Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The India of My Dream: Mere Sapnon Ki Bharat!

On the eve of Republic Day…I was out for something. In my locality I found these two girls selling tricolour flags, batches near to a famous food outlet …etc. Their parents were not present there.

I asked them,"why you are selling these things. Where are your parents?"

No answer

"School jate ho…?" (Do you go to school?)

They nodded their head in affirmation.

You want anything?

They shook their head side to side… (No)

"How much does a flag cost?"

One of them said, "Panch Rupayaa" (five rupees)

I asked them to take two and hold them in their hands. They hold one each,only when I paid them the Rs.10/-.

I didn’t know what to do then…because I couldn’t see the "Smile" they deserve to have in their faces. Of course…how could they be happy when they were selling the flag instead of flying them?

Truth is...Children Look good when they are happy in flying TRICOLOR!!

I know…there are some hard realities. Even if we are celebrating 67th year of Republic Day…a big part of our population still has not experienced the meaning of it.
I dream of a Bharat where every Child will fly the Tricolour with a smile on their Faces. Because Children look good flying happily the TIRANGA and not at all…Selling it to meet their needs!!isn't it??? 
Every Child Should Eat, Play and Study. No Child Should Beg, Work or Hungry!


Image - Whatsapp,FB And My Mobile Cam.

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