Friday, August 5, 2016

When I Saw Him Looking At The Pair Of Tiny Shoes

It happened few years back.  

If someone asks me “who do you feel the best father in this world so far, my instant answer will be The Dad of my son!! Yeah, it’s Him. I mean, seriously! I feel sometime he knows more about my son (even if he spends less time with him) than me. I don’t remember I have ever done any shopping for my son so far as his Clothes, Shoes and toys are concerned. My Hubby never likes anybody else buy the above stuffs for our son. So much so, even my family makes sure he is there to choose while doing shopping for us. I don’t know why, but he has typically selective.  

Like any father would do, he buys stuffs for him wherever he goes. T-Shirts, Toys, Shoes…something or other. It’s a practice that he brings something home from the place he trips to.  And the “Little Man” at house looks for it religiously too wearing the expression “What Dada will bring for me this time” every time Dada goes for a work tour. 

Once he had been to Malaysia. As usual he had brought many things along with a pair of shoes for my son. Obviously The Little Cool Dude was delighted as he opened up the packs. However he became sad as the shoes didn’t fit to his feet. 

He came saying “Dada, will you make my feet bit small so that I can wear this one”. My Hubby was surprised, because it never happened before. His calculation had never gone wrong so far for “The Sizes of clothes and Shoes” for my son. He was really amazed that time.  

Well, he managed The Little One convincing that “Malaysian shoes are bad as they shrink in size when they come to India” (Weird!! Right!! But that’s how he deals with tantrums of our son). 

That night, while I entered the room to check if my son was properly asleep or not (It’s an everyday activity), I saw Him sitting near my son and Looking at The Pair of “Tiny Shoes” lying beside the Bedside table. My son was asleep holding his favorite “Spiderman Car” in his arms.  

What happened? I asked.

He didn’t say anything and suddenly Got up from the bed and Switched off the light, and then got out of the room. I knew he wouldn’t say anything as he is very bad in expressing his feelings. 

He would never say that “He was wondering whether his calculations went horribly wrong that time or the little feet had grown bit faster” 

Parenting is such bliss that it’s difficult to keep track of the time and Time flies as swiftly as a bird even before it is fully lived…or at least to a level of contentment!!  

With children, Shoes don’t’ grow, feet do. And unfortunately both can’t be “resized” #Fact

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  1. You husband is one doting father I must say....I can only imagine his sadness when the shoes didn't fit well on your little one....:)