboard written things…etc etc.. 

 When I left that place with aching cheekbones resulted from enough laughter exercises, I realized that so much have been left unnoticed in the past. Today they are the most valuable friends but that time they were just classmates. We all have gone far away in our lives choosing our own path and become successful with material possessions. But what is common with all of us is “quest for happiness and peace” is still on. After that… Reminiscent of those days and life till date made me realize that my quest is still a quest because I never noticed them when they were quenched time and again in the course of life, as I was too busy to look for them in “future”.

 Sometime in the quest of better things in life to satisfy our inner urge to become more resourceful in terms of education, knowledge, wealth…etc which would bring us success, happiness, peace and thereby a better life… we often fail to notice some moments that are possibly the best moments of our life. Our ultimate Endeavour in life is unanimously the happiness and peace…which we feel comes from a life that has all the amenities and resources.

Till date our search is same, our endeavor is same but probably we are not in the same path which has resulted some discrepancies in our life. Sometimes these unnoticed moments are the milestones of our life path revealing our journey of life till today. They clearly unveil the fact that we lived the moments of paramount happiness and enviously peaceful instances and what all we had done is we just didn’t notice them. Sometime these moments also carry the clear cut information about taking an incorrect passage that consequently made the present inaptness in life.


Now days when I wake up in the Morning, the first thing I do is to check the Whatapp group of my school buddies. Guess what, there will be messages in same tone, same manner as they used to be. With them I feel like ME….

If I write,

Hello, Old Friends!!! Good morning

There will be immediate replies…


hey see tina is saying its morning

Ohh!! She really woke up

By the way who is Old Here?

Arre samajh mein nahi aata kya…abhi uth jaa, baat baad mein karna

Dil meiun aata huin na…samajh kahan aata huin

Abhi yahan  Salman khan koun ban raha hai…

Tina…how many shots of OLD MONK last night


 Arre dekh nahin rahaa hai…she is talking something “OLD” 




Is there any other best way to start a day than with Old (Ohh! Sorry guys) Friends!!!

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  1. this is such a sweet nostalgic post... I met my school friends like that and it was so much fun. To relive those days again ... and laugh at some old... very old joke.
    LOL the replies of your friends are so funny... sounds like an awesome group of friends you have.

    Destiny's Child

    1. Thank You Rajlakshi for your generous appreciations. I'm glad u stopped by this post!! Luvs
      Tina :)