Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Eternal Caption: “Fragile Lives, Handle with Care!!

I looked at the baggage on the Conveyor belt
Some of them leveled with a Tag
Fragile, Handle With Care
I wonder, the same way do we really care
For the Humans we found everywhere!!
We Humans!!!
No matter how tough we assert to be,
It just takes one odd turn in life
And we become terribly frail and fragile
At times...The most strongly and sturdily attired
Aren’t most often easily breakable within and inside?
But with humans,
The problem is that
We don’t carry that Visible Tag
“Fragile, Handle with Care”
May be that’s the reason
Why we hurt hastily others
And sometime get awfully hurt us too
And End up,  Torn, ragged and tattered!

Like Baggage...we are also stuffs
In the LIFE – The Conveyor belt
But with a difference…I guess
In dual roles to play...Where
We are “The baggage and the janitor”
If we can read that Invisible Tag
“Fragile, Handle with Care”
Labeled in every human
The world will be a much beautiful place
With a symphony of Love and Admire
Far and Wide…Everywhere!!

It is sad that often we treat ourselves as individuals of emotions WHILE others as creatures of logic. Wouldn’t the vice - versa make more contented equations??
Let’s see the hidden tag on each human we deal with and read the eternal caption
That says, “Fragile, Handle with Care Please"

Words and Hearts should be handled with Care
For Words when spoken and Hearts when broken are the hardest things to Repair!
So also lives… The Fragile Lives,
Hanging to the slender threads
Can crumple anytime anywhere…
Life’s  affairs should be Handled With Care...

This Post is for Day 3 of the 7 day blogging challenge BAR-A-THON.
Today's Prompt is "Fragile Lives"

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