Sunday, September 11, 2016

Blood Rose & Crimson Envelope!!

The Door Bell Rang
She Ran with a bated Breath
She swiftly unbolt it catching her gasp
A sudden gust rattled the wind chime
She looked at the outer surface bewilder
Her Perplexed glances were caught
By a Flower on the Door Step
A Blood Rose was lying
On a Crimson Envelope
An epistle was peeping
Out of the Wrapper
It read,
“I may not be in this world for eternity
But my soul will always Love You
Till the perpetuity
With Love
She smiled blissfully
Someone shook her terribly
She was shaken from her trance
She opened her eyeballs
Waking up from deep slumber
Suddenly she broke into Tears
As she heard “He is No More”

She looked at the Flowers at the Door Step
Waiting to be adorned on the dead Corpse
With inquisitive Glances
For the Blood Rose
And the Crimson Envelope…
Someone has rightly said…
Often the Love story of a Soldier
Ends abruptly…I guess.
In The Name of Love,
Only remains
The haunting Memories,
Unspoken words
Profound Silence
Unfathomable wait
And misty eyes….Forever


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